What to Say During S*X: 61 things every man wants to hear in bed!

What do guys like to hear in bed:-We know girls generally like to hear more praise from boys. Especially during the intimate moments, they want his male partner to praise him in addition to giving him sexual pleasure.

He gets more satisfaction. what do guys like to hear in bed  But a survey says not only girls but boys also want to hear praise from their partner. Which makes him happy.

Boys always want his partner to always praise him at home and out. What gets more pleasure from outside compliment is the fact that he praises when he does. It increases her sexual tension and can make her partner happier.

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Just like how you would like to understand if your man is happy in bed, your man too expects an equivalent from you. Every man wants to understand if his woman is satisfied sexually. How you show it to him are some things very subjective. Some women moan , while others just like better to be silent.

There also are several women who do dirty talking during sex and these women have claimed to possess an excellent sex life. So those women who think that silent sex is sweet , allow us to tell you that men love noises and dirty talks. 

Men love hearing it from your mouth what you wish and the way you wish it. These talks shouldn't be done before or after sex, but ti should be done during sex. It helps in boosting your sex life and it'll also activate your man. aside from all the noises, another thing that's considered to be an enormous turn bed is talks. 

Talking and whispering sexy one-liners while love making does go an extended way. But if you're unsure on what you want to talk during love making to require your man all of sudden , then here are some things that your man will like to hear from you.

Let's not know, though, that boys like some comforts in and out of the house.

Best 61 Things man really want in bed

What to Say During sex: 61 things every man wants to hear in bed!

1. I'm coming.

They don't just want to hear it, they want to make sure their neighbors hear it too, so scream it. Every guy wants to know he's making you orgasm, and what better way to tell him than explicitly stating you're orgasming, except, you know, sexy?

2. You're so good at going down on me.

We know this is a point of contention for a lot of guys, so it's nice to know we've got nothing to worry about. Men want to hear this when they're doing anything even if it's something mundane like taking out the garbage. When it's something that directly challenges our manhood, that desire increases tenfold.

3. You're so big.

This is in direct reference to our penis, not our overall weight and girth. No one wants to hear, "You're so large that logistically I cannot carry out this primal human interaction, which our bodies were designed for, with you."

4. Wow, that was the best sex I've ever had.

You've got to mean it though. We can tell if you're saying it the same way you would tell your friend Teresa that her meatloaf is good even though it's horrible. Because bad sex is like meatloaf: They're both fucking terrible things that happen to good people.

5. I've never come like that before.

The Guinness Book of World Records was started by men who realized that setting records tickled the basest parts of our brains. Knowing we are your vagina's personal orgasm champion warms the cockles of our heart.

6. Damn, you just won the lottery.

Literally. We would love to hear this at any point in our day. It would somehow be even better if we found out we won millions of dollars while our penis is in a vagina.

7. Do whatever you want to me.

We will immediately put you in doggy style.

8. You look so sexy like that.

Whoa, what? Guys don't think they can look sexy, because we're guys. Unless we're on the shortlist for People's Man of the Year, this compliment is pleasantly unexpected.

9. Did you hear that we finally achieved world peace?

 It would be so great to know that human suffering was eliminated within our lifetime.

10. I can't take it anymore. Let's just do anal.

This is just like finding out about world peace, except with butt stuff.

11.Oh, my best friend is at the door. Can she join?

Yes. Invite all your friends. Is this a trick?

12. My whole body is shaking.

This is physical evidence we did well and we know you're not just faking it.

13. Can I just give you a blow job?

Did you just ask if you can do all the work while we get to lie there? Yes.

14. That was so good,

I don't even care if you go out to the bar to watch the game with your friends even though I have no plans." We've done it, we've achieved the perfect orgasm.

15. New tricks...

Men want a lover who is willing to try new things from time to time. That doesn't mean you have to go all 50 Shades of Grey. Just be open to ideas.

what do guys like to hear in bed Sexual desire is like an appetite,” says Paget. “We all want to try different flavors -- otherwise we'd get bored eating at the same place all the time. Men want someone who is willing to explore unique feelings and new sensations.”

Worried that whatever you do is suddenly going to become part of your nightly repertoire? Don't think of it as a can of worms. Most likely the occasional change-up is all he needs.

16. Praise...

We normally think of women as the ones who need reassurance about their appearance, but men get insecure, too. A lover who will find something to compliment and worship about her partner will never lack affection from him.

“Every man wants to know they have that special something that turns a woman on,” says fuck . “It could be something that turns her head or something like his intelligence or sense of humor that she finds incredibly sexy.”

