Why didn't he read 'Bismillah'? B_Careful


Shaykh Bin Baz was asked. Does pouring hot water into the sink cause problems for the genes?

In reply Bin Baz (Rah :) said.
"Yes, I should read 'Bismillah' before throwing hot water in the sink or on the ground.

He also added.
I went to see an afflicted person once. Why are you bothering him

Jin informed.
 He poured hot water and killed my son in the sink.

We said.
He didn't even know there was anyone there.

Jin said.
 Why didn't he read 'Bismillah'? If we read Basmala (Bismillah) we can be alert and move. "

(Fatwa Bin Baz)

Before pouring hot water in the sink or elsewhere, please read 'Bismillah' in a loud voice.

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