What is Love In This Life? -- 2020

No matter how many places I have never read the definition of love. The definition that I have established myself with the realization of life.

With the economic conditions of the country, the nature of love is well-developed. However, in humble economic conditions, love does not last long.

Life does not go on with just love. Likewise life does not go on without love. Undoubtedly love and life are complementary to one another.

What is love in this life?2020

However, love is changing. It doesn't take long for intense love to turn into terrible hatred. What a strange color of love. There are variants that do not take a while to change. Moments filled with love of intolerance are filled with pain in an instant.

Lover or lover is the major problem in love. We always want to drive others to our liking. Never want to pay the price of someone else's choice. This is why trivial reasons create many great problems. It brings out our disdain for life and love. And is very easily upset.

Sometimes I get very upset because of non. For many reasons I can not find the cause. The mind is one of the big things. Nothing can be found in his tiki's reach. How much of the mind that makes people grind.

In fact, there is no ordinary human being capable of controlling the mind. Basically the mind controls the people. So we sometimes laugh for no reason. I cried and weighed heavily.

I've written a lot of random things anyway. The reason why I wrote these words was not stated. I asked someone "What is love?" I did not get an answer.

Either Toba got in trouble. The definition of suffering is not known at present. Now think about it.
in my view . Every man imagines his beloved man before he goes to bed and goes to sleep thinking of him.

Love means having one in life. To whom you have blind faith. If you give him the maximum amount of trouble
Give. He will still hold your hand.

And say,
I was I am, and I will always be with you. That is love

What is Love?

No special day or day is required to express love. There is no special color of love to love and love every day to the people of real love. However, it is true that love depends on the nature (ie, spring like a special season. I did not write this article about the day of love. I wrote about spring, the favorite season of love.
What is Love

The feeling of being loved by people at this time is much greater than at any other time. Because the love of spring has always been more colorful.

The spring has never been disillusioned, but the spring of love is in the human mind. Love has nourished from the beginning. Every human being at some point in life experiences the love of spring in a new color.

Love does not mean conquering anyone but losing one's love for oneself. This does not happen with the depth of knowledge. Either with the purity of the heart. The most spoken and discussed word in the world is "love".

When this love ever weeps. Someone surrenders for it. How many sacrifices people accept to get to the people they love.

Again, people lose a lot of valuable things for this love. For which the only regret is never. In fact, our human mind is a very unstable thing.
Love does not mean

He does not even know what he wants. Again knowing all these things, this mind raises the wrong path. The conscience then forbids him many times. In this war of conscience and mind, the mind always wins.

And then there is a man Can feel love and value love. And that's why the world is so beautiful. Otherwise all the people in the world would become robots.

Love means understanding each other. If I don't understand the person I love, then this love has some meaning Doesn't seem to have. I always think love is a much bigger thing to understand than a person who has love in his mouth.

Love lives or lives in the trust of one another. The love that shows a lack of faith may not be love. There is protection of sociality. Anyone can be loved.

Love is a sacred feeling. Love should not be loved for self-interest. Love is one of the sweetest relationships in the world where there is no demand or no interest, "only Love."

Unhappy with oneself can not make another person happy. Don't fall in love with someone, thinking that someone will bring happiness to your life. Love the thought that you will bring happiness into someone's life. The thing about giving love. Not a thing to take.

If you love happiness more than giving love, then you can not go deep in love yet. The happiness that is found in deep love. There is no comparison with any other happiness. Expectation has nothing to do with love.

True love just wants to make a man of love happy. He does not expect any reward from him. The pressure of expectation slowly kills love. The man you love is not the machine to meet your expectations, but the true love frees people. Don't tie

Love is like opium. Iron is not chains. The people you love will most likely come back to you if you set him free. The bird will try to break the cage and fly if it tries to catch a man who falls in love with an iron chain. Instead of wearing chains, feed the birds with opium.

Do not insult the sacred name 'love' by thinking that love is just a relationship between a boyfriend and a girlfriend.
between a boyfriend and a girlfriend.

 As much contentment is found in the object called 'love'. It cannot be found anywhere else. And then you will have this satisfying taste right away. When you can love the creator of this universe and its creation with all your heart.

You will never be able to take away someone else's love or force others to like you. Rather, what you can do is create yourself in such a way that anyone who is impressed with your business starts to like you.

No matter how much you think you are doing or doing for others, in most cases those people will not understand. So you should not expect anything from them. Otherwise you will have to suffer. You have to spend many years of pursuit to gain loyalty. But with just a second, all your trust can rise. So it is good to hear that.

You will always forget what you have received in life. But what you have lost will often remind your mind. So always remember the good aspects of the past. Think of something bad? Don't hurt yourself unnecessarily.

 There is no guarantee that you will see those who are seeing them in the morning and tomorrow morning. So if there is a conflict with someone, make the relationship beautiful before the end. Forget what happened. Only selflessly "."
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 Only selflessly

You will see that people around you have started to love you without your knowledge. Love is when someone breaks your heart. 

And the most absurd thing is laughter. You love him with every broken piece of that heart. Someone will like you Don't change yourself in the hope that you try to be as you are. He who truly loves you will truly love you.

