what guys like, what men want in bed,what do boys like

what the guys like:

what guys like,what men want in bed,what do boys like,
what guys like,what men want in bed,what do boys like,

what the guys like Find out Most of the girls in the world think that boys love only girls' bodies. Do not girls enjoy the taste of the body? Of course it does! If you didn't, you wouldn't go to any other boy who was a coward who couldn't date a room! What is true loveThe idea is wrong!

Girls do not understand girls' minds because girls are normal?
Well, what do you mean to understand the mind? The girls' minds change colors like a troll.
A boy gropes a girl a lot. He tries to understand all the time. It is too late to say anything to the girls, but after hundreds of troubles,What is love? the boys try to do that.What the mind does not later understand?

Guys have a girlfriend or hang out with other girls?

Do you have a boyfriend?When asked this question, many do not answer I single. But look at the news, he speaks with three boys Lutuputu.But a boy says the truth. Because they have faith and trust in their love. Now look at the side.Listen to what a boy really wants.Sister what the guys like

Ok see below .....

  Writing from my thoughts alone. Not everyone can agree with me.

1. A boy wants a girl who truly loves him. There will be no interest in love. No third party!

2. A boy is more important than most kisses, let the girl sit next to him and feed him. Please do not say that you do not take it. Or boast that my cooking is not good ....?

3. Do not let the boy say that the boy is more favorable than spending the night with a girl, and go to the ceiling and look at the moon overnight on your shoulder.

4. Even the brave guys want to tell a girl in a soft voice about their danger, don't worry everything will be fine.Just as a girl wants someone to come into her life who will be the prince of her dreams, so does a son. will be needed!

So let's ...
We boys and girls try to understand each other without quarreling, bragging, arguing among themselves!Because ..... what are the love languagesWe complement each other.
what guys like,

what men want in bed

what the guys like  After looking at the measurements, the girls look forward to seeing the smile on their faces. The ability to smile, especially in the first few minutes of being seen, makes men smile as a welcome message to women.

Men want to be praised by men as they want girls. In the same way, men want his companion not to shout, but praise him in the ear.what the guys like

1 .. Clothing ....

  A man always wants his companion to appreciate his clothes.

2. Look .....

  The boys always want to portray themselves as fair-skinned girls. So, if a boy wants to have a       conversation about body-shading in front of his girlfriend, or is behaving differently to keep his face    in focus, then he should understand that he wants to hear praise from his girlfriend.

3. How safe a woman is to him ...

  Men want to hear two or four compliments on the fact that a woman is feeling safe around him.

4. Body odor ..
 The male partner smells great on the body or is talking about deodorant or body odor from the perfume, while the female companion does not have to look any longer to fill the compliment.

5.. What's 'interesting' about a male partner ...
 What a surprise that the mate was attracted to his male companion. Men also want to get praise for this.

6. Listen to the praise of motors ....
 What a feeling that was. By which such action is accomplished! Men hope that his partner appreciates this too.

7. Hair appreciation ...

 Hair filling the head. His style. Who gets two more compliment to the mate about this and the men get it?

8. Wisdom is appreciated ...
 Can see

9. Physical ability ...
How much power is on him? Men expect two things about this too.

10. Driving skills....
Rose needs a man to reach the office. Then pour the praises.

11. How believable and trustworthy ...
 Men do not want to stress anything more than receiving praise from women for this.

12. The Sense of Humor ...
It is dangerous for a woman to appreciate this quality. Because he kept praising the 'Sense of Humor' in mind, and from then on he would come back to hear the jokes. Therefore, it is best to praise this quality. Nevertheless, men want his mate to surpass his 'Sense of Humor'.

13. 'Face' is so beautiful ...

 I mean, what does it look like when you see the face? Speaking of this, Kendall can invite a male companion to light dinner.

I hope Understand what guys like,what men want in bed,what do boys like,

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