what are the love languages

what are the love languages

what are the love languages To love someone from afar is the most sacred love. Because, this love has no impurity, no physical needs. Only the mute has pride, which no one ever breaks. There are some tears, which no one ever wipes. And unknowingly everyone is alone in the secret where one is the queen / king.
what are the love languages
what are the love languages:- I do not want the moon, that will only rise at night .. !! I do not want the night, which will be lost in the morning. I don't want flowers, that will rain at the end of the day .. !! I don't want fruit, which will blow in the air. I just want one person who will never forget me.

what are the love languages Life has given me so much, sometimes someone has put me in love, sometimes that love has consumed me, or someone has used it to their needs. Sometimes friends have given a lot of happiness, sometimes I've seen neglect in the eyes of people in love.

I have found new life in someone's infinite love. I've seen so many things in life, the dead faces of very dear people. I put a smile on someone's face. Debt payments do not match anymore. It does not dare to calculate the demand. Maybe I got everything from life, I just couldn't find who I was hiding in between.

I think of you at the beginning of each day, I brighten you in the dark in the sky every afternoon, lay you beside me like a dry star every evening, every night I think of you, my dreams are colored, thus my one day is fulfilled. And in the end, you stay. That's why I'm always good.

There are some people who will become very close to you in their needs, and if you need them, you will not even find your tri-border.

Some people just come close to their own needs,what are the love languages  and when the need arises, they leave. Don't think so.

💘It's called..what a friendship or something.💘

As the night progresses, the loneliness is consumed. In fact, at the end of the day we are alone. Terribly alone ,Where money is not, love is scarce.

False human love boys and girls learn to live once, but forget to smile openly!One of the sweetest relationships in the world is a brother and sister relationship.

what are the love languages When someone wants to leave you and go away forever, let him go. It doesn't matter how much you want him, but he doesn't want you to.Even if you can't live without him, he'll be able to live without you, that's the constant truth. So without him, the new kid's calculation.

  • True love does not require a beautiful appearance or ail money, a beautiful and holy mind is enough for it.

  • If you believe there is something to be said about fate,what are the love languages never shorten anyone, insult someone or hurt no one. Because fate knows very well revenge.

  • An ugly face is better than an ugly mind.

  • Walking alone on the road to life is not a difficult task. But after going a long way with someone's hand, it is very difficult to come back alone.

  • A hungry stomach, an empty pocket, a broken heart, which teaches, no book on earth can teach it.

  • To live well, love nothing but love, nothing.

  • Don't hide anything from him, who can see everything in your eyes. Because he will understand your mind too.

  • Love is the name of love is not love. After hundreds of misunderstandings, love to go hand in hand despite hundreds of obstacles.

  • If you love someone, have the courage to let them know. what are the love languages Otherwise, have the courage and strength to endure seeing someone else with him. There are some people, no matter how close they are, it never happens. Just acting as your own.
  • The greatest mistake a human can make is when he becomes impossibly weak to anyone.
  • Never cry in your life for someone, because the person you cry for will never be yours. And whoever you are, he will never let you cry.
  • The love thing never comes into one's life alone. It brings with it many dreams, emotions, feelings and pride.
  • Be happy with what you have. There are many people on earth who live worse than you. What is so sad?
  • The more beautiful a man's appearance, the more arrogant he is. And the more arrogant a man, the more cruel he becomes.
  • The love that is seen in the form, that love is transient.
  • Heartless men cannot be like girls.
  • The middle class is dreaming. Because their dream is just a dream. Never met
  • what are the love languages The lipstick used on the forehead is gutted but the girls take care of it. One pair of earrings is lost, but the other does not. The old saree, without knowing the broken bangle, will be useful, because it is Maya.

  • Girls don't pull things off. Despite the many hardships, the girls want to maintain a love, a relationship, a family in Myerton. For this, girls are Mayawati and Mayawati has no male words.
  • A man is lost in neglect. Before losing, nobody understands the value. When it comes to understanding the value, the person is no longer there.

❣️How to find people in your mind:-❣️

How to find people in your mind Find someone and choose the one who is proud of you and afraid of losing you. He respects you in your efforts to fulfill your wishes.what are the love languages He cares about you enough and cares .. He understands many things before you say anything. Feel free to say good and bad - because he really loves you and wants you to be happy.

