To be successful in life, follow the four parables of the Holy Quran.

successful. Let's chase after the success. To be successful, there are only four things to focus on.

If you can master these four things. Any human being can grow from ordinary to extraordinary. In this world and in the Hereafter. In the second and third verses of Surah, Allah has told us four things. So let's understand those four things:-

follow the four parables of the Holy Quran.

1.. Don't believe:-

The word "faith" means faith. If one wishes for success in the next life, then one must believe in what has been revealed to Allah, His Messenger and the Messenger. 

And in order to achieve success in this life, we have to keep the universe - "I can be Insha 'Allah". Do not give up. Hint: Wall 'Asr Inal Insa-Lafei Khusra. Ilallazina A-Manu ... (Surah As-1-2) Meaning: By the time, surely people are immersed in the utmost loss. Except for those who believe ...

2... Do what you need to do: -

Many times it happens to us that we do not wish to pray, do not want to pray, nor are we interested in reading the Quran - even though Allah and His Messenger 

(peace be upon him) have told us to do these things. - So, these have to be done. Somehow, there is some routine work for success in the world, 

Seguly we have to do. On the day it will be good, a student will have to sit down to read; An employee has to work in the office on the day that the mind comes to work. 

Even if you do not concentrate on the work, Joe will have to work for office. You have to do what you have to do, even if the result is not visible today or tomorrow, the result will be right. 

وَعَمِلُوا الصَّالِحَاتِ Pronunciation: Wa 'emilus swallibha-ti ... (Surah Asr) Meaning: Those who do good deeds.

3.Learn Something New:-

Allah says in verse 23 of Surah Fatir in the Quran: The more you know about Islam, the more it will become more and more meaningful to you. 

Prayer will not only seem to matter to you as a routine work, but then you will continue to enjoy the 3 "quality taste of these prayers. 

The person who is most successful in worldly life is the one who can contribute the most to changing other people's destiny. 

If you want to benefit others, you must first develop yourself. To say good things to others, first you have to learn good words. وَتَوَاصَوْا بِالْحَقِّ Pronunciation: Waata wa-saawil haqqi ... (Surah Asr 1) Meaning: To give each other proper advice.

Benefit People:-

Before becoming a Prophet, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was one of the most faithful and benevolent people in Makkah. 

The Prophet (peace be upon him) has spent all his life to improve the fate of other people. No matter how little money I am, I will help people through it, and with a little labor I will benefit people. No matter how little I learn, I'll share it with others. Family, friends,

I will try to benefit all people, including our neighbors. I do not want any reward from anyone, I will seek reward only from Allah.

This way of benefiting people is not sweet, friend. I will hear a lot of criticism, many ungrateful people, many times I can fall into financial or social crisis - but I will be patient. 

No matter how small, I will deliver according to my ability. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has said that even if you donate half of date palm, save yourself from the fire of Hell (Bukhari). 

وَتَوَاصَوْا بِالصَّبْرِ Pronunciation: Wata wa - Sawabis patience. (Surah As-1) Meaning: It advises one another to be patient.

If we do not do these four things mentioned in verses II-III, then I will plunge into the grievous loss of my mother. 

To emphasize the gravity of this loss, Allah has emphasized these actions in four ways. One. In the first verse Allah swears by the time. 

The very next word is very important to swear by Allah. Two. Allah has emphasized the importance of starting sentences with "Inna". The word "inna" means "surely".

The students in this class failed, with the exception of just a few ", that is, failing is a normal event, passing is the exception. 

Similarly, Allah wants to say that most people are at a loss, only those who are on the right path. If a trusted colleague in our office calls once or twice, not four or four times - "Friend, there was an accident on the road to Mohakhali, great jam, don't forget about that road, turn around" - then I will not take the road to Mohakhali sure to return home.


And, when our Lord, the Lord, warns us four times in the same verse and commands us to do something, how easily do we disobey that command and continue to humble ourselves! Stay tuned. Said - If people only thought about this Surah, that would be enough for them.

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