The Blue sky Love Story

The Blue sky Love Story

So today I will tell you what I am.
When the sky was saying, looking at the blue sky, the sky was so drunk that he could not speak.

Neela realizes that Akash will not listen to her now and she will not understand. So Neela wanted to run away, Akash pushed the blue and held the hand and pressed it against the wall.

I feel like the sky is hurting me. There is no reaction to the words of sky blue.
Rather, by holding tightly the blue kisses the lips at the waist.

The sky is blue which bites the lips. It is followed by blood from the lips of the blue.

Akash then kisses the blue and bites.
The blue hurts with the sky in pain. But he did not. Once upon a time the blue sky kicked and pushed and ran out of the room.

There is no one in the whole house that will save anyone from the sky today. He who works in the canal goes away. And Neela does not know where the parents of Akash are.

After entering a room to escape the blue sky. Even before entering the blue room, I did not know whose room it was. But when he entered the blue room, he realized who the room was. Because every picture on the wall says Abir room.

The blue walls were crying with their hands on the pictures. Because every picture on the wall was blue and Abir was a little bigger than Bella. They were a sign of love.

The blue pictures were crying by hand and saying where are you Abir. I loved watching this day. You left me in danger. If you do not think even once, my words.

The sound of the door locking suddenly when Neela was crying. Looking behind the blue, the sky is locked. Neela entered the room and forgot to lock the door. And the consequences of this mistake will be horrible.

The sky eyes are red with two blood. Even more angry is Nila and Abi seeing many romantic pictures on the wall.

The sky is angry and Abir's room stuff starts to vanish. Seeing that, Neela is more afraid to hide at an angle to the wall.

Akash looks at the blue and says - after all this time you have come to Abir's room to have so much room. I told you before, to do that before marriage, after marriage, I will not talk to anyone in front of me. You seem to have understood my words.

Today I will do what you have to do in this room so that you can remember this night before thinking of Abi. If you want to talk about tonight, you will never forget a day in your life.

Today is the last day he understands the words of the blue sky.

The sky approached the blue and pulled the blue saree in one hand by pulling it close to the neck of the blue. He then pushed Neela into the sky bed with a loud push.

Akash approached the blue and tied the hand of the blue with the saree of the blue, then the blue hand tied the bed.

Blue wants a lot of excuses to the sky but the sky is not listening to Blue.

Akash tells Neela the cheeks of the blue cheeks - for so long I kissed my whole body. And today your whole body will have your bite marks so that you can not think of anyone but me.

As the words speak, the sky bites the blue like mad. There is no hush of the sky that is screaming blue.

The sky that is gaining so much sky is giving him so much trouble today. The sky has forgotten everything by drinking alcohol.

The sky has to do with the physical about blue. And the blue becomes an organ for a time. The sky and sleep for a time.

Many times the sleep of the sky is broken. It was eleven o'clock when the sky slowly opened its eyes.
Sky's head was hurting a lot. And the sky doesn't remember what happened yesterday.

Looking at the sky wall, there are many pictures of Abir and Nila. But the sky wonders why Ichibi is in his room. Something is good to understand about this room at Abir.

So how did I come to Abir's room and get blue? Nothing is falling into the sky.

The sky turned around and looked at the blue side of the sky. Kissing in the sky blue skull and see a lot of blood in the bed. And Nile's body has many spots to bite. From which the blood dried up later.

The sky is terrified to see this. What he did with his wife. This he gains the blue. So
The sky has given so much trouble to the sky.

The sky itself seems like a beast.

Akash approached the blue and was trying to repel the blue with water, but nothing was happening.

Akash quickly asks the driver to get out of the car, wearing clothes.
And Neil gets dressed and pulls down a shawl and quickly pulls it down. Avi gets in the car and tells him to come to the hospital. Akila takes Neela to Avi's hospital.

Like crazy. And the people in the hospital are surprised to see the sky.

Avi tells Akash to calm down. And Avi takes Neela to the operation theater.

Meanwhile, Akash apologizes to God for his mistakes and prays for Nila's life. The sky starts to cry. And in the hospital, people are staring at the sky.

After an hour Avi comes out of the operation theater. After seeing Akashi Avi, what is the state of blue? Avi says Neela is okay now.

After three hours the yard will return. And Avi takes Akash to his cabin and locks the door.

Avi slaps Avi with all the energy of his body.

Suddenly, the sky goes down.

Akash is very surprised that Avi has killed Akash.
Because Avi has never quarreled with the sky and he has been slapped.

Avi angrily shook the bananas of the sky and said, "Akash, my best friend, I am ashamed to say that you are so bad today.

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