True love is not meant to hurt but true love is to suffer and some people acting on love because the heart breaks true love!

All the troubles turn into happiness, when the loved one is on the side, there is nothing to be hurt when the man of love says I want nothing but your love, to a man his favorite man is the root.

If the mood becomes unbearable, suddenly the wind blows,what are the love languages then it is silently saying that I am. If the pain of someone makes you very sad - then I am always at the touch of love. If you ever find yourself feeling too lonely like that blue clown, then you will find I am in love with you.

I regret today for something happening ..... I am consumed by some decisions ..... Maybe they will plague me throughout my life; -. Maybe it will be difficult to overcome it. Maybe I can't shake things up. Yet I have to move forward, beyond the boundaries ...... In the sky ……. There must be a cataclysm. The eye will always look upwards.

My happiness is not your choice so hope for a new happiness, I want to leave - so !!!! Go, leave you - be happy, love new -.what are the love languages I won't hold you anymore - I'm sorry you Hina - Don't tell - I'll spend my nights, sleepless without you - Don't tell me - I won't tell you the truth - You won't look at Hina any more. ---. You Hina new happiness, I will not float myself again - go, leave you happy, new love.

  • Never push someone away who loves you, feels you, cares for you. And if you push him away, one night you will wake up feeling like in the sky, you have lost the moon when you see them.
  • Don't make anyone laugh, at least not because of someone's tears. Because every tear of a man will fall upon himself with a curse.
  • He is your real friend who will not be jealous of your happiness and will not laugh at the troubles.
  • When life shows you hundreds of reasons to cry, explain to your life that you have thousands of ways to laugh.
  • A relationship that has no future, does not make sense.
  • He who truly loves you will never let you go away, no matter what the situation.
  • Be angry with everything but never be angry with yourself about your life. Nothing else will happen to you, but your life will be ruined.
  • The situation is what makes people. When things change, people change then. Man is actually like water. The size of the vessel changes as well.
  • Allah Pak likes the man who goes from the mind of God to the Holy One.

  • The person who weeps in a little trouble becomes a very simple person and a simple mind eats more than he can wash.

  • The most cruel man in the world, who uses someone for his own needs and removes him when he needs it. You will not waste your beautiful life by looking for beautiful people. Because there is no dearth of beautiful people on earth, but there is a dearth of beautiful minds. Tomorrow is my test. But this is nothing special to me, what are the love languages because only a few pages of the exam sheet cannot determine my future. If someone wants to come back to you again and again, even if it is hard for you, then easily understand .... He is a man in your life who loves you more than you yourself. Love is like butterflies will die if caught hard, the soft tax will fly. Don't trust anyone with a character who can't control himself in the time of anger. It is also good to be in a room full of contentment, and it is not worthwhile to be in a great attic with contentment. A person who is angry with words has nothing but love in his heart. Hiding in anger. The depth of love .... but not everyone understands it. In today's day, people understand that it is a big responsibility. Some people put honey in their mouth and spit honey. In today's day, what are the love languages people understand that the big responsibility is that some people put honey in their mouth and put honey in their mouth. It's like trying to fly a boy who doesn't love you. The dream you see alone is more likely to be a dream than it is to dream that two people together are more likely to become a reality. Always listen to the mind. Do whatever you want. Whatever you want. You are here today because you are here, you are neither your earth nor you. When one is angry, the relationship deepens, and two become angry. It is foolish to throw away a lot of diamonds and throw stones at people who are cheated with a simple, good person. When you want something desperately, you want to hold on to it. Then the thing will move away from you in an invisible pull. You can't even catch, you can't touch.

💓Understand that this is your true love of someone💓

what are the love languages Some people just love selflessly. People benefit. They expect nothing. But all they want is for everyone to be with them when they are in trouble. Even if not everyone is his favorite man. And let no one forget them. But the time when no one is around him. He gets in a lot of trouble. But then he and I love selflessly. Maybe this is the life or the rules of the family.

