what is love?, what is my love language, what is true love.

❤️what is love❤️

what is love, what is my love language, .
what is true love.

what is love Love is the art of touching the heart, a soft feeling, a pleasant feeling, an undeniable puzzle. People express it the same way, its name is more. Love erupts in the sky of redemption; Love is born in an environment of freedom.

All initiatives of human life, all labor, all nations, all struggles are ultimately focused on love. At the center of all life is a thirst, just a desire - and love it.

I asked some very close friends.,Love means filings, unseen feelings. Some say love is unlimited so it cannot be defined in one word. what is love To understand the love of lover-lover, you have to love. Can filings ever be shared? It is a matter of perception. And that realization will come when you fall in love. In so many ways they try to make me understand what love is.

It is wonderful when I see someone leave his family for love and leave his friends. For the reason that the power of love is really infinite. Otherwise, how can the nearest people be abandoned only in the attraction of the opposite sex? This is the day that brings love.

 The importance of this day to lovers and lovers is tremendous. And for those who do not like the love concept, love day is only commercial, external. I don't read either of these two groups. Because love is not a bad thing to me.

Because of this, the day of love does not mean that I just love this day, not the rest. In fact, the day is an occasion, but the function of the occasion will be throughout the year, which is normal. So I am not in the eyes of love day. Although the opening story of Love Day inspires me not to love! Butt love inspires me to do something good.

Lover-boyfriend love seems a bit strange to me. One can come to love but I do not like to spend all day with him, sharing filings of love with him,what is love talking on mobile at night, going out on holidays etc. What matters most to me is how my filings are coming to others?

 Am I inspiring to love his career, smartness, Outlook? Anything else? Even when asked this question to those who love, they say that his mind is very good, so I love him very much. But when they hear stories of their love, they see that they have never been attracted to each other by their minds.

From the history of their love, it's been seen on some occasion that love is there for the primary time.
Or at the same time love reading in the library. Or love to hear the message / voice from Anonon Mobile.

That's how love basically begins in today's age. There is rarely an ideological similarity between two people. Therefore, the lover-lover's mind remains tight. Later on, however, they say that this mind expands their filings of love or curiosity.

💘Turst on Love 💘

what is true love:-Yes, lack of faith.Turst on Love There is no faith in love nowadays. So always suspicious of each other. Thousands of doubts about where he went, what he did, with whom he talked on mobile, with whom he interacted in college.

If trust cannot be achieved then respect for one another will not come. So nowadays love has become very narrow. Love means just wandering, waking up at night, chatting, doubting and wrangling. The current love is going on in this circle.

Surprisingly in this case the maturity of thought is very few people. Maturity nowadays is calculated only by age. The boys and girls think they have grown up now, enough Machirud so they can love!

Frankly, maturity of thought is not complete without the discipline of the religious. Many may object to this. But I have seen very conscious people that their awareness of basic virtues often brings no benefit to their family, relatives, friends,

but also to the person who once made mistakes that were impossible by him. what is true love Man is not against wrongdoing but this mistake bears testimony to his imperfect maturity.

Nowadays, boys and girls spend leisure time with Lavar, sharing stories. Love does not mean that they are not the only ones. When you listen to FM radio, it is very difficult for the Young Generation to have these affair issues.

Yet on earth people are dying of starvation, every day in the hospital, people are suffering the agony of death,what is true love  some are forced to go the bad way in the harassment of the needy, how many innocent babies are taking flowers instead of bookshelves and selling them on the streets to the problem of their love. nothing.🚻

 The only partner of their love is the boy / girlfriend. The only thing to do with the people of love is when, what to eat, what to eat, who to love and how much.

Why can't we have a little love for those needy people? Can't we share our love with them on Love Day? Why do we so desperately want generous love for the sky? Why don't we just find out the ideals of the Ideal Concept and look at Outlook and inspire others in love?

I never support love before marriage. In that case my logic is why should I share my filings with anyone who does not have the right to share those filings?

The world does not like me today. Just don't have any mechanical relationship with others.

No, no pride. In the extreme reality today,what is true love  my real world does not like me. What is there Maybe I have the whole world in my hands but what profit is there with that world? Where the mother's alien is the child of love.

Does exist exist today? When the baby enters an unsafe world from the safety of Sugavi for ten months and ten days, her only safety is her mother.🚼

That place of safety is also insecure today. An alien sacrifice like this is not just one, maybe more. I'm afraid to think about what will happen in the future.

The depth of love between lovers and lovers is not even today. How will there be Now, having a boyfriend or girlfriend is a status quo. So getting married quickly in love is a very natural and natural thing to do. Exactly where we are all slowly sinking.

Where our love, faith, confidence are all lost. There will be misery in life, adversity will come, there will be obstacles, adversity will come but what? With the love of someone, I will go beyond all obstacles with confidence in one's faith.

Nah! There is no motivation today. I can never trust anyone today.

If the ideological concept resembles that which creates trust in love, respect for one another develops. Trying to stabilize a certain ideology deepens the love of two.

Only robots, no humans, can live in a world where I want to build a world without technical education of faith, confidence, love, values. Or it may be that in the process of evolution our minds will evolve so that people will no longer want love, believe in no one, will not dream, will not want any trust, no emotions, will crush the feelings… and then become absolute for someone else. Don't wait for love, no mother will nurture love for her child, husband and wife love It will only be organic…

I do not know if this nightmare will ever end. Or will this dream become a reality someday? Then I want to say again, I do not want in this world without love I want a thousand years, a life where confidence, passion, love and faith will rejuvenate me…

Can't I dream of a little life ??

