Unexpected Wedding Night Romantics Story

Unexpected Wedding

Days spent at my father's house like a honeymoon. He used to torture me every night. But then I loved him very much. Frankly I fell in love with his persecution. After some time I came home. My bride simply adores me. I like it A wife does not want to get the love of her groom. But I didn't forget my plan. I was cooking in the kitchen. At that time, he hugged me from behind and started kissing me.

This is what you are doing
-I adore my gold wife.
-Here's going to get me food.
My lip soaked and went crazy.
Today I will flower the plan. In the morning I got ready. I'm sleeping. I kissed her forehead.
- Excuse me, gold. You may not be seen again today.

For the last time, I hugged her and exited. I do not know if I can go back to work. Before leaving, I called the police. Actually I am a detective. There is nothing to the money, I just took the songs that have appeared.

- Where did you get the money?
I don't know the money but you won't save me. Abir alias Zaman.

What are you talking about?
Stay quiet. Do you think I will harm my bride because of you? I know you well This is my plan to catch you.
-Oh… .See that.
How do you get here? As I turned around, Abir took the song with my hand.
-When you know you have no more gold to sell.
- I closed my eyes in fear. I heard the sound of bullets. I open my eyes and see that there are frozen in front of me. He was bleeding from his chest. Mucci laughs and shakes his hands with his chest. I got another shot. The police shot. Abir's skull blew off.

I could not be right in view of this situation. I took him to my lap and I started crying.
-Can do this to me.
I love you. Tell me how you can die.
-I love you too.
-Let me have a word. I'll get you in your chest once.
I didn't say anything and I hugged him in my chest. After a while he left his hands and feet. Psychota is not responding to what I am calling.
Don't get up. Please don't get up. If you don't kill me, how will I stay?

I kept hitting his chest. Suddenly and began to breathe. I took her to medical. I called everyone on the phone. He's been taken to the ICU. After a while the doctor comes and tells you.
-See we can't save him. He had a hard gunshot wound and a lot of blood was shed. If you can, take him abroad.
I broke down in tears after hearing about the doctor. This is my situation today because of me. After a while I got stuck on seeing a girl. What i'm dreaming How is this possible? There are many questions in my mind. He was a girl who lived well. There is another guy with the girl and a baby. The man is talking to his mother. I got them there. Loki tells mom.
- And how long will I be with you and your family and stay on the foreign soil?

- You have to stay until your little brother is healthy.
-But mom doesn't like us living abroad anymore. And your grandchildren just cry for you….
I do not understand anything. Why is the man calling me mommy. I asked my mother.
- Who am I?
-Tisha is my older son Neil. This is Maya Neil's wife.
-But the mother told you that she was a coward.
-I said right. Maya loved it.
-I don't understand anything.
-They loved Mai very much but could not say no. The day Niall brought Maya to wife, Tanmay couldn't bear it. He goes out of his house angrily. But on the road, he becomes an accident. He gets mad because of a head injury. Niall and Maya used to come in to kill her again and again. The doctor says he will not go crazy until he can kill two of them. So your father took it and sent Maya to America. And let them know that they are dead.

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