What is love? A little romantic love story (naughty-sweet story)

What is love?
What is love? A little romantic love story (naughty-sweet story)
love story

There is no definition or definition of love.Love holds each other's spirit or mind together. Love teaches a person to live a new life. Love is one of the things that is needed to sustain human life.

The union of the two holy minds is called love. love does not mean being in one bed or on one roof. Love can fill two or two. love is just talking, not touching two or two. "Love is a connection Between two hearts"

Love is not meant to win anyone. The color itself is for someone to lose. Love does not have to be a beautiful face, it requires a beautiful mindset.Love is like a fire that does not get burned inside. And when the whole body burns.

Love does not mean raising one's hand. Love means touching loved ones a thousand times. Love does not mean seeing your picture on the phone screen, love means drawing your picture on the mind screen. Love does not mean weakening to beauty.

Love is like an invisible pull in the chest. If the boys give a person a mind, they are reluctant to give up smiling. Love is a small house and a lot of love.

The following are two such mindsets.

A boy told a girl …….

Boy 🔜  Do you love me? 💓           Boy 🔜      

Girl 🔜   That's it.💓 

Boy 🔜  How much mine?💘

Girl 🔜  Five kilo grams?

Boy 🔜  Is love love or what?

Girl 🔜 You did not ask - how much mine?

Boy 🔜  Are you very clever?

Girl 🔜 I am for you!

Boy 🔜  Why for me?

Girl 🔜 You have to be a little clever to hold on to love?😛

Boy 🔜  Who said?🤬

Girl 🔜   I  ðŸ˜˜

Boy 🔜  I do not love!😍

Girl 🔜  Good luck!🙄

Boy 🔜  No-no-love!

Girl 🔜  Why? Why do you think so?🙄 

Boy 🔜   I do not say Ba bu-Jan gold?👻

Girl 🔜    Will go.

Boy 🔜   Call once a week?📳

Girl 🔜   Hum will go.

Boy 🔜  Don't make love storm in the inbox?😻

Girl 🔜   It will continue.👌

Boy 🔜   Why go?🙊

Girl 🔜   There is no love at all!😘

Boy 🔜   What is love?

Girl 🔜   Respect - Devotion - In faith!🤲

Boy 🔜  Will these happen?😻

Girl 🔜  Hum Base will be running.😛

Boy 🔜   If you want to leave?

Girl 🔜   "Hm mm" with love.👫

Boy 🔜   Even if I go?💤

Girl 🔜   Let me go!

Boy 🔜  Why give?🤔

Girl 🔜   So love.💙

Boy 🔜  Do you understand the meaning of love?❓

Girl 🔜  Understand.

Boy 🔜 Then why not let go?🏌

Girl 🔜  Love does not mean living under one roof?🏠

Boy 🔜 Then?💤

Girl 🔜  Love means allowing loved ones to stay well.💏

Boy 🔜   I love you?💙

Girl 🔜  No. Will you love me forever?❤

Boy 🔜  Else?👁 

Girl 🔜  And tell me you will never leave me?🙏

Boy 🔜  OK? ✅

Girl 🔜  Where to say?

Boy 🔜   I will never leave my love for my whole life!💯

Girl 🔜  Hm mm....💛

Boy 🔜   Well love is seen?💥

Gril 🔜   No..?💞

Boy 🔜   Why?💤

Girl 🔜 Because, love is like the wind! He cannot be seen, but can be felt!💋

Boy 🔜   I just don't love you anymore.💟

Girl 🔜   I know. I just don't know if it's a bus💣

Boy 🔜   Then?💔

Girl 🔜   Now chase me from the mind! Only for the exchange of all things me!😊

Boy 🔜   Yes, I do not love but I want you.💓

Girl 🔜   "Hm mm" became yours💇💇💋💋💋

Boy 🔜   Hm mm.........💋

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