What Is Love?- How to Find Real Love - Present-2020

Love is for the devoted person to sacrifice himself."What is love?" At present, it has no meaning or value 2020…

What Is Love?- How to Find Real Love - Present-2020

At present love means all deceit.Currently acting in the name of love.

''Love'' is an object where you are lost to others.

What is Love ?

What is Love ? Love and addiction over a person or thing is the love that grows.

This love is the creator's love for creation and love for the creator. Man's sympathy with humans is love.

What is Love

Love is the parent to the child and the child towards the father.

According to the current practice, love is a boy's attraction to a girl, which many people call love.

According to them, love is the bond of sweetness of body and mind. According to the lover, love is a strange relationship between love and love.

Which touches the heart and who feels the emotion. - Love is a river flowing to the sea of ​​love. According to people who have been stabbed, love is the tomb of hope and the ruin of dreams.

According to the doctor, love is such a disease that a doctor can cure only one patient in his life. 

According to Bhavbuk and Dharmaviru, the combination of the four letters is a very small word love, which is called love in Arabic and love in English.

That is, the feeling, the attraction, the tension of the heart; That which God gives in the heart of man is creatively given. There are generally two types of love.

  •  Legitimate and holy Illegal and profane.
  •  Illegal and profane.

The relationship that modern youths develop before marriage is called illicit and unholy love.

And holy love means love for God and the Prophet, love for parents, love for children, love for husband and wife, etc.

They do not know, Joseph -- is involved in this incident, what is the secret of this love of Julikhar?

How many years ago did Julieka Yusuf ...A  get close in her dream? His love is like the love of the youth of the present age.

And for the sake of not knowing this, they are loving illicit love because they are holy. We are all aware and give young people a beautiful way to live properly.

An exciting and mysterious feeling related to love. It is an outward and exhilarating feeling of being motivated by an emotional attachment to a person's sexual attraction.

Of the four Greek attractions, it is more compatible with Eros than Agape, Philia, or Storz.

Love is defined by psychologist Charles Lindholm

A strong attraction that elevates a person from a sexually appealing point of view, and so does the desire to be long-lasting in the future. Personal feelings are more important than love about sex.

In most cases, feelings of love work more strongly than at the beginning of a relationship. Then there was such uncertainty and anxiety. That love may never come back.

The use of love is seen as a major and important attraction in art, especially in literature and novels.

It also has a significant presence in fairy tales and adolescent novels and in the works of eminent writers like William Shakespeare.

<Love> is a small word with two letters and the vastness of the mind hidden inside it.

Humans may come from the mother's womb and bring it to earth.

To say too little is to say that love is the impulse to germinate dormant seeds inside the mind.

If you are looking for the difference between love and love, then I would say you are born with love, not love, your first love person after birth is mother then father, someone else in the process of time.

But once the body and the seeking of the two combine, it drives you away, making you interested in the opposite sex, you can say that is love. Love is unconditional, the Creator has given it to every creature.

Love, love, choice If you say three things in a nutshell, don't love to love, your mother is as black as you look, you will love her forever, and maybe love is a little too much for people to ask for, and to say what they want. Can like.

Love And Heart ‌‌`Love`.

I have used jargon throughout my life, but never really thought deeply, where is the difference between words?

The vocabulary is close, but there is a difference. My personal language is that love is a natural form of human emotion.

The love of people is the origin of love, the love of the people.

Of course, the definition of love is much broader, it can be about any event, person, animal, memory, thing. The name of a person's particular feeling about a particular object is =(love).  

The biggest difference is that love is usually one-sided, but it can be two-sided.  Like suppose you love the sky, but the sky doesn't love you.

He could not express his feelings. Love must be on both sides. Not just love from one party. In my view the depth of love / appeal is more than love.

If you love a man walking down the road, that cannot be called love.

Love is only when it is from both sides. However, it must be much deeper than love. Overall,

Love means" promise". Loving someone means being committed to him, which is absolutely not seen in love nowadays.

Not only the attraction, it has to be respected, respected and trusted.

