What is true love

What is true love


What is true love If you want to love someone, you need to know what true love is, and what is true love.

True love is the nectar that can make our life happy and colorful. However, if the wrong result of true love is taken, then that same nectar can destroy life with poison. And then when the attraction ends, so does the love. When they betray each other in love.

True love is a fusion of two hearts that connects easily but never ends. True love is a gift from God, which fulfills every joy and joy in our simple life.
True love has a lot of power, which has the power to fight the world. Love is an addiction in which we do not want to return once we are lost. If he does not have it, his memory will always come up again and again and again before his face. Remembering his words alone brings a smile to his face. We are completely lost in that person. He starts worrying every time. If you do not meet him or talk to him for a day, then you start to get many questions. True love never ends, if your love is true, it deepens over time. The love affair is stronger and stronger than ever. True love changes the way we live our lives.

How is true love?

What is true love There was a time when it was common that love comes only once in life. For the time being, it probably doesn't apply anymore! So it says that love will come to life more than once, not it! Someone's first love is the result, and no one is.

Relationships can be broken for various reasons. Not having relationships, family relationships, etc. But once the relationship breaks down, do people's lives stop? No, people love again. This love can also lead to consequences.

Be your first love and second love, at times it may come to your mind that this is true love. Is this man ready for me?

Does she really love me? If you really care about some of the things in the relationship of love, you will know whether your relationship is real, whether your boyfriend or girlfriend really loves you! Know the issues.

Notice how strong your desire to spend a lifetime with each other is. Do you trust your lover so much that you can close your eyes and spend a lifetime with him?
If the answer is yes, then understand that the depth of your relationship is strong and that is true love. Your dependence on one another also proves the truth of love and What is true love

Try to understand the desire of the person you love. Hopefully you will understand the truth of His love.

He who loves you, wants to marry, must try to build a good relationship with his family and friends. Notice if he introduces you to his friends and family members. If he has any future plans with you, then you must try to be kind to him.

True love is always from the heart. When we have true love, our whole world changes. Everything becomes beautiful in love. After falling in love, something happens to us that we have never felt before.
The feeling of love is so beautiful, that the person who does it only realizes it. Those who truly love have a smile on each other's face. There are smiles on his lips all the time. It looks like they have found happiness in the whole world.

It is a secondary cause of physical connection to true love. Physical relationships can only become emotional.

However, the one who truly loves you should not be in a hurry! Because if he loves you, wants to get married, you will get to him one at a time or another - that will be in his head. Try to find out what your boyfriend or lover thinks of a physical relationship.

What is true love The heart of a true lover wants to show every moment to his lover. It is true that when we place someone in our heart, it gets closer to our heart, so we have the desire to meet again and again in love.
The feeling of true love is so deep that people falling in love begin to dream while they are asleep. The dreams are so beautiful that they seem to have a desire to become reality. Romantic films and songs look like they were made for us. The story of the movies looks like their love story. It feels good to read Valovasa's poem. Everybody practices their love of poetry every day. There is something in which love just keeps you immersed. This kind of happiness is mostly in first love where everything starts to look pink and you see everything beautiful.

The person who truly loves you will not want to hide anything from you. You will talk about your family's problems, starting from your own personal affairs. Even tell about his former relationships. If you notice a tendency to hide in him, beware.

When people are skeptical about their relationship, it is only the comparison of the past relationship with the present - that is human nature! But when one man loves another man, then the tendency will fall from him.

Consider whether the person you love repeatedly references the old relationship. The truth of his love will only be proved when he completely forgets his old relationships.

The person who loves you and wants to marry you will have different plans for you. Economic planning is one of them. Such as what the world will be like,What is true love how to stay home, what to do in life. Does your boyfriend or lover make any future financial plans with you? The answer is yes.

Why love the truth?

What is true love True love makes life beautiful and exciting. All living things in the world need love, this world will end without love. That's why we always love in our lives.
In love, our hearts want us to share our happiness and sorrow, our affection and love with someone special.
True love comes not just by seeing each other, but by understanding and knowing each other. It is not in a hurry to express and express true love.
The result of true love, whether good or not, cannot be found at the destination, it becomes immortal, but does not end. In this we have to support each other, be together in happiness and sorrow, we have to stay together in difficult times.However your mind, heart and feelings all become one.

When we are in love, we experience many things that we consider to be a sign of love. Here I am going to tell some of the feelings of love that you must have felt. When we are in love, we are lost in the world of our thoughts every time. We do not even know what is happening around us.

There is a tendency in love. It seems that something is incomplete which is lacking. This happens when your love is away from you.
When we hear the name of that person, the fire of happiness starts flowing all over the body, becoming as lifeless as the lifeless body. As the night wakes up to sleep, only the thoughts of that person keep coming up again and again. When he is not in front, he wants to talk to her a lot, but as soon as he comes in front is sewn to the lips, a word comes out very hard. As you begin to love all his childlike prestige, you realize that you love him very much. Suddenly we start worshiping the Lord, we visit the temple mosques and make that person happy in every prayer.