17. Bossiness....

It's not a cliché, ladies. A man wants a woman who will tell him what to do -- at least in the bedroom. Most guys will be thankful for a little instruction, especially if it means they'll succeed at pleasuring you.

“A woman who can guide you with sounds or one word responses is preferred as it takes away the guess work,” says fuck . “Just remember to avoid acting like a sexual traffic cop!”

18. Confidence..

Men want someone who will leave the lights on and let him get a good look at her. Stop worrying about covering up any squishy parts.

“Indirect lighting is Hollywood's best friend and it can be yours as well,” says yes.

“Need I repeat that men are visual creatures and they want to see their partner? It's a big part of their turn-on factor.”

19. Sex on the brain...

A woman who keeps sex in the forefront of her thoughts knows how to inject it into life outside the bedroom -- and that's sexy. Try sexting him or be extra naughty and playful in public.

“Do it in a discreet way,” say yes-no. “Let your partner know that you're thinking about sex throughout the day. Remember, your brain is your sexual power source.”

20. Flair for fantasy...

A man craves someone who will listen to his fantasies -- and tell him hers.
“Many men are scared to share their fantasies as their partner may react by saying, 'You have got to be kidding, that's sick,'” says fuck me.

“It's in a man's DNA to be the caretaker, which also translates into the bedroom,” says Dr. Sadie Allison, America's Pleasure Coach and author of Ride 'Em Cowgirl! Sex Position Secrets for Better Bucking,.

“So what do guys like to hear in bed while most men love to be in charge, always being the initiator can get old. It's hot when a woman takes control and shows him that she wants him.

"It's actually every man's fantasy to surrender for just a little while!”

22. Dirty talk...

Men love hearing a play-by-play of what's happening during sex -- or what you want to happen next.

“What men see, hear and feel are direct lines to the 'other brain,'” says ohh....

“Dirty talk is just another fun way to arouse your man. It also turns them on psychologically because men are super attracted to women who are sexually uninhibited.”

23. Accepting all of him.....

Swallowing his love juice may seem gross to you but to a guy it means that you accept all of him -- so do it!

“Primordial programming says the come goes inside,” says Allison. “Double his pleasure with the visual of oral sex and letting his man juices melt inside of you.”

24.  A massage......

What guy doesn't want a woman who gives great… massages? And not just the sexual sort, though they can be very erotic. Men want to feel good all over, just like you do.
“Touch is a basic human desire,” says Allison. “Sensual or not, it can be one of the greatest gifts a person can receive. Touching all over usually leads to something more fun anyway.”

25. Self-love......

Want him grateful and amazed?
“A woman willing to touch and please herself in front of her man is confident in herself,” says Allison. “If you feel like a sexy woman you'll create a steamy display that any man would want to bask in.”

This is a huge turn-on for guys because it shows that you're willing to share a very intimate act for his viewing pleasure.

26. Lace......

You might think, why waste money on lingerie that's just going to get crumpled up in a ball and tossed on the floor in two seconds? But men are visual and seeing the present they are about to unwrap is important to them!

“what do guys like to hear in bed A guy likes the 'for his eyes only' component of this, with the sneak peak of your body being a total turn-on,” says Yvonne K. Fulbright, Ph.D., author of Sultry Sex Talk to Seduce Any Lover.

“Unwrapping you also boosts his ego because he knows you are like a gift, and all his.”

27.Necessary roughness......

Men don't always want sex to be sweet, loving or romantic. Sometimes he wants it to be a little rough and dirty -- it isn't always about the emotional connectedness between you.

“He loves feeling desired,” says Fulbright. “He also loves that somebody is helping to fuel that dirty little mind of his!”

28.  Spontaneity........

Are you the girl who needs everything to be “just right” before you can do it? Or are you willing to pull over to a roadside motel and “just do it”?

“The spontaneity fuels his libido given the sense of abandon,” says Fulbright. “He also likes the unknown of what could happen, and the novelty factor drives up dopamine in his brain.”

29.Sex drive,,,,,,

No one is always in the mood, but the more effort you make, the more you'll end up wanting it.

“He'll be endeared that you want to please him, as this will make him feel loved and important,” says Fulbright. “He'll also be impressed that you like to occasionally take one for the team and sometimes he'll be the one to make it all about you.what do guys like to hear in bed”

A guy with a strong libido wants a woman who can keep up!

30. A home-body.......

Instead of planning a trip out on the town, make your bedroom the destination for a weekend -- we're talking no breaks except to order takeout!