The love thing is not created only by attraction to each other. It involves respect, respect and trust in each other.

What is love:- Is there any color of love? Or is there a special formula?

Love means embracing everything else. Love is the name of seeing a person's impression of beauty.

It is true love to accept all the faults of another human being.

Wanting to change him is not love. Love can never be perfect, just as a human being can never be perfect.

There will be many defects in it. But to accept it is love.

If you cannot love yourself, no one else can love you. Many people know this. But I can not agree.

Love is a matter of selflessness. When interest is involved, it no longer falls in love.

In life, we fall in love with many things but it is not called 'love'.

So there is a difference between love and love.

But this is a fact many of us do not want to accept. There is a lot to do to keep the love alive.

Otherwise the color of this love will change over time. And to keep yourself in harmony with that color is to love.

Love is the name of giving. Thinking about what I could not give myself without thinking of what I could not do and the name of being happy at work.

10 True Words About Love.......?

(What is love?)

Have you ever wondered what is the true definition of love?

There is really no definition of love. Love has some characteristics and truth.

The truth that lies in all true love. But nowadays, no one remembers these facts because of the cold love act.

Many people forget. That is why there is no price for love nowadays. The true love that never before appeared.

1.Love is usually not forced.

No matter how hard you try to forget, this thing is basically unknown to anyone who can never be loved by force. Love is purely for a person.

2. There is a difference between love and love.

In life, we fall in love with many things. But it is not called love. So there is a difference between love and love. But this is a fact many of us do not want to accept.

3. Love has a lot to do.

There is a lot to do to keep the love alive. Otherwise the color of this love will change over time. And to keep yourself in harmony with that color is to love.

4. One should love oneself before loving others.

If you can't love yourself, then no one else can love you. Many people know this. But I can not agree.

5. Love does not have selfishness.

Love is a matter of selflessness. When interest is involved, it no longer falls in love.

6. Love is never perfect.

Love can never be perfect, just as a human being can never be perfect. There will be many defects in it. But to accept it is love.

7. Love means embracing everything else.

Love is the name of seeing a person's impression of beautiful sight. It is true love to accept all the faults of another human being. Wanting to change him is not love.

8. Not only attraction,

it has to be respected, respected and trusted.

The love thing is not created only by attraction to each other. It involves respect, respect and trust in each other.

9. Love means promise.

Loving someone means being committed to what is not seen at all today.

10. It's not love to be in makeup.

It is not love to be in front of someone by changing one's self, acting like someone else. There can never be love in love.

What kind of love /and what?

Love is a home that cannot be aligned. Otherwise,

Love is an unselfish beautiful feeling of the mind for a particular person, which is a gift from the Creator and never changes.

Types of :love:can be of different types. Notable among them are:-

  • Mother's Love
  • Father's Love
  • Sister's Love
  • Brother's Love
  • Friend's Love

The love of a mother is not compared:-

The word 'mother' is hidden within the word, an infinite and surprising ability to love unselfish and unselfish. 

Mother's Love

Who does not know about the mother's sacrifice for the child? 

In this world, only a mother can make a living for her child. 

But many times when we grow up we forget about our mother's unselfish sacrifice.

There is a story of Chinese mythology. 

The story is like 'A lover asked her boyfriend to test her. 

I want to test your love. 

The lover said, 

What is the test? 

I am ready for all the tests. 

The lover said, "Bring your mother's heart."

Blind boy in love to a broken mother.

Kill the mother with her heart and run to the lover. 

To pass the test of -"love".

The boy suddenly fell on the way.

The mother's fresh heart was slipped from her hand. 

The boy found his mother's heart and took it. The heart of the mother is still pushing.

It was said to take in his hand. Baby in pain
It's just a story.

But we also see the mother's intense (love) for her child in real life.

The incident took place on January 26 in Philadelphia, USA.

Rescuers rescued her mother after the house was set on fire.

mother after the house was set on fire

But the little boy was still inside the house. A mother jumped in a fire to save her son by obstructing security personnel, fire service personnel.

