A Mercy Love Story [Please read the whole story

A Mercy Love Story

A Mercy Love Story [Please read the whole story]

A Mercy Love Story:- A boy loved a girl in his heart. After waiting for a time, she told the girl about her love. The girl left without saying anything. He thought to himself.

Let's examine a little, how this love.
As a result, the boy began to suffer.

Sometimes he speaks harshly. Sometimes he uses shit. Never neglect.

Whenever he wished, he saw that the boy still loved him.

Got it. Nah this boy really wants her.

But even then the suddenness of the ego of his own mind suddenly woke up.

It seems to me, how many boys are mad at me.

What is the problem with the head? Engage with just one person
Who will keep the rest of the mind?

Meanwhile, everyone was unknowingly in distress, a kind of madness. At one point the boy ended up inside.

Then a long time passed.

After checking the proposals from many of them, they found that no one was really comparing them.

This time, the girl wrote a beautiful piece of paper. If anyone finds true love very easily. Then he cannot evaluate it. That's why I made you suffer. But a right decision has to be made.

And so today I welcome you.

The girl went to the boy's house to look for the boy. The door was pushed open. Very quiet quiet house.

Gently stepped in. Nobody has a synonym.

Going a little further, he saw the boy sitting on the table with his head down.

The very naughty laugh laughed and grabbed the boy from behind.

Before he could understand anything, the boy's frozen body fell to the ground.

The obstruction of blood on the wrist says the boy is no longer.

She couldn't think what to say. Just saw a blue envelope on the side.

A paper came out of the envelope. There he writes, "If one finds true love too easily, then he cannot evaluate it. It is simply because of your own ignorance that you suffer because of your love.
I was destroyed. But a right decision has to be made.

And so I said goodbye to you today. "


The cheap type love story may seem to many. Although death is a metaphor here, many lose the man they love in the end as a result of arrogance or a one-sided love test. And things like that can be found in many neighborhoods.] "
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