Romantic love Story With [ Husband ]

Why are you here? Why leave here with your new bride? See my brother's dead face?

 Hearing the words of Nira, the inside of the chest is shaking. So is the condition really bad? Will the Najjar leave me?

Some time ago, when Nira Simi and her mother were sitting down, Anak was doing bad things like cheek.

A friend of Nirjhar's voice from the other end told Niraj in a very upset voice. Najjhar was driving accidentally. He was driving very fast along the highway. As a result, a truck suddenly came in and hit the car.

Nira gets upset after hearing this
There was something to be feared about.

Nira is no stranger to the brother who loves Anu Bhabi. On hearing this, Nira sits on the floor and weeps with laughter.
Nira silent pressure is crying !! No word on the mouth !!

All the people, including the house, have now been deposited on the hospital porch.

As soon as the doctor comes out of the unoccupied cabin, he walks forward to the doctor.

At this time Nira did not notice at this time. But coming forward, Nira sees Anu.

Why are you here again, savage girl? Where is your ex-buff, where is your new bride? The two did not shy away from killing my brother. Come here? Have you come here to make a new joke?

What is Nira saying about this?
Nira said exactly what you said, you are watching the tree downstairs and gathering ... rude girl girl ... flirting with my son and coming back to play (Nira's mother).
Mother i ...

Get out of here. You don't know how to pay the price of love. A girl like you does not deserve love (Nira).

Nira pushes Anu out of the words, Num falls down and starts crying.

Doctors say the condition is not good. I have a lot of pain in the head. I like the legs too. Many bleeding has required blood.

When everyone was searching for blood around the site, where did Zion come from?

Sayon went down with blood to the dead man. He did not say anything. The chemistry has been looking at him for a while.

Anu looks like his throat is near the neck. The bird is rocking.

Sion has never talked to her just once, looking at the same face, leaving her with a sigh of relief. She does not like to see her this way.

When Sion leaves, Nira looks back at him with a faint look.
Why does Nira's vision look like a sign of Zion?

Num then
He was sitting in a chair and crying. He had nothing to do with Ezagat.

About two days later

Najjhar has been taken to the cabin

He sees the back of the fire
Nira is sitting near the head of Nirjhar. The mother is sitting a little farther. Simi is sitting on the floor, holding her hand.

Lifted eyes look up. Simi holds her hand tightly. Nirvana eyes once towards the whole house. Two thirsty eyes are searching for someone.

Where is Anu? Then he didn't come. I don't know if I am ill. So, really Anu doesn't want me anymore. Do you really have to spend the rest of your life without Anuk....

As soon as the words came to mind, the chest was shaking.
Maybe her love is about to end. Now maybe the relationship really needs to end. You need to be released.

Amidst all these hundreds of thoughts, Nirjhar feels left-handed pressure. Looking at Nirjhar or side, Simi is holding Najjhar's hand. After removing his hand from Nirjhar Simi, he looks a little pinkish colored cloth next to the door. Acala....

The laughter of winning the state in the face of the eclipse
Najjhar calls in a very obscure tone.
-Now ...!

From where Anu rushes to the speed of the storm. Simi was pushed out and dropped into the chest.
The incident happened suddenly. Najjhar's mother is looking at her hand. At that moment Anu Nizar's chest is floating in his tears.

Take me if you want to go.
You are inferior to me. Finished I want a place I want to live. I want shelter. Do not give me some space.

Najjhar smiled and laughed.
I got to write my name on his chest or side. I love it.

Anu looks at the glacier at a glance. And the flame is on the same side.

(It is too late to write the story. Many of the allegations are true but I have no choice. The admission was done on him for two days. My phone was stolen. But nothing to do. Really sorry to ignore)

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