They couldn't get out because of the flames and smoke. The mother died after being burned with her son.

  • And here is how important it is to [love] a mother. And how true love is.

The love patterns of a mother do not just apply to humans.

But for the whole animal. Like human beings, there is a wonderful motherhood.

Animals also consider the mother's coals to be the safest shelter.

In addition to humans, the extraordinary example of saving one's life by sacrificing one's life is seen in other animals.

The spider bus of the genus Aknophilia is originally from Australia.

 The mother of the tribe, the spider Eucalyptus, leaves about 4 eggs in a single house.

Eggs hatch in mid-spring or early summer. During the summer, the spider can grow up to 5 times the size of the mammoth.

At this time, the baby can eat spider-filled foods. Winter returns during the season.

The time comes for the mother spider to lay eggs again. Meanwhile, babies born earlier have a food crisis.

In winter, the number of pests is reduced. Meanwhile, as the mother hates the spider's eggs, she cannot catch the insects as before.

As the spider becomes pregnant, the nutrients in her blood increase.

Hungry baby spiders eat sucking nutrient blood from the spider's ankles.

Gradually, the spider's body begins to dry. After a few weeks, the spider became so weak that she could no longer move.

Hungry baby spiders eat sucking nutrient blood from the spider's ankles.
motther save son

During this time the baby spiders attack the mother, dilute the poison and eat it using digestion.

At this time, spiders are the only food source for children. When the food is finished before the end of winter, the baby spiders start eating each other.

So a mother spider tries her best to make sure that her children live longer.

Because of this, he keeps food in his body since the summer. In this way the death of the mother saves the children.

The news comes as we forget about the mother's sacrifice, the murder of the child at the hands of the child or the escaping of the child leaving the old mother in the street.

Those whose condition is somewhat better, they left their mother in old age. As family ties are loosening, old age is growing in our country too.

And the government has to legislate to force children to provide for their parents.

 But in the midst of the mother is hidden the heavenly happiness and last resort.

Father Unselfish *love* is no comparison:-

In this beautiful world we could not have come without parents.

It may be that we all know. Once someone is born, he loses his mother or father. Someone else loses both.

Father Unselfish love is no comparison

And many have both. But we also got two of them

I cannot give dignity properly.

We may not show or show love to our father as much as we show love, respect, devotion to our mother.

The mother may have a little more, so the love is a little higher.

And the father is in the office all day and out of work at one word. So little is available to the father.

However, the father is fulfilling his responsibility for the child. 

But how many of the responsibilities we have for our father as a child? Ours

The responsibility of the father seems only responsibility. We have no responsibility.


At the end of the day we hurt the father.

Dad worked hard all his life on the sweat of his head and made us like humans.

And we would one day be inhumane and remove our father.

If we suffer, our father, like a mother, suffers. We may not realize it. Because the father doesn't let us know.

Why do children make a difference

But do we ever find ourselves in trouble when our father is in trouble? I don't think the answer will be more than a tie.

There are some signs that the father raised the child all his life today. 

Because today he may not need a father anymore. That's why daddy needs him. Yet Dad wants it.

May her child be well. We may not all have children.

However we are

We know how. We will get the answer only if we ask our own questions.

Have we ever had a smile on my father's face. Do we ever know or understand

Wish parents were happy or happy. If we know everything we do not please our father

If we can, it will be a great mistake and guilt for us. But the father does not make that mistake or crime. He wants us to know what we will be happy and happy

Pub.At any festival, Dad buys everything in our mind.

Like it is possible. However, all the previous ones are with the father. And though it is ours to buy

Buys with one-fourth of all. And the father is happy with it. Because only if we are happy

Daddy happy But we cannot give much to that father.

If parents can love their children in the same way, then we will

Why do children make a difference?

Does the father do nothing for the child? What is the father

Unworthy of love Can't love my father? If so, where is the father

Love Parents want only the happiness of their children. He does not rejoice. Her

Love Parents want only the happiness

Happiness is the joy of a child. His thoughts are only family and children.

