What is love? [A few ideas about love]

What is love?[A few ideas about love]

What is love? [A few ideas about love]
A few ideas about love

What is love? Is the result of love sexual intercourse, or is love also a deep desire? If Freud believed, love is also a form of sex. Then those who talk about true love will get angry.

 They say that love is the union of two souls. So what does 'union' mean? What is love? What is the difference between the union of the body with the body or the union of the soul with the body? Prem Shastri says that those who fall into the trap of beauty can never find true love.

Kamashastra holds that body and mind are not two separate entities, but two forms of the same entity. So cohabitation and love are two sides of the same currency?

Theology and psychology say that work is a force. The primary form of this energy is deeply libido. You can give this energy the way you want. It depends on your knowledge. The transformed man transforms this energy into love or creation.

The body also says something:-
As adolescents enter, adolescents' attraction to each other is due to their opposite sex; second, during this time, their sex hormones begin to release into their youthful emotions.

 What is love? This is why they love the story of princesses and princesses. The heroes or heroines of the film become their role models.

The boys are always ready for heroism in addition to their tight bodies, wide shoulders and rock stylish clothing while attracting girls to embellish dresses, make-up, flexible waistlines and buttocks belts. After all, why does he do this? Is this not a communication of sexual desire?

Looking for:-
What is love? Philosophy says that a spirit has come into this world because it has to show itself and see something. Five senses so that one can feel pleasure from it. Every soul is looking for satisfaction. Be it love or sexual intercourse.

 Everyone is living for joy. Everyone wants something more than happiness that is eternal. People who are happy with the joy of the moment also unconsciously seek eternal.

Meditation Magic:-
What is love? If no one is paying attention to you, you will start to fade. He takes all kinds of initiatives only when the child wants to meditate, so that someone can see him and say that you are on earth. Young people dress carefully because someone is attracted to us.

 As long as the lovers pay attention to each other, the love lasts. But love to pay attention? If love is also meditated, how is love? Love Shastri speaks of unselfish love. Yet the magic of meditation is unique. Meditation nurtures a love relationship.

 As lovers and lovers take care of each other, the more they begin to flower. Scholars say that love is the bond of friendship with one another. To accept each other in the form and nature it is.
A person with an attitude of focusing rather than paying attention. He who gives up the mentality of paying attention and getting it is called rich. The meditator pays attention to his attitude.

What is love above all?:-

What is love above all?This is a question of headaches. Whether it is the real love of sex or not. Everyone wishes that someone loved us.What is love?  The desire to love someone is less. Scientists say that love is a product of your brain. That is, the feeling of love or sexual intercourse develops in the mind. The mind will be edited as it is.

Love affair:

 Scholars say that love is the bond of friendship with one another. To accept each other in the form and nature it is. If both are aware of each other and take care of their partner, then love will gradually develop.

 Finally, after overcoming all the obstacles in body and mind, the person who falls in love, believe that he truly loves. His love cannot take anything from you, give you everything. In such situations, empathy should be considered as a result of love, not union.

Love - bondage or release, what is life or poison?
Is love someone's gain or losing oneself? One bond or release? Life or poison? Everyone may have their own opinion about it, but what is true love - let's find out.

What is love? Basically love means that someone has become more important than you. It can also be painful because it threatens your very existence. When you tell someone 'I love you' you lose all your freedom. Whatever you have, you're lost.

You cannot do what you want in life. There are a lot of hiccups, but at the same time it just keeps pulling you in. It's a sweet poison, a very sweet poison. This is a self-depressing situation.

 If you do not delete yourself, love will never know. What is love? Some parts of you will surely die. You have to delete the part, which was still 'you', so that something else or people can take its place. If you don't let it be, it's not love, it's just accounts, transactions.

 In life we ​​have maintained many kinds of relationships such as family relationships, marital relationships, business relationships, social relationships etc. These relationships fulfill many of our life needs. 

Love is not or is not expressed in these relationships. Of course it happens. The reflection should be reflected in each of your tasks. You can do everything with love. But when we talk of love as a spiritual process, we do it ourselves.

Let's see this as a deletion process. When we talk about 'deleting' it may seem negative.

 When you really love someone, you are ready to sacrifice your personality, your choices, your dislikes, everything you have. Without love, people become tough. As they begin to love someone, 

They are ready to adapt to every need. This in itself is a great spiritual process, because thus you are flexible. Undoubtedly love is erasing itself and this is the most beautiful aspect of it.

 You can call it anything - delete or release, destroy or destroy. When we say, 'Shiva is the destroyer,' when we understand that he is obedient. Love is not necessarily erasing itself, it can only be destructive.

It depends on whom you fall in love with, so Shiva has destroyed you, because if he does not destroy you then this love affair is not real. By your destruction I do not mean the destruction of your house,

Your business or anything else. What you call 'I', which is your rigid personality, is destroyed in the process of love and it is to remove yourself.

When you fall in love, your thoughts, your way of feeling, your likes and dislikes, your philosophy, your ideals, everything melts. It should be like this in your own right and you should not wait for someone else to come and do it.

Do it for yourself, What is love? because you don't need another person to love you. You can love someone like that. If you simply develop a deep love for someone - which you can do without doing anything outwardly - then you will find that this 'I' destruction will go on by itself.

What is love and how does love originate in life?

What is love and how does love originate in life?Let's try to understand with the example of love. Comes in contact with a young man and a young woman. They tend to merge with each other. They deal in any task. If they both love each other, they have a charm.

 They even think about each other before work. If they both have the same qualities, actions, and nature, they automatically generate and enhance the desire, motivation, emotion, effort to enhance that relationship, friendship or shared sense.

 There are situations where if both do not meet each other, both of them feel restless. This is an example of love for both. The words love and anger are two mutual complements.

Having anger can also be beneficial and harmful. If anger is not blind then conscience is complete but there is profit and if anger is arbitrary then there may be loss. If the object or person, female or human, whose.

As we fall in love or impulsively, we must consider and consider its present and future consequences.

What is love? We should love, but we must know how far we should go, knowing that dignity with wisdom. Friendship is also a kind of love between two people.

There are many reasons why two lovers are always friends with each other and those who do not have love, ignorance, distance, lack of relationship with each other.

True love is a divine passion.What is love?  If you crave for love it will be called low level love. The disciple has unwavering love for his teacher or teacher and the patriot of his country, between two friends and women, men and women, parents and all family members.

Everyone is sad and happy with each other. There is a feeling of abandonment among all. Parents experience happiness by following their children. The boy enjoys the service of parents and teachers. It is an example of love without expectations and selfishness.

I hope I have understood some ideas about love and what love is.If you like, please share and comment, please forgive me if you are wrong.
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