Wedding Night Love Story

Wedding Night Love Story

Wedding Night Love Story

Entering the house, I told the bride, 'Come freshen up. Of the mouth
You cannot tell by looking at flour and flour that you are as beautiful as the moon.
The bride looked at me with big eyes. Then he said.
Didn't see me before the wedding. I curl my face
I said. Yes, I saw it once but that day
There was more flour and flour. The bride is on my side
The way it looks seems to chew me up.
Then get up from the bed and go to the feet to get fresh
Increase. I said. What is your name?
Screw said. Wow forget about the name only one day
Gone? Tomorrow you think "This girl is you
What do you do at home "I said aloud. Name
I asked and heard so many words. So much
The girls do not obey the word. The bride is refreshing because of 'Ira'
Went away

I'm laughing at the bus. I smile in front of the mirror.
It seems like a nightmare that no girl was found at night.
Fresh, Para returned home. Now in the eyes
I see shame. Without flour and flour, that's fine
Is showing The cheeks are swollen. Water with eyes
Looks like it will. I said. Mrs. Parry to you
Looks good without flour and flour. Of Rabindranath
Like Nandini. When the bridegroom weeps loudly, who is it?
I laughed. Not long ago you said
Your name is para The bride will weep this time. Answered. IRA
I said IRA. Not at all. And you hear less in the ears

I said. Dear mum your owl
Listen to a song in your voice. ' The bride just couldn't get me
To hold the throat. Answered. You have to listen to the sound of the owl
Why? And I can't sing. I sat on the bed.
General Chat Chat Lounge
I sat down. So what is it? The bride said to her teeth.
I was a boxing champion in college. Quite beating
Can you see the man?
There were mosquitoes. I took the mosquito with Ira's hand
I said I would sleep in the mosquito net. They are towards me
He said he was looking for the best in the whole house
No mosquitoes can be found. And you're a mosquito
Says pulling. That's the problem you have in your head
I didn't know before. If you have so many hobbies
Sleep pulling. I said. The mosquito will not be in the tunnel.
How does my body know? To press hands and feet
Will be Then you have to sleep in the coals. The bride voices
Answered. You have to sleep with the egg, huh. Whether or not the origin of the mug
Do what you say? I put the mashita on the table.

I left. Hey what a fool girl?
It is impossible to go to paradise without service. What are you
Don't want to go to paradise. Come on soon Mosquito
Pull my hands and feet. The bride raised her finger
Answered. O father, you can recite good hadith.
So in a hadith to torture wives at night
I have heard. I said sorry I also want to pray.
I've been wrong. I am pulling the mosquito
You sleep I pulled the mosquito. One
I took the pillow and put it on the floor. My phone
Headphones. It's twelve o'clock in the night. I leave my hands and feet
I'm lying The bride fell asleep. What daughter's father. To me
Not a little bit of maya.

After a while the bride sat up. Lit the room lights and said. '
Come on over. I said. In my bed
I have allergies I can't sleep on the bed. ' The bride's broom
Said. Don't fret I told you to come up
Come on I said. If not, what to do above.
The bride said angrily. So what else is in your home?

I'll sleep on the floor. I said that now
I don't have a home Our house The bride said so understood
Why are you lying down again? Which is the father
Good at talking Inside the mosquito, keeping the phone on the door
Went to bed I know what I'm afraid of.
On the first night of marriage it was not fair to do so much
I could. How many people stay in the skull or stay in the night.

Oma the bride after my feet! My legs
I'm pressing. What is this girl doing? The bride
Answered. Why am I serving you? ' I said a lot
You are no longer serving. The night is no less
Now sleep in peace. Humans all day long
You were in Chillachali. The bride said what then?
Can i sleep I said. Hum and pressing hands and feet
Could not give what happened to sleep in the nest
Cross The bride-to-be said. Do not put anything in your face?
You are crazy like that. On Him is whatever you call Allah. '
I said 'that's fine' as she slept in the middle of the night
There is some kind of sleep. But I got up in the morning and saw my chest!
He slept in his arms. What I said is so much
If you take the fat boy in his arms. Ira said. What is the problem
I am the bridegroom.
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