The thought of how to meet the needs of the child, how to meet all the needs of the family

Just dad. There is no one to share the thought of the father. Father alone is all his

The burden of thought is to move on. And we do not know whether to love the father or to show gratitude.

Sister "Love" With Forver :-

No family in the world, small or large
There is no sister, the happiness, joy and celebration of the family
As if less.

Sister Love With Forver

When a dispute arises over a matter with a sibling, many feel it is best to be the only child of a parent.

But is it really so? Those parents are the only child but will say another. 

There are many types of benefits available if you have siblings, especially older siblings.

especially older siblings

Do not say that there is no difficulty. But the benefits are much greater. 

Especially if you have an older sister who can help you with many types of issues that are not available to anyone else. 

Especially if you have an older sister who can help you with many types of issues that are not available to anyone else.

Want to know the fun aspects of having an older sister? Let's find out.

1. Big sister gets good advice about life
Whenever you get stuck in any area of ​​life your older sister can give you some good advice without any interest. 

You will also get some good advice from your younger school friend about the horror of first :-love.;

2. You will always be the second player to play
I did not forget about the inconvenience. Because if you have an older sister you will never be the first player to play. 

He will take that position. Although the older sisters willingly left the post for younger brothers and sisters.

3. Many decisions will be made by your older sister
Another disadvantage is having an older sister is that no matter how big you are, the older sister will rarely let you do that task.

4. Your shareholder will be your big sister
However, having an older sister also has many benefits. 

But he will be your shareholder. All he has to do is say, 'You can't teach your little sister something big'.

5. You have to read into the trouble of sharing rooms and belongings
Another part of the disadvantage is the pain of sharing everything. 

Everything has to be shared with the older sister, starting from the bed.

6. He knows your family very well
But the advantage is that he can make all kinds of complaints about his family that he cannot make to anyone else. 

Because he also knows about your family situation.

7. Your older sister will always be loyal to you
All that has been done to the elder sister feel free to tell. Because you know yourself the sister should never expose your secret to anyone.

8. He is the one who can help you overcome many fears of your life
From the fear of going to first school to the fear of being introduced to a stranger, your older sister will be able to explain everything. Because your child's mind is more inclined towards older sister than parent's.

9. The older sister will also make the task of persuading the guardian on your behalf
Will you go somewhere, or have you done bad in the exam? 

No worries, go and tell your sister. He or she will be able to convince your guardian that you are going to turn around or sign the exam.

10. Don't be shy about handing over to the older sister in any need

Don't worry if your money is spent on your hands. 

What you can't do to anyone else is exactly what you can do to your older sister. 

Though borrowed, it does not have to be repaid.

Brother Love is not compared:-

Having an older brother is like having an extra guardian, isn't it? She is always dominating which is very annoying. 

But this person loves you more than anything else on earth. 

Brother Love is not compared

If you have an older brother then you are the safest person on earth. 

Big brothers have some advantages. How? Let's find out:

1. Every elder brother takes care of his younger siblings as his own child.

2. In the absence of parents or their incompetence, the elder brother carries out all the responsibilities and is present at every critical moment.

3. He wanders around in various dazzling places. Such as a restaurant, long drive, or a beautiful place.

4. She is ready to do all the chores of the baby at any time. Even at odd times, she can bring ice cream for her sister.

5. For the sisters, she also agrees to be a bodyguard and driver. He always has a defensive system in place for them.

6. With the younger brother, he is ready to share everything, including his clothes, shoes and perfumes.

7. When he is extremely upset he tries his best to improve his mind. Big brothers cannot tolerate water in the eyes of younger siblings.

8. She is always constructively critical of her siblings. And gives spectacular and practical advice in the face of life.

9. School-college or university life has to be studied in various ways. So an older brother can help you with this.

10 It is very important for a woman to have knowledge about men. This is a brother

The lack of knowledge can be met. A girl understands what her boys are like, what they like and what they want, along with her brother. The older brother became the sister's closest friend.

The benefits of having an older brother are immense.

Younger brothers and sisters enjoy this benefit for a lifetime. 