“He's going to like that he can just relax and not worry about coordinating anything or traveling,” says Fulbright. “He'll also appreciate the opportunity to see your bedroom in a whole new light.”

31. Moves like jagger.....

Whether it's a certain position or a way that you finish him off, make up a signature move that's all about him -- even name it after him! He wants to feel like he's the only guy in your world, and this is a great way to let him know that.

“He likes the special treatment and that it's your own special thing and not something that you've shared with someone else,” says Fulbright.

32.  Orgasmic potential.....

Don't fake it -- but if he makes you feel good do let him know, and do it expressively.

“He likes that others can possibly overhear your pleasure, which reflects well on him,” says Fulbright. “He also gets off on hearing that you're getting off!”

33. I love your passionate kisses......

Men love it when they know that their kisses are irresistible. When you praise his kissing techniques, be specific about what excites you the most. It could be his tongue maneuvers or the softness of his lips. Don’t just say he is a good kisser.

34. I feel good cuddling in bed with you....

Before the intimate act, your aim should be to rev up the sexual tension between you and your guy. You don’t need to start with the dirty talk. Your man would love to hear how he makes your life different. He will feel more special and significant if you express your inner feelings when he is holding you.

35. Your beard looks good this way.....

This is a good compliment. As a matter of fact, any physical compliment makes men feel more attractive; it helps to eliminate the little insecurities they have. what do guys like to hear in bed Focusing on something specific like his beard lets him see that you are an attentive lady- that you have noted his latest shaving or styling.

36 . I can’t wait to feel you inside

Assuming you have been with this guy on a number of dates, you shouldn’t be shy to spell this out. It is a great foreplay tactic for more established lovers. These words can work magic as they communicate your fantasies, hence making his imaginations run wild.

37.   I’m all yours tonight...

Guys love it when they know they are free to do what they want with their ladies. Try saying this to your man and see him give you his best in bed. He will use your favorite sex positions and make love to you as if it is the last time.

38.. I enjoy playing with your body......

This is synonymous with requesting him to spend a little more time on foreplay. Compose yourself and let your body language do the job. Then let him know you enjoy everything and not just in the climaxing phase. Show him how much you love playing with his body to appreciate him. Compliment his chest, his abs, and strong arms.

39. Let’s make this night unforgettable....
What a lovely expression to induce confidence! Men love to feel wanted and these words do just that. This declaration gives men the surety that they are not the only ones who want some actions but also their beloved partners. Show him that you are equally involved in the lovemaking act by whispering these words in his ears.

40..You are the perfect seducer.......

Make sure that this comes out genuinely and your man will love you more. Tell him how great he is at seduction game and he will be taken to cloud nine. To make you happier, he will bring up more romantic tactics to drive you crazy in bed.

41. Touch my…. mention one pressure point.

Tell him that you love how he touches your boobs or thighs. You can guide him to your moan zones but make sure to let him know when he does it correctly. Your words of encouragement would be more stimulating and will encourage him to give you more.

42.. Why don’t we try a new thing tonight?........

Nobody wishes to have a monotonous love making session. You should be a woman-magnet by showing him how adventurous you can be in bed. Demonstrate your curiosity and willingness to explore new stuff with him. Guys want to hear their women say that they are free to go an extra mile.

43.  I have been fantasizing about you and me in bed.........

This is very flattery and it will work wonders. If you are notorious when it comes to sharing your sexual fetish, he would really love it if you try to be outspoken in bed. One thing about men is that they are always straightforward and they wish their ladies would be the same. Sharing fantasies with your man is something he would love to hear over and over.

Best tricks what do guys like to hear in bed 

44 . I adore your…. mention the favorite part of his body......

A man wants to know if you are truly enjoying his body rather than fantasizing about a hot gym instructor. Therefore, you should mention the part of his body you love the most- it could be his manhood or his energetic chest. Make sure you caress it during the lovemaking session. This will make him swoon.

45.  You look hot in this position....

There is always that one sex position that gives you the highest ecstasy. These are the words you should tell him to encourage him in a particular sex position. But don’t be a spectator all the time- you should get creative to rev up your sexual experience. Don’t hesitate to let him know that you love the view......

46..Do you want a blowjob?...........

Don’t expect anything short of ‘yes’ as the answer. This is always a winner to most men. While he is kissing and caressing you, whisper in his ears this turn-on question. You will see him pulling down his pants waiting for your blowjob.

48.  Shout his name...........

It sounds obvious but your man wants to know you are not fantasizing about another guy when making love with him. So, scream out his name when the pleasure is high. Punctuate it with some moans or dirty talk to heat things up.

