what is my love language (love language test for couples)

what is my love language (love language test for couples)
what is my love language 

what is my love language :-

what is my love language:- Love is the amazing feeling given to the nature of each animal. In fact, it is his 'instinct', that is, 'core instinct', which is innate tendency to be jealousy, envy, acts, anger, greed, temptation etc. But love is something else. Most of the other tendencies turn people toward animality, so love is able to take him to the divine sheik height.

To speak the language of love, the language you can convey to people in your mind is usually called the The whole affair of love starts from the eyes. Whenever a boy falls in love with you, he will repeatedly try to rub your eyes with your eyes.

With a blind eye, the boy will tell you that he is interested in you. Also, when talking to a friend or colleague, you will find that the boy will look at you repeatedly. And for these reasons, the eye is considered one of the physical signs of love.

Below are some of the languages of love:-

love language test for couples It is quite common that if you like someone, you will want to keep their attention. And that is why if a boy likes you, he will try different things to get your attention. In this attempt to get attention, he may try to stay a little out of the crowd, only to have a dress that is too beautiful for your attention.

If a boy tries to lose something in his presence to his friend, that is to say that boy's friendship is one of the best, then the boy is trying to be a hero in front of you. In addition to this, the boy will try to walk quite a lot.

The appearance of the wonder is considered to be one of the physical signs of falling in love. When talking to a favorite girl, it is often seen that the eyebrows of the boys are slightly curved. The sense of wonder that the boys face when the eyebrows are curved does not mean that they are skeptical of the girl's intelligence. Rather, it means that he is madly in love with the girl.

When a boy likes you, he or she will gradually start to show greater interest in your personal affairs. In addition, he will pay special attention to each and every word that the boy will talk to you.

When a boy talks to his favorite daughter, his voice also shows some change. The tone is much more personal and sincere. And it is only allocated to her favorite girl.

One of the signs of a boy's body language is that it will make you think that the boy is in love with you. The boy will repeatedly adjust his jeans-t-shirt, to see if the hair is random. It is very easy to get the idea of ​​a boy's special interest towards you.

When a boy talks to his favorite daughter, he will try to sit in front of the girl completely. In other words - by this the boy will try to convince the girl that he has no time to look at anyone else

Researchers say that when a boy falls in love with a girl, he repeatedly tilts his head to one side while talking to the girl. Even if the boy is a bit shy, this trait is noticeable.

If a boy becomes particularly interested in a girl, he tries to touch different girls. However, this is not meant to haunt the girl in any way. Rather, the boy will do it very politely. Maybe the boy grabs your hand or removes the hair that is in front of your face.

If the boy you love looks a bit unstable when talking to you, that's a good sign. That means the boy may be a bit upset. Usually boys are upset when talking to girls whose sons they like. So even if you look at the way the boys talk, it can be understood whether the boy is weak on you.

Almost everyone of us laughs when we see or hear something funny. But when a boy is with his favorite daughter, he laughs a lot easier than usual. By this the boy actually hints at you to look at him.

If you notice that 1 boys are looking at you repeatedly, you can easily assume that the boy has really liked you.

Boys usually try to stay close to a girl when she falls in love with a girl. So if you see a boy who has always been around you, he can be present wherever you go, meaning that the boy can find an opportunity to talk to you.

Most boys treat girls fairly. But when a boy is attracted to a girl differently, he will try to help the girl in different tasks. The thing can be this - boy will you be able to get out of the crowd easily.

When a boy likes a girl, he never removes his eyes from the girl. The boy will try to look at the girl even though there are other people there. And always looking like this means that he is more interested in the girl than talking to other girls or friends.
Being jealous When you talk to a boy, a boy is a bit jealous, but you can undoubtedly assume that the boy is in love with you.

 love language means:-

His eyes will know if he loves you or not. For example:  love language means He cares for you all the time, appreciating you very much. "You / You look so nice today" is almost like a comment to you.

The language of a mean's eyes can indicate whether he has fallen in love with you. If you look closely, you can see the person on whom the crush was eaten. Love plays in the stars of the eyes. There must be the ability to understand that love, otherwise this communication medium fails.