I did not understand how much I saw you .. !!! I did not understand how much I lost you in the dream room, how many paths you have been with my friend beside me, the first in the crowd of light after the cloud, I did not understand how much you saw in Maya .... did not understand why you had arranged me in the heart, the shadow was on the side. How do you leave the ball, you are the first one in the crowd of light after the cloud, I do not understand how I see you. I have no problem Maybe I'm the happiest on earth I'm happy to love My afflictions cannot touch me because I love I tell you again, I have no problem I know that anyone who loves a heart does not suffer Are you crying Water in your eyes listening to me? I wonder ... why are you crying? It's not what you can't love I'm not the only person you love. The mind is a water boat !! Sometimes the flock of happiness, sometimes floating in the stream of sorrow .. Sometimes in the stream of love, sometimes stopped in the pride of pride ........... !! Lost in the limelight ..... Like a butterfly butterfly, "Matoyara" sits on a flower chest without ever losing love.

I saw it in your eyes. Unknown is a new language. Knowing that language. Life is lost a lot of time. You are not there today. You are lost like a cloud in the sky. You were living like a sea running. Today, I may not remember you anymore. Because he was forgotten and he did not forget today. The language of your eyes did not grow old! Love is like a tossed money ...... love is on one side and hatred on the other; When you love someone, the money goes around ... When you stop this rotation comes to you - either love, or hate. what are the love languages It would be a big mistake if you made yourself cry by crying to someone .. because the Creator did not cause trouble for anyone, there is a sentence called curse .. And one day you will weep in the curse of that suffering ... Some relationships happen where there is no need to know .. no need to see ... no one wants ... no interest ...

Some people find the difference to be the exception. To be different from others in the pursuit of separation. How much can Can anyone? I want to be different from myself and everyone else, but how much have I been able to ?? I don't know, maybe I have lost a lot of things in life, maybe even more. I will cross life like this.

So please do not hurt anyone can be happy. Don't love, don't act. Remember, someone's tears, can be a curse in your life. The one who walks away does not come back. Even though it comes back, it is not the same as before. Life does not stop for anyone, but sometimes the restless mind stops to look at someone's illusion. Paper boats are beautiful, but when immersed in water, they sink. In the same way, whatever emotion is sweet, it is often dissipated before reality. If you have been hurt in life, the biggest revenge is to look no further. It is foolish to give someone the satisfaction of seeing that you are suffering. Do not neglect a loving person who tries to wipe away water before your eyes. Because it is easy to love someone, but it is much harder to find someone to love. It is hard to find strong people like those who know how to laugh with a broken mind. The biggest enemy of the human mind is his doubts, mistrust and doubt. HOLY COMPLEX QUESTION HOLLOW ON MANUS JOHN PRITHIBEE ....: "Do you love me with a strong mind" ...... ??? what are the love languages No one is beautiful when the appearance is beautiful. And I did not judge anyone by appearance. Because the maple fruit is beautiful to look at, but it has dirty and stinky inside. Inexperienced people are more fearful than wild beasts than all the forests, the person who forgets the character, will one day be a mother or father. Happiness in life will come after one another, happiness is the only way to manage life by combining it with sorrow. Two people on earth should love you very much. One is - the one who gave birth to you and the other - the one who was born to receive you. Who cannot be found in misery,

Do not repeatedly express yourself to anyone who does not want to understand you. Because she'll never understand you, you'll get a lot of trouble in exchange! Learn to love, learn to give love then you will not lack love in your life. It is very easy to have one's own on earth but it is very difficult to get one's own. Girlfriends are like a cow walking on a grassless field, living on a landless youth. If you want to cry, then pray in the court of God. ...... because no one else is worth your tears, God will pay the price. Don't hate him for the color of the outside, maybe the beauty of his heart may fascinate you. Don't change yourself to get the love of someone, the person who loves you will live in it. People who talk a lot are usually better as people. Whatever the form of the mother, sister, wife or daughter, the love of women is more pure and sacred than the love of men. There is no other crime in the world that is as big as true love for someone, You may find many things in life, and then you will lose many things, but never lose someone in your life who loves you so much to get something. If love continued to diminish over time, it would have to be realized that it was never love, it was only momentarily good. Only those who are selfish on earth are successful.

I hope you understand how to understand what love is like in your mind what is love
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