49.  You have a big member......

No matter the size of his manhood, a man will want to hear how big his member is. He will particularly love it when you are making love. Let him know that he is big down there and that you can’t resist it. He will give you an unforgettable night.

50 ..The blowjob sounds..........

Men love the oral and hearing those sounds while it happens is fantastic. You can make some little moans or just the natural sound of what is going on to add the excitement and turn him on even more. Make sure it is audible enough and ask him how he likes it. Then look into his eyes. Note that he might be caught up in the moment and perhaps making some goofy faces; don’t distract him with too much eye contact. Sometimes he will want to look into your eyes as well as it is a huge turn-on. But when he drifts away, let him be so he can enjoy the moment.

51.  I want it rough.......

Apart from the romantic, sweet, and soft intercourse, guys also like some roughness. Sometimes, he will prefer the dirty and rough sex. It is the intense desire in you that turns him on. He wants you to help him fuel his dirty mind by requesting some rough sex. But you should ask for a little roughness when you are sure about it.

52.  The dirty things guys love to hear in bed........

Dirty talk arouses men in unimaginable ways. Men love more those who women who are sexually free to say or do whatever they please. A dirty talk is will turn on your man psychologically, mentally, and physically.

53. The spanking sound....

Men love to spank their girl’s buttocks. The sound of it is very satisfying and that’s why he wants to slap you harder but he is unsure if you like it that way. what do guys like to hear in bed If you want a hard spank, make things easier for him by shouting “harder!” He is not a mind reader to know what’s going on in your head. Let him know how hard he should spank you.

54. I love the way you give me an oral...

If your man goes down on you, tell him how much you love it to boost his confidence. Next time he will surprise you with a better oral. Guys love to hear their women appreciating the things they do for them in bed..

55. Please don’t stop...

No one wants to be cut short when things are getting hot in bed. You need to encourage your man to continue with what he is doing. Tell him not to stop the next time you have an intimate moment. Add some romantic moans as you tell him so.

For some women, the naughty talk doesn’t come so easily. If you are like them, you need a little practice. But until you find exactly what works for you, what do guys like to hear in bed be ready to meet some awkward moments. If your man has a strong libido, he will love it when you keep up. Telling your guy not to stop is a very naughty statement. It will maximize the pleasure of the moment and reduce the awkwardness.

56. Silence is romantic sometimes........

There are certain things you should just not comment on. If normal stuff is all you got on your mind, just keep mum to avoid killing his erotic mood. If you really have to say the obvious things, let it be in whispers or in between moans and in a sexy voice. As far as the dirty talk is concerned, do not overdo it.

57.  Tell him when you are about to climax......

Men love to hear it when their partners are about to come. It is a huge turn on and it will help your guy know that it is his turn to finish. Some men like it even better to hear the words ‘I am coming’ shouted so loud till the neighbors know what’s going on. Your man obviously wants to know that he’s making you climax, and the best way to let him know is by stating it explicitly. I don’t think there is another sexier way to say it. Just shout it and make him happy.

58. A big wow........

Wow is the perfect compliment just after he has collapsed on you. If you usually say it when he surprises you, why not after a wonderful intimate act? Show him some appreciation- it is a way of saying thank you. This makes him see that you don’t take it for granted and that you would want it over again.

59. It was amazing when you…

Sometimes guys are not sure if what they did was okay and may find it hard to ask something like “did I do it right?” So, you can help him stop the guesswork by stating something he did that really psyched you up. This is not just an appreciation but a way of letting him know what drives you wild in bed. He wants to know the romantic stuff you prefer in bed and this is one way he can learn. Go on and praise his skills even after several days.

60. It’s the best orgasm I have ever received......

Tell him you have never climaxed like that before. He will know that he has set a record no other man has ever reached. It is like writing him in the Guinness book of records for being your orgasm champion.Best 61 Things man really want [what do guys like to hear in bed] Every man wants to hear this in bed whether he is your first love or the tenth boyfriend.

But do not tell him that it is the best sex you have ever had for the sake of it- you have to mean it. It is the smallest things such as these ones that improve intimacy between couples. If the two of you are sexually satisfied, what could be better than that?

61.  I want to taste your juices.....

This may sound gross at first but it simply means you accept your man entirely. You can do it he climaxes: grab his manhood and put it in your mouth. You will be doubling his pleasure as his juices melt in your mouth. Nothing would blow his mind like the cum going inside.


I hope we are understand Best 61 Things man really want [what do guys like to hear in bed]

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