Poor Woman Life Sad Story success Life

Poor Woman Life Sad Story success Life

Brother had been paying attention since I got married. He used to buy a lot of new things for our house. Most of the furniture.

He also occasionally pays my college rent. But I had a curiosity in my mind ever since.
Well, future job doesn't work either.

Besides, the amount of brother's salary is not so large. But I never went back to ask for money.
But what is the source of this money in the future?

I almost finished my college life with this curiosity. Then I gave admission to Varsity.
Then I woke up.

He used to pay money from my house. But when friends used to go on different tours.
Later, if you share with the bhabhi, the future will say Don't worry I'm not. I'll arrange for you to go.
After that, Bhabi would send me some money from his brother and send me right.

But my mystery does not diminish. Rather leads.
That day, sending me money, brother or brother was very inquisitive. Where do you get that much money?

Occasionally I pay half a hand. Buy the gorgeous thing in the house.
Thought Kachumachu avoided it.

Brother did not want to know whether or not. Shortly thereafter, I came home one day.
When I got home, I was having a lot of quarrels with my brother.
At one point in the quarrel, the mother was saying, where does your wife get so much money?

I don't have a king's treasure. If you want to lose money. This girl surely has such a bad temper. Which makes money.

I was angry with my mother and said, 'Shh, mother. Your son's wife's name does not hurt you to say these mothers!

The mother shouted. No, not bad. Where he gets the money, it is.
There was something in my head. Well, so many people are saying so much, why not tell the truth!

Bhabhi lowered his head and went away.
At noon, she didn't eat anything that night.

- The next morning, the father left for home. Immediately my mother became ill. Brother and I became obsessed. I grabbed my hand and said. At least in this predicament you will not leave us.

The future remained.
Since it was the end of the month. Brother did not have that much money. What to do with your mother, brother became disillusioned.

One time, the brother holding the two hands of the Prophet said, "Raisa, you do not see whether you have to make any money!"
At the end of the month, I want to do a small job, but I can not borrow at this time.

Bhabhi went to the room to say nothing about his brother's hand. Many took ten, twenty bucks notes and handed them to the brother.

To our surprise, we were counting the retail money, and I saw it as almost three thousand bucks.
- Where did you get that much money?
All retail money again!

Bhabi then said, "When you go to the bath every day in the morning, I used to put ten, twenty bucks out of your pocket.
But believe me, I'm not a thief.
I used to think about the detriment of your family. It seemed that saving some money would probably help us once.

- I was surprised when I heard this in my face. How can a woman want to contribute to the world!
Brother also wiped his tears and said, "I misunderstood you." Please forgive me
And why would you be a thief? My money is not your money!

Maybe I did not give it to myself, but it is too much to think that you have set aside this money.
Besides, you didn't spend for yourself. Rather, you have tried everything for my family.

Now is not the time to talk, but just give Mom a doctor. Later, if something bad happens, she will be admitted to the hospital next month.

Later, my brother and I were taken to the hospital.
No such problem was detected by the mother. This is the physical weakness of the age group.
That day I was very proud of my future inside.

Today I take my wife Namira. He takes money out of his pocket like a prophet. The brother did not see the brother. But every day I see Namira taking money.

Laughing inside. I never said anything. Because my job is good. Moreover, it takes up a lot of the cost of the urban world.

I understand everything so we keep our family quietly in love.

One woman handle this Family"

Vidra: (Every family has had such a Poketmar wife at one time. When we were young as a child, I do not know if there is a Poketamor wife like this today. Many mothers do not even have to ask their father for money because there were such mothers. One day the children of such struggling mothers may fly the flag of victory)
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