what is love all about in a relationship?

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Do you know what is love all about in a relationshipOr what is love all about quotes
 all about quotes?

what is love all about :-Love is a sacred thing to almost everyone except a few people. One of the many pursuits and aspirations is love. People may fall in love many times in life, but love only one. The love thing is that it never happens to more than one person.

In any case, it does not come as much love as it does the second time around. And if it comes then the first thing is love, not love.

All these data are the result of many studies and surveys. There is more information like this that many do not know about. Let's look at the 8 fun unknown facts about love.

what is love all about in a relationship 8 fun unknown facts about love

Do you know where the word 'love' originated? The word "love" comes from the Sanskrit 'lubhyati'. It means desire. The word is used in the music world more than ever.
Do you know how many times a man is in love? The calculations before and after marriage are also quite different. Various studies and statistics have shown that every boy falls in love at least 3 times before marriage and girls reads 7 times.

You know what finger the wedding ring is taught. You will notice that the wedding ring is always taught in the ring finger. Do you know the reason? This is because our heart is believed to have a connection with the ring finger. The funny thing is, there is no use of the heart in love!


When a couple and boyfriend are in front of a couple, many girls will think if the boy is more beautiful - "Why the boy liked this girl!" Do you know, boys are more interested in girls? The survey shows that boys are more interested in girls who know how to smile.

Many couples kiss each other before leaving for office in the morning. But it is not only related to the expression of love. According to Health Experts, a husband and wife who kiss their partner every morning live five years longer than others.

Those who fall in love with a new type of hormone called serotonin are reduced. Serotonin is a hormone responsible for keeping our mind happy. As a result, the mind is a bit bored or suffering from depression!

Most common love relationships are broken up within only 3-5 months of building a relationship.

Many girls make the mistake of knowing the true lover. A survey was done for them in 202. In the survey, real lovers who are kissing kisses on the right cheek when they kiss.

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