Superior Press One Of The Best Printing Company In Malaysia

You can be assured of rigorous qc and therefore the effectiveness of our machinery.
Superior Press One Of The Best Printing Company In Malaysia.

Printing Company In Malaysia

Our skillful personnel closely supervise each a part of the assembly method, together with every fold, trim and bind wherever our in-house binding services square measure involved.

So, the standard of our printing is rarely compromised, promising you execellent results anytime.


Superior Press has been growing since its institution in 1977. With simply humble begin as atiny low letter paper printer, associate degreed emerged to an icon within the printing business.

"Superior Press is ready to be a number one business entity within the printing business. ”

In order to attain that recognition, we tend to should perpetually be innovative and swift ability to the market trend. 

this can be why Superior Press has been upgrading ourselves with advanced technology machinery once a year. solely with the advantage of those new machines, Superior Press ar ready to accommodate this client demand, i.e speed, quality and value savings.

Besides well advanced machines, skilful and veteran team is very important too. they're those UN agency operate the business, conjointly called the muse of the corporate. 

Constant coaching and team building seminars can improve the employees’ skills and work judgement. Hence, the corporate can manufacture higher quality product at lower rejection price.

Superior Press is additionally dedicated to market printing services internationally, in consistent to support Malaysia value growth. ”

Presently, we've got been receiving orders from oversea customers and discovered rather more business potential abroad. impromptu, we tend to achieved our ISO 12467-2 Printing commonplace certification to advance ourselves with international competitors.

On the opposite hand, we'll not neglect our company social responsibilities (CSR) towards our earth setting. we wish Superior Press to be recognised worldwide not only for our systematic method qualification however as environmental caring community additionally.

 Superior Press is certified for ISO 14001:2004 at the same time with the ISO 9001:2008 wherever we discover each certifications square measure important for the corporate and also the nation as an entire.

Superior Press Award & Achievements

Big On Quality. Not-so Big On Price.

We provide high quality printing at a reasonable price. Our low setup time and high production speed give you an efficient rate of production at a lower marginal cost. 

Our emphasis on quality also helps reduce inaccuracies and wastage. So you get only the best, at the best price.

 Superior Press Equipments :-

To strive as the best, we equipped our production with the most advanced machinery to provide our client the best that they can achieve in the present industry.

Prepress / CTP

Our new setup breakthrough, Computer to Plate (CtP) is a PDF based workflow management tool that organizes prepress for optimal prductivity. 

CTP manages and automise tasks such as file optimization, trapping, proofing, imposition, plate making and archiving for increased process control and productivity.

With this setup, we will not be limited to any source of input when we have both the conventional positive films prepress and the new digital prepress of CTP. 

Advantage from CtP technology will eliminates the common problems of printing such as registration problem, time consuming in conventional masking, lost of half tone value and less setup time in press.

As for our CtP enable clients, they are able to save their cost for printing in producing positive films and colour proofs. In another word, why pay more to print?

Printing Machine / press :-

Superior press machines, the center of the complete method. Line up solely the most effective of its kind. 

Our latest Heidelberg Speedmaster SM102-8 color (Perfecting), fast, produces outstanding quality print and reliable. 

it's able to run at thirteen,000 sheets/hour with none quality compromised and nevertheless registrations ar continuously insight.

As for the packaging print, our Heidelberg Speedmaster CD102-4 color is in a position to deliver quality print at a thickness up to 1mm. 

most significantly, all our presses ar joined to our Image Controller wherever it functions to regulate consistency and also the properties of print throughout the run. 

Therefore, our shopper will be assure that they're going to receive solely quality prints even at a awfully short timeline.

Postpress / Katter Machine

Postpress will be the make-up of the print. A finished brochure print will not be perfect if the binding process is not doing a good job. 

Therefore, we equipped our Postpress with wide range of advanced folders, staple binders, cutters, die-cutters, perfect binders and many more.

In short, if you are looking for a printer to print a product catalogue, look nowhere else. Why do when you can have all your printing solutions under one roof.

