The story of the migrant's honesty

The story of the migrant's honesty
He introduced the honesty of the country and illuminated the country. Rahit Ullah Rajiv of Shariatpur

Rajiv has been working at the Singapore Town Council for the last 6 years. Which is up to Tk 1 lakh in Bangladeshi currency.

Even with so much money in hand, greed could not subdue Rajiv. Rajiv thought that the money would be returned to the owner. But the owner did not meet.

Take the money in your hand and go back home But his sleep is not. He is hesitant to return the money to the actual owner He is sitting in the mobile hands.

Because if something is lost on the block, the owner of the money will call his boss and the boss will call him and ask him about the money. But no one calls The owner is desperate to return the money

After two days, he comes to the car park to look for the owner But don't see anyone. Describing the incident as ineffective, the boss received money.

The boss is surprised to hear him He said why you want to pay back so much money? Keep it to yourself But Rajiv is despicable. He wants to pay back the owner.

The boss finally took him to the police station. The police have been looking at him for a while, shocked to hear all this.

"I see this person for the first time in my career to pay back so much," he said Your money for this 6 month salary. You could do anything by sending this money to the country. But you're not going to pay it back Salute your integrity

Police call the money owner's number from the identity card with the money, but no one receives the call. Calling the second number, a woman receives the call saying that she is the sister of the money owner The woman wept after hearing all about the police. He said the money was collected by his brother to treat his mother

After losing money, my brother stopped talking to me. Brother thought I had stolen his money Brothers and sisters became enemies of each other just for the money She cries with joy Rajiv weeps with joy at hearing her tears He feels that one of the reasons for happiness in my life. This joy is not available to buy with money.

The next day the owner of the money came to the police station and collected the money and called Rajiv's boss Rajiv's boss accompanied Rajiv to the police station The owner of the money wears Rajiv and weeps. Rajeev feels happy seeing the happiness in his eyes.

This happiness is not available in the world for billions of dollars. Laughing in the face of others is a real joy and when you look back at that happiness you will feel the best feeling in the world.

Rajiv's Honesty Award was handed over to the Town Council by Honorary State Minister Mr. Heng Chee Howe.

Rahmat Ullah Rajiv is a resident of Kandi village of Jajira police station Gafur Molla under Shariatpur district. His father's name is Abdul Motaleb Molla. They are two brothers and one sister.

Talking to Rajiv about this, Rajiv said, "Brother money is today But the fact that I could put a smile on their face was the best achievement of my life. I want to work for people I want to put a smile on another's face But I can't find any platform

Earlier, I returned one gram of gold Then the owner of the gold regains his lost gold and weeps with joy. The smiles on people's faces are the best I've got in my life.

Rajiv's honesty was reported in several national newspapers in Singapore He is described as a Bangladeshi hero The owner of the money rewards $ 100 for his honesty reward

We are one of the only expatriates in Bangladesh. If someone does something bad, they are responsible for all of them in Bangladesh And by doing good, the whole nation and nation are well known Let us highlight the name of the country and the nation by doing good deeds in Exodus.

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