There are many things that can never be done for one person. 

There are many things that can never be done for one person.

But if the brother comes forward, his solution is possible. As a result, it does not have to be subject to the advice of others.

Friends ;'Love':-

Friendship is the relationship between people.In the words of friendship, there is dependence and trust.Friendship and love are the same currency.

The two relationships are the same yarn. Friendship means that the heart nurtures all its emotions, speaking openly with love. 

The strongest bond of your soul is friendship. Maybe the words are different, but the responsibilities of the relationship are almost the same.

Then there are differences and differences between the two relationships. 

But that difference is not often captured. Many love friends or confuse them with love.

Rabindranath Tagore says on friendship and love, there is one thing - love: temple and friendship abode.

When the deity departs from the temple, he can no longer use the place of residence, but the deity can be established at the residence.

I don't know whose relationship is best. But to me, friendship seems to be the best. 

Because, friendship is not easy but broken. But love

They are less common in mosquitoes, in most cases. So let's not look at the definition of two relations -
Friendship: Friendship is a relationship about which there is no rules.

Things to do when talking, thinking, thinking. You can tell your friend whenever you want.

You can share your mind with your friend by breaking all the secrets of your life, whatever your secret, you can share with your friend.

That's why Nietzsche said,Faithful friends are like deadly shadows.Who ever finds it, he has a secret.

Friends will understand your joy or sorrow. Sometimes Sirius will make fun of any word and after the fun will give you calmness.

So it can be sung for friendship, not a friend or a friend, but rather a loud voice,
See you-my other day.

Friendship can be made with everyone, where there is no age difference or gender differences.

You can make friends with anyone you like. You will find solutions to any problems you have with your friend.

If you have only a few friends in your life then you are very happy. That's why the poet says,

Friendship means three substances. Two persons and one world.

 That is, to complete the work of the world in a collaborative way.

And, when you say love, only two people make sense, and there is no world. 

Two people are two worlds. So in the sense of friendship two and three,
One and two in the sense of love.

Because, for these friends, your mind never gets worse. Life is always cut between chatting and entertainment. 

You can make friends with many if you wish. Friends may move away in time of need or in the game of luck, but the distance is never built.

 Is it easy to forget the boy or girl who sat in your pant on the opening day of school?

That's why Jivanand Das said,
If you have a friend's mind, how long is it from Ganga Para?

Love: which depends on self-confidence. Love or, 🔹love 🔹is a relationship that has many rules about it.

 When talking, there is a lot to think about. If you have to think before talking it will not be angry again! You cannot share whatever you want. 

Because, that person may not take all your words in the ordinary way.

 Sometimes you will find that your simple words can make the person angry.

 You may occasionally get solace from him.

 However, many times it can take a bush and eat.

This relationship is usually between two boys and girls. Both have age differences. Or it can happen to someone else often. 

The fear of losing him can build a nest in your mind since the relationship developed.

This relationship cannot be shared with many at the same time (those who do not really love anyone). 

Because of that man, you can have a good mood at times and sometimes your mind can be very bad.

 What is love It is in a word that life partner and friendship means a close person.

With whom even grief can be shared with a loved one, it can be easily shared with a friend who cannot be shared with anyone else. 

There are things that happen in people's lives, there are things that cannot be said to anyone, not even the spouse but they can be shared with a friend. So to me it seems like the best friendship relationship ever.

1. Love the words:

  • The love that is expressed through words is called spoken love.
  • Examples: I ♥ U, say I love you and so on.

2..Love Love:

  •  Love is expressed through love letters (which were prevalent in the analog age), sms or chats (digital age).
  • Example: The love of the ancient and present age.

3. Silent love:

  • The love that comes from the emotions of the mind is called silent love.
  • Examples: Parents love the child, love the real boyfriend and the lover.

4. Hint of Love:-

  • The form of love which is meant by gestures or feelings is called love.
  • Examples: Beat eyes, smile in front and so on.

