best way what to say to a girl you like Want to anything

best way what to say to a girl you like Want to anything
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best way what to say to a girl you like Want to anything :-

what to say to a girl you like Familiarity with a girl and her temptation is a very similar process. If you think about it, familiarity is tempting, because from the moment you say it already, an idea is being made about you.What is true love Having got a cool date with the sequel, what would you tell a girl when she met someone she liked?

Some boys continue to get to know each other as they did before. Others come up with original phrases. But is this approach effective?

First,what to say to a girl you like  if you want to please a girl, think about whether you like yourself or how you feel about yourself with respect.what is my love language  If you don't love yourself, people around you will surely feel it on a subconscious level.

Also remember, girls don't like men who make "tough" guys themselves. It is very important for you to behave naturally, to be respectful, and to have a pleasant conversation.
To attract your competent women into your life, you need to pay attention to the basic rules, which will help you with this from a psychology standpoint.

In order to understand how to properly satisfy a girl, you must understand that a woman is first of all a man who is distinguished by her uniqueness and uniqueness. You would not consider him to be a primitive animal that gets trapped by his beautiful words and expensive things.

Also, it is understandable that every young woman has a man's own ideals and you may not be in her taste. Imagine yourself in a position to focus on the female side

You get your mark of attention by a young man who is not in your taste or just unpleasant to you. As a result, no matter how hard she tries, what to say to a girl you like without the irritation, you will have no other feeling.

Therefore, if you like a girl, you have to try several times to win her heart and do not despair of failure and hang the label of losing. Try contacting other representatives of the fair sex of your choice and you will find exactly what will become your life.

It is impossible for a beautiful and self-sufficient girl to love lovers who can't connect two phrases, or annoying fans who will bombard her with praise, flowers, crap and messages in the last days. what to say to a girl you like Therefore, you have to have your own interesting and varied life, so that the woman you choose will realize that you are not a bore, but a man striving for self-development.

Do what you love: playing music, attending a gym, exhibitions, training, foreign languages, etc. When you get to know a girl with this national hobby, she will see a self-sufficient and ambitious man in you who is looking for casual connections. No No doubt, this nationally interested man will like and interest the girl.

Even if everything in your life is too neglected, boring, and lonely, act as an incentive to bring this rule to a new, more advanced level.

Again, imagine that a beautiful "lady" would appear to you but with sticky hair, dirty shoes and the smell of garlic on her face.

Accordingly, he did not shower for several days. Do you want to contact him? Therefore, if you like a girl: beautiful, thin and well-groomed - you must match your own look. Your clothes should be clean and dressed, and your shoes should be in perfect condition.

Do not neglect the trip for hairdressers and dentists. Brush your teeth, shower more often, use men's perfume. Not the smell of cooked goat's musk, it should be refreshing from anyone.

Many people ask: How do you like a girl you don't like? What did you do to make you happy Most guys wait and dream that the girl will be the first to pay attention to them and at this point they will be rewarding.

You can wait for this moment throughout your life, or until your chosen one is taken away by another man, since the woman's mindset is designed to win her heart. Therefore, you should not wait and wait for a miracle. You need to take matters into your own hands quickly.

To please a girl or at least try to do it, take the initiative, take the first step, start doing at least something: Appreciate, give a wonderful surprise, invite her for a cup of tea, after studying or working (if she's a coworker). Invite her to the theater or the movie.
In fact, there are many reasons to be alone with the issue of empathy, and it is simply impossible to list them all.

When you have met a young woman, or viewed a young woman as an example of your identity, for example, at work, and at the same time agreed to a meeting with her, the question inevitably arises: What do you like about a girl on a first date?

While this is a broad topic that requires separate discussion, the following recommendations can be distinguished from this: The first is to choose a quiet and comfortable place to meet. Ideally, this is a cafe-tea house with a large number of visitors and soft music.

Otherwise, if you keep the silence on all evenings, the music is admirable, both of you will look dumb. Also, do not make an appointment at the karaoke bar, it will draw the attention of the woman from you.

Be prepared for the fact that the young woman will first take the place of an observer and study you. Therefore, watch your speech and etiquette. You must speak calmly and without unnecessary gestures, using vulgar words.

For some reason, some guys behave very funny, thinking that if they start hugging and gesturing with their fingers, it looks "great". Women will think that you are not very smart, and the date will fail. A person should remember on his first date that the main thing is that he empathize with the object as much as possible.

 This is the major sign that you are interested in a young woman, and she is ready to let you know, this moment is considered when she starts to talk about herself.

what to say to a girl you just met,

what to say to a guy you like Man is social being. Humans live in society. However, no one can walk in society alone. Many times we have to get acquainted with many while moving in society.or what to say to a girl you like 

There are many people who cannot start talking to strangers. And if you start out, don't know what to say. So their friendship world is small. That is why we have today. The following 8 tips are sufficient to make the difference.

1...Keep your mind calm and away from all kinds of anxiety and restlessness. Just be the way you are. Then you can easily spend some time with a stranger.

2...The approach between the two parties is the most important aspect of the relationship to make it fruitful. Avoid frequent blinking of eyes. Look at them curious / curious and put a sweet smile on your face as you speak.

3... Talk about some general things. If you go to buy something and the stranger goes to buy the same thing, you can talk about the product. And that's how you can keep talking.

4... If what is love are at an event, you can talk about how you got invited and how you are enjoying the event. If the other party starts talking about something else like dance, music or food, then you need to start talking about these things so that the conversation goes ahead smoothly.

5. ..If you want to talk to a stranger or start talking suddenly among many, you need to choose a topic that everyone likes. If you want to know about all the popular fashion, you can get internet help. But try to avoid political and religious issues. If the other party does not feel comfortable talking to you, then continuing the conversation will not be wise.

6. ..If you want to learn how to start a conversation with a stranger, you can view any book on this subject. When you learn it and become experienced about it, you can easily start talking to anyone. A few minutes talk to a stranger can also help you to have a lifetime friend.

7. ..You can talk about your habits. You can also start talking about a game or movie of your choice. Free of charge, there are many things you can talk about.

8... Give the other party a chance to talk. More important than listening. By giving other people the opportunity to tell you about their personality, likes and dislikes, you will love them even more.

Learn the techniques of talking to strangers. These will help bring about your social success and make your friendship world even bigger see 

I hope You understand what to say to a girl you like,what to say to a guy you like,what to say to a girl you just met,

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