How is true love known?

What is true love If you come and tell a boy or girl that he or she really loves you, it is very important to find out if their love is true or false. Although true love is rarely seen in the modern age, even if you see some signs of that person's love that you believe that his love is true for you, accept him at all. There are many ways to know true love, but you need to spend some time with that person so that you can know what true love is for him. It's not just that you test each other's love, here I will tell you about ways that are true or just an interesting one. He whose true love has no hope from his partner, accepts his partner unconditionally. Love for selfishness is not true. Seeing your partner happy, alleviating all your troubles and tiredness of the day, but that is true love. True love is always ready to make a big sacrifice in order to please you.

There is no sense of jealousy in love. If your partner is good in your career or you have achieved something you have not yet found yourself, then a true loving person does not envy his partner but accepts him warmly.
True love can sometimes cause you pain, it does not mean that she does not love you. Where there is love, it takes a bit of breath, but with it, true love protects you too. True love understands your hardship by not saying it. If you are upset or dissatisfied with something, your partner will not see you in that situation. Even if he himself has a problem, he will definitely help you and try to solve your problem by accepting it as his problem. That which is not freedom of love does not last long. True love means giving your partner complete freedom. There should be no interruption. True love always trusts its partner.What is true love It trusts your decisions and actions and is always positive towards you. Where there is any doubt, love dies. True love cannot be described in two words or there is no definition of love. It is wordless, it can only be felt. True love can happen to a person anywhere. Love does not see poverty or poverty, religion and caste and caste, it only looks at love.

What is the difference between true love and false love:-

What is true love Love is a feeling that can change your life, which is realized only by those who truly love someone. When you start to fall in love with someone, you can begin to make a positive change for yourself. But if you just love someone who doesn't love you, your life can be ruined.

You must know that the person you love loves you or is cheating on you. Here I am telling you the 10 differences between true love and false love, which will tell you whether you love the truth or he loves you the lie.

When you love someone, you begin to think only of them, and when you fall in love with someone, there are many other symptoms, such as every moment in your thoughts, you forget about their mistake. Come on or you love his mistake. You feel lonely in his absence. When there is pain, you also feel pain. Many times you start to act like a kid in front of people! You miss his favorite song. You can't lie even if you want to. Happy to see you happy

If these movements happen to you, then you need to understand why you are in love. Now that you are in love, you know what love is called and I do not know what true love is, so here I am talking about 10 differences between true love and false love, From which you will know what true love is

1 .. Retirement of true love and false love worry about oneself.

True love is unselfish and does not expect itself. True love is always ready to make a big sacrifice in order to please you. On the other hand, false love is selfish and only cares about itself and has the ability to sacrifice itself for itself.

 2. True love is kind and false love is cruel.

True love is very sincere and it is generous and kind. It loves and cares more than you need. On the other hand, false love is cruel which can give you pain and bad behavior over time.

3. True love is humble and false love is arrogant.

True love works with humility and true love does not want to take credit for itself, it accepts its own mistakes and takes responsibility for the mistakes of others, not only because true love itself brings people down. On the other hand, false love is arrogant, it is proud of itself, it does not accept its mistakes, but blames others.

 4. Pleasures of true love and false love is bitter.

 What is true love True love is a warm heart and its mind is filled with positivity. True love brings joy to others. On the other hand, there is bitterness in the heart of false love whose mind is filled with negativity and it makes the world unfair, false love connects you to your readers.

5. True love protects and false love hurts.

True love can hurt you, but always protects you from being with you for a long time. On the other hand, false love will give you false satisfaction, which you have for a few days and it will give you a toxic relationship and if you do not know about it. Can spoil.

 6. True love reads your mind and false love does not care about you.

 True love always seeks to know more about you, it helps you to understand what you want to say because a true pear can read your mind and your feelings
Can feel False love, on the other hand, does not care about your feelings and thoughts, so false love cannot find the cause of your unhappiness. 7. True love is honest and a false pirate is dishonest. True love believes in everything you do and in your lies. False love, on the other hand, requires you to be 100% sure that you are trustworthy and that you trust him until he trusts you. 8. True love is hopeful and false love can easily leave you.  True love joins you in your future and sees you as the person that He wants to be with Him all your life and is never ready to fight you. On the other hand, you cannot make a permanent plan for false love because you do not need it and he can leave you at any time.  9. True love believes and false love is the beginning of doubt.  True love depends on you, true love believes in your decisions and actions and is always positive towards you. False love, on the other hand, does not believe you, and the heart and mind of false love are full of negativity about you.  10. True love lives forever and false love dies What is true love  True love always lasts even after we die! Great stories of true love and the sacrifice of true lovers continue to inspire generations today and will always be ahead. False love, on the other hand, can end at any time and it can be forgotten in a few moments, but true love cannot be forgotten even if desired.  I hope you know the true and false love of the 10 differences between true and false mentioned in this post! You will know from him that he really loves you or that you are cheating.

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