However, not everyone may be able to understand the language of the eye. In that case, whether the person is paying special attention to your choice or dislike. For example, suppose you like the chatty special. In that case, if that person gathers the address of the best chatty shop in your area and treats you there, then you can be sure that he loves you.

Again, take back any of the things you give him or not. Imagine that after you took the book of a story from him and returned it, you saw that he was not taking it back. This too can be an indication of his love for you.

Again, when you are near, flirt with another person or make a round with another person and speak sweet sweets. But these can only be done to make you jealous or jealous. And it is also a manifestation of his vulnerability to you.

Wanting to spend more time with you, getting your phone calls and getting to work leaving you, keeping you out of all kinds of hassles, taking care of your needs, listening carefully to all your needs…. Etc. All of this shows a deep tension towards you. And that is his mental weakness and love for you. You can fulfill that love. Because finding true love is a very good thing in life.

But if this loving person becomes obsessed or insane around you, then stay away from him no matter how much you love him.

Because it is enough for a retired person to completely poison your life. It is the nature of these tired people to doubt the words, to keep an eye on you all the time, to apologize for everything. This type of person cares only about his physical needs.

So it is not necessary to love someone just because you love him, if the person is offended by you then stay away from him and if need be, because peace is more desirable than happiness.
I hope you understand what is my love language (love language test for couples)

The five languages you love will work:-

The busyness of people these days is not the time for many to talk about love. But do you know that there are some other languages of love that can express wonderful love. He wrote about Gary Chapman. Learn about five such languages. But yes, not all languages will be the same. The man you love.

1. To provide emotional support to the partner. To appreciate his work. Thank him

2. Use it. This means that you are thinking about it.

3. Do something you like. Such as buying flowers or cooking them.

4. Spend time with your partner with full attention.

4. Body touch. Like embracing a hand clasp, these are all expressions of love.

When humans became civilized, the expression of love gave new dimension. In fact, nature was able to express the love she had given him. If truth is to be told then it is not possible to express love fully through words. Gautam Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, etc.

 have given the whole humanity a level of love. However, great human kindness is possible only in the form of rough love for such people.

We have left no stone unturned to share love in mine, but love is love. The unfortunate is the person of the world who does not love or love anyone.

The thing to remember is that there is arrogance there will be no love. Where there is mistrust, selfishness, discrimination, there will be no love. On the other hand, where there is love, there will be attachment, identity, surrender and surrender.

True love between two is often the cause of jealousy for other people. People do not tolerate much attachment between two brothers, two neighbors or two colleagues. They find themselves alone and sow the seeds of isolation, distrust, calling them false and true against others, which creates a distance between them.

Love issues have also led to various wars. That's where the real lovers became legendary. The stories of Laila-Majnu, Hir-Ranja, Sasi-Punna, Sohni-Mahiwal, etc. have gained considerable popularity among the common people. The love-and-love market was always heated during Kisagowi.

Probably love is the spirit that is most commonly written in all the world's languages. Love issues have also led to various wars. That's where the real lovers became legendary.

The stories of Laila-Majnu, Hir-Ranja, Sasi-Punna, Sohni-Mahiwal, etc. have gained considerable popularity among the common people. The love-and-love market was always heated during Kisagowi. Probably most of the films in Hindi are based on love stories.

Shakespeare puts the trio of lovers, lunatics and poets in the same category. All three are affected by the moon's rays. They are residents of Kalpana.

A true lover works with the heart and not with the heart, so for love, he is ready to fight the world. She is madly in love The impatience of meeting your partner, talking to your heart with him is incomplete. Initially she wants to keep her love a secret, to avoid slander, but later she doesn't even think about it.

However, in today's high-tech era, love seems to be more influenced by body or money. But where there is no mind, love is just a compromise. Many examples of unilateral love and video love (platonic love) are found in the world.

Many people consider Platonic gains as spiritual love in which a person has lifelong affection and respect for each other, but in all disguised ways. In general, these love-affairs maintain the height of love.

The world, engulfed in the grip of selfishness, violence, and desire, was always in need of love. The thirst for love between people never diminished.

From the cruel to the cruel man the fountain of love flows in any corner of the heart. Sometimes someone's cruelty to him makes him cruel. The deception that is found in love often makes a person 'playful'

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