The Organization Superior Press:-

Superior PressWork Environment:-

Superior Press Technical Workflow

Superior Press List of Machines

Superior Press Value Added Services

At Superior Press, we don’t just give you quality printing and prompt delivery at affordable prices.

We are also dedicated to making your life easier.

Technical Support :-

Our servicing team is available round-the-clock should you require printing consultation. Our technical knowledge also allows us to advise you on methods and print process through which you can enhance your projects to create maximum impact. So you get the best possible printing without time and budget constraints.

Door-to-door Delivery:-

We are equipped with an efficient and reliable dispatch force to deliver printed materials right to your doorstep. Or any destination for your choice within the Klang Valley. So you can expect your material to be on time, all the time.

Storage Space:-

We understand that space constraint is a major problem among our clients. We help alleviate this by providing storage space where we store your printed materials until such time that we are given a delivery advice. 

So you won’t have to worry about not having enough space. Or incurring any unneccessary cost to find one.

Customers Satisfaction is Our Top Priority

Milestone Superior Press


1977 Superior Press started as stationery printer at a                leased factory lot in Segambut, Kuala Lumpur  
  Addition of new customer, such as Nestle & Hilton Hotel, Superior Press installed first offset press Heidelberg Kord.

 1978 Installed Heidelberg GTO - 1 colour press  
 1979 Installed Heidelberg GTO - 2 colour press  
 1980 Purchased & moved to new factory lot with 6,600                        sqft.
 Also installed first large format press Heidelberg SORD 2 colors in order to meet contract requirement for printing posters for customer like Marlboro, Philip Morris Tobacco.

 1982 As demand was high for more printed material used as point of sale items especially in Banking Business such as Hongkong Bank & Maybank, Superior Press added in their first Heidelberg MO 4 colour offset.
 1987 Superior Press purchased & shifted to larger factory (             38,000 sq ft) at Segambut Industrial Park, Kuala Lumpur.

 1989 Installed 3rd unit of Heidelberg MO 4 colour offset  
 1990 Installed 1st large format press Heidelberg                          Speedmaster SM102- 4 colour offset  
 1992 Addition another large format press Heidelberg                   Speedmaster SM102 - 5 color offset  
 1995 Awarded " Horseman Print Award ” 1995 held in                   London, for best corporate & literature printer.  
 1999 Installed first Heidelberg Speedmaster SM74 - 4                   colour offset in replacement for 2 units of Heidelberg                   MO 4 colour offset  
 2000 Further upgrade of another addition of Heidelberg                    Speedmaster SMCD102 4 colours in replacement of the                    existing unit  
 2001 Introduction of our new instalation of Computer to               Plate (Ctp) Pre Press System to our customers  
 2002 First Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 102 - 8 colour               perfector, in Malaysia, was purchased & installed in            Superior   Print Centre at Segambut, Kuala Lumpur Conveniently,             Malaysia Airline System proudly awarded Superior Press              to  print their Inflight magazine " Going Places”  
2003 Superior Press acquired 3 acre freehold industrial land in               Sungai Buloh, Malaysia to build a new 100, 000 sq ft                     Print Centre.
2004     Purchase 2nd Heidelberg SM102 - 8 colour perfector                to be installed on the new Sungai Buloh Print Centre  
 2005 Superior Print Centre at Sungai Buloh was                        officially           opened  
 2007 Installed our 3rd Heidelberg Speedmaster                    SM102 - 8 colour perfector & our first unit of full colour                 commercial web offset

2008 Awarded for one of the most outstanding SME in                       Malaysia Golden Bull Award 2008

Contact  Superior Press

Lot 2063A, Jalan Kusta Sg. Buloh,
Kawasan Industri Taman Jaya,
47000 Sg. Buloh, Selangor.
Malaysia. Tel: +603-6145 8163 (100 lines)
Fax: +603 6141 2345

- Costing Email:
- Prepress Email:
- Inquiries Email:
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