5. Love shows first: -

  1. Such love is the beginning of the first show. 
  2. Such love is one-sided in many cases.
  3. Such love is more commonly seen in boys.
  4. Such love almost certainly needs the help of a third party. 
  5. Such love forms the role of memorable and physical beauty.

6. Love from infertility:-

  • In this kind of love, both the lover and the lover are first friends. 
  • However, such love often falls prematurely through unilateral decisions or mutual understanding. Many suffer from regret that they cannot accept this transformation of friendship. Especially the girls.

7 .. Marital Love: -

  • This love can be seen only between husband and wife. 
  • This love prevails for the first few months right after the wedding. 
  • There is no honeymoon pair in post-marital love affair.

8. Alien love: -

  • After marriage, 
  • love with a man or woman other than the husband or wife is called alien love. 
  • This alien loveto has been coming from the era.

9. Infinite Love:-

  • This kind of love usually happens in school. 
  • Girls fall in love with this kind of thing. 
  • But it would be wrong to say that the boys do not fall. 
  • Both lovers can be same-sex.

10. Love at Work: -

  • Such love develops through the introduction of two people in the program. 
  • Such love is more commonly seen in private companies.

11. Mobile Love: -

  • Such love originated by stealing from a friend or stealing from a phonebook, 
  • collecting it from a phone shop in the neighborhood, 
  • getting nasara from another source or by making a number by mixing it with the sweetness of mind.

12. Love on the Internet: -

  • Chatting on the internet or love on social media, 
  • it's happening now. This kind of love originates through the identity of the two. 
  • In this kind of love, both sides have the opportunity to cheat.

13. Triangle Love: -

  1. This kind of love can be called a girl pulling two boys' ropes. 
  2. This love affair is the love of two sons with the same daughter. 
  3. The two boys are desperate to get the girl.

14. Polygon Love: -

  • The love of more than two people towards the same girl or boy is basically, 
  • polygon love. In that case the girl or boy naturally possesses the beauty of sight. 
  • The fact that everyone wants to fall in love with her gives her immense pleasure.

15 .. Ghani Drawing Love: -

  • The purpose of such love is to get a special benefit from a lover or a lover. 
  • While such love is more prevalent among girls, 
  • boys are also occasionally seen.

16 .. Unrequited Love: -

  • Despite being in love with each other silently, 
  • no one in the lover or lover ever told each other for lack of circumstances, 
  • time or morale. 
  • The pain of losing unrequited love is very distressing, 
  • one of life's biggest mistakes.

17. Sleepy Love: -

  1. Love one another, but no one is telling anyone .
  2. that the love that is hiding the whole thing is dormant love. 
  3. When dormant love is dormant for a lifetime, it becomes an unconditional love.

18. Signed love:-

  1. Such love is through mutual understanding. 
  2. What is meant by love in general is absent in such love. 
  3. There is no future in these relationships.

19. Unconditional Love:-

  • In this kind of love, both boys and girls become followers of two religions or communities.
  • Society does not support such relations. 
  • In particular, love between Hindu-Muslim boys and girls creates much controversy.

20. Tenant Love:-

  1. Such love lovers or lovers say, rent. 
  2. They have one girlfriend in the morning and another in the afternoon.
  3.  No fixed address. It's a lot like changing a mobile handset every month.

20 .. quarrel love:-

  1. This love affair, which is always on the brink of a cliff between the two, erupts, but occurs very frequently. 
  2. The fights are mostly over the phone.

21. 'Love You Today' Love

  • This love affair has already been separated. 
  • Yet today they love each other. Hi heartbroken and tears fell in love.

21. Failed love-

  • After all, there is failed love. This love ends before it even begins. 
  • The number of failed lovers is several times higher than a failed lover. 
  • The end of failed love is by rejecting the offer. Sometimes the fate of the boys is slapped in the coalition;


Love is a complex set of emotions, behaviors, and beliefs associated with strong feelings of affection, protectiveness, warmth, and respect for another person. Love can also be used to apply to non-human animals, to principles, and to religious beliefs. For example, a person might say he or she loves his or her dog, loves freedom, or loves God.

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