One friend and his pride story

Know that you quit smoking

One of my friends was telling her boyfriend one day, "Know that you quit smoking."

 Besides, you won't get me.  My friend said to lover, when I want to smoke a cigarette - then you will give me a kiss / kiss, then I will forget about smoking cigarettes, I can go.

 Then I opened the earphones with one ear, I didn't listen to them anymore. It was not known whether the friend's lover had agreed.  Did not want to know

 One day a girl in Azizul Haque College canteen is feeding her boyfriend in the face.  Many students in the vicinity are watching their own meals as well as eating and drinking the couple.

 Everyone is watching, I also saw the girl - not once, several times.  Looking at the girl several times, she was supposed to know him in the next scene.

 One day I saw her at a restaurant, this time a boy was eating noodles.  I watched the girl eat with interest.

 His intention is to ask him- which is your boyfriend?  I am hesitant to speak to the women of this age, so the question was not answered.

 One day at the head of the Bogra, in a mobile shop in front of the Runner's Plaza.  A girl junior is having fun with a boy (both mysterious faces).

 I saw the girl - I kept looking.  I'm not familiar with her, but she's familiar with me.

 The girl wanted to ask, what divorced your husband?  I did not ask the question, does not mean to scare people in a horrible way.

 Shortly after, I saw the girl with her husband.  I'm not surprised that such a strange thing is happening.

 One of my acquaintances used to praise herself on Facebook / group chat.  I wanted to keep myself transparent with the call of others.

 Everyone else played with him in the sea of ​​praise, but I was #Pabir_mitra.

 I believe in realism, in reality.  Later I learned how much money a ticket is for a park, and he was adamant about what's on the other side of the park.

 Can explain with closed eyes.  I was not surprised at all.  Maybe she can go and chat with her family, too.

 Suddenly one day I saw him at Mahasthangarh.  Himself, in his own eyes.  With whom I saw, he praised his philanthropic and humanitarian ideals.
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