Or is this dream a different form of any other nightmare !!

Love is a human feeling and emotional experience. Love is the strongest manifestation of affection for a particular person.✔️
 Yet love can be shared from different perspectives. Emotional love is usually deep, sharing all one's human feelings with someone in particular, and even the matter of the body cannot be separated from such love.
 Love can be varied, such as outgoing love, religious love, love for relatives, and so on. To be more precise, excessive affection for any person what is true love  or object can often be very pleasurable, even for work or food. And this very pleasant feeling is love.✔️

♈️Love Definition♈️

what is love The definition of love is founded on debates, assumptions, and insights. Many people do not favor sharing a universal notion of love as passionate love, imaginative love or promising love.
However, these loves can be categorized based on physical attraction. In general, love is considered as a personal feeling that one person feels toward another.
 Extra care for someone or feeling someone's presence in the backyard is related to love. The most common concepts are deeply connected with love, selflessness, selfishness, friendship, union, family and family bonding.

Love can be judged from a different perspective by comparing simple and contrary concepts of love. Considering the positive emotions, love can be replaced with hate. Sexual love or physical lipstick in love is a relatively minor issue.
 Here human emotion is more important. One of the special areas of imagination is this love. Love is usually not just friendship. Although some relationships can be called intimate friendships.

🏘Family Love🏘

The biological model of sexuality is thought to be a drive for mammals, which is like excessive hunger or thirst. Helen Fisher is a leading expert on love affairs. He divides the experience of love into three partial overlapping stages: for example, longing, attraction, and attachment.

 Lust is a kind of feeling that satisfies sexual desire. Romantic attraction basically determines how attractive a person's partner is. what is love There are other factors, such as being in a home, parenting duties, 🤷🏿‍♀️mutual protections and feelings of security.🤷🏿‍♀️

 These three romantic styles, with neural circuits, neurotransmitters, and all three behavioral patterns all playing an effective role.Lust is the first step in sexual desire that causes increased release of 🕺🏿chemicals such as testosterone and estrogen. 🕺🏿

The effects last for weeks or months. And romantic is for a certain partner, through which a distinct longing is developed. Recent studies in neuroscience have shown that people fall in love when their ⛹🏻‍♂️brain regularly releases a certain set of chemicals.⛹🏻‍♂️

 For example, neurotransmitters hormones, dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin may be mentioned. Amphetamine releases the same substance that activates the central part of the brain, increases heart rate, decreases appetite and sleep, and increases tension. Studies show that this phase 🚺usually lasts from one and a half to three years.🚺

💚what is my love language-💚

There is no specific language of love. In the language you can tell the person in your mind about your love, that is the language of love.

You are making people of your mind write your words in their minds. The language of love is the sacred heart of a heart.

what is my love language

It is important for both to be loved when it comes to love. Because love for one side is never fulfilled. There are many men who never express their love for their passion. This is a fatal mistake. If you like or love someone, you should tell them. That girl likes you

👫There are some signs like .......👫

1. Whenever two people are attracted to each other, they first realize that their friends are also close people. Even friends and friends can understand first, and so they apply different methods to unite the two. Is he going to meet you with people?Is he happy to see you if you are happy it is a 💑good sign for you.💑

2. Is he happy to see you or if he is happy with you? If any of these symptoms occur, you should understand that he or she is attracted to you. So do not hesitate to proceed.

3. Is it embarrassing if you look at him or say something to praise him because it is a green 👀signal to you that he likes you too.👀

4. When you see a girl with another girl, does your favorite girl get jealous if she wants to know more about that girl or about her relationship with you then you will understand that her interest in you makes her jealous of that girl.

5. Note the accuracy. When you talk to him, is he looking straight into your eyes? Or is he trying to look at you while he is away? If his eyes follow you, then the mind is sure.

 💞what is true love. 💞

What is true love In response to this, many wise-minded verdicts have said many things. But I'm not going to go that way, I'm trying to explain what true love is through a short story. But all I can say is that any love must have true love or genuine love.

He is in love with a friend or a parent.what is love  A story in Arabia tells of a handsome young man who had fallen in love with a beautiful young woman. Love at first sight is what we call the eight fastest sites to gain in English.

Shortly afterwards, the young woman was married to give consent. After that marriage, the young man loved the young man. Their happiness in the world was very much loved by the two, more than his own life.

But suddenly there was a type of dermatitis in the village, it became epidemic within a few days as the disease was spread. Suddenly one day the skin disease appeared in the body, he realized that the disease had entered his body. And he realized that soon. He will lose all his 🕷beauty soon.🕷

On the day the young woman was infected with the disease, her husband was on the way home from the accident. The man lost his sight after the accident.

Meanwhile, every day every part of her body becomes ugly due to skin disease. But her blind husband does not realize how ill his wife is now. Thus, for 40 years their family lives in peace and security. In these 40 years, the happiness of love has not diminished so much as 🙈ever, the two loved dearly.🙈

As the young woman died one day, the husband was deeply saddened by the death of his wife, and he broke his mind. Where the blind man replied, he was going home.

He is going home and he is going home to spend many years with his wife at home. Can see 👁nothing👁

He had been acting with his wife for so many years. what is love When he learned that his wife was suffering from psoriasis, he was afraid that his wife would starve in cruelty.

He would claim for himself that he would suffer himself, so that his wife would never feel sad or feel unworthy of her husband, so he acted for 40 years. After all, true love is like blind love. There is love in love, only love that keeps him in love✋🏼

I hope I can explain to you

what is love, what is my love language, what is true love.

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