No need of time for love. One moment is enough. A real boyfriend does not love hundreds of girls. Rather, he loves a girl in hundreds of ways. 

Without love in the world, maybe you can survive. But not good can not survive at the base. Ending one's life for love by subjugating emotion means love. Losing one's life to the human life as well.

At the same time, to make people who are loved ones guilty. Life is not the name of immersing yourself by failing in love. Jeevan is the name of establishing himself by fighting for him.

Very trivial reasons that can be made to feel good to anyone. A girl sees a lost smile. In a moment, he may feel good. Or any girl who misses a beautiful heart-beating heart may miss out on a walk on the road.

 Or a boy talks very nicely. Or playing a guitar. Listening to a song can captivate a girl. And it creates a kind of feeling towards the boy. The feeling that people really like it is 'not love'.

 Love is not so easy. Love for a human being is made very slowly. I can not love anyone. Can't say I love anyone. No one wants to run away and run away. No one can go against the whole world if one wants to.

 Someone is a very special person. Who can only be loved Close your eyes on which to rely. The feeling that is made too quickly is lost too quickly. If the feeling is lost, then the person does not say anything, you are silently lost in your life. Then you realize that he has never been in love with you.

 All that was left was to look good. Because who can be loved. Hoot left his hands in the middle of the road and could not get away. 

Most people cannot find the difference between feeling good and being loved. And the proud girl is still waiting. Lying in bed on a quiet night, he relaxes. 

And so the stupid boy consumes nicotine and cigarettes instead of oxygen. When the night is deep, she knows the number of the girl off and she calls the number repeatedly and spends her spare time.

Love is immersion. Love is. Keeping a picture of someone in the middle. To evaluate him. Protect his honor. Love is. Living in the hope of being alive. If you hope to live, love him, to surrender to him.

 Love is not a promise made. Love is to be faithful to someone. Only love her, holding her hand in the belief. Not dreaming about him, fulfilling his dreams. Walking mile after mile, or waiting hours for hours, is not the name of love.

 Love is to merge with the heart, to absorb the existence of one's existence within ourselves. To feel Him alone in the breath, to seek His smallest desires, to stagnate, to find His goodness everywhere.

Love is the desire to see someone, to become anxious, to wake up to his thoughts, to pour his happiness into him, to put on a little smile, and the biggest thing is to love him, all his life. And not all love is successful.

Failure to love does not mean wasting one's life. You have to learn to accept reality by controlling emotions. Love does not end in this world. Love does not come even once in life. Love comes in many forms in life.

Does Love Mean Physical Needs? ---

If you love the mind, where physical needs are not the first condition. Where the future of love does not depend on the calculation of profit and loss there is no way love can rely on time alone.

Does Love Mean Physical Needs

Three-year love filled with false interests is also meaningless. Three days of true love. Love is "love" and its feeling is always the same. Time is not the only reason here or the main reason. In the fence of reality, when the people of love are separated from each other. When the thousand desires of the mind can not keep two people close.

But then intense pain was created between them. But what do we see if we analyze this tragedy? I see that they are going to miss each other a lot. Missing their laughter, tears, tears. Maybe they even wiped their eyes at the thought of human beings.

 On the occasion of their pure joy, this painful sorrow. They are happy to think about it. If the man who loves her is missing him, how much he thinks about her, keep talking for her. 

They are so fascinated by how much they love each other. Even the pain can give people happiness, a happy opportunity to be proud of people. And this joy makes two people more colorful, more loving.

Is Love The Basis Of Trust In Relationships?

Love means the relationship, the basis of faith in man, man. There are many forms of love, such as love of siblings, love of parents. The family may also love an animal. Many people like to feed dogs, pet cats, put fish in ponds, teach birds how to talk.

Is Love The Basis Of Trust In Relationships?

All of this is a manifestation of love. Some plant trees with love, caring for the trees. I do not know if people have a love for the tree. Maybe there is. You are serving beside one, and you will find that the search is fast approaching.

Didn't find the other one. So she's not growing. It is but tested. From this, the tree also has a feeling. Love is not limited to the love of men and women. Love is expressed in human relationships with people.

 People love a politician. He may never have seen him face to face. Still love Why? Out of respect, the manifestation of one's love is different. 

Carota soft. In some cases very Angry. Some even fall into the stage of voluntariness. He exercises his rights. It is called love when the concentration of saliva is high. To illustrate. A girl loves me, loves her. When this feeling is deep, it can be called love.

Is Love Measured By Criteria?

Love is the criterion. I was fascinated by the good qualities or the outward appearance of a person. And I loved him. Is it really love or not love.

Most of us make this mistake. I just love seeing someone good or outward. I love him for this quality. Or I'm crazy for his outward appearance. And I love him. I am in love, no doubt that everyone likes good qualities or beauty.

Is Love Measured By Criteria?

So where is the difference between loving a lover with other ordinary people? Here is the difference between love and love. To understand love, you need to go far above any other common good. That is, with good qualities, you have to accept the blame. Every person has both good and bad qualities.

He is able to present himself in front of the society by prioritizing a knot. Based on this, people are considered. We all strive to spread our good qualities to the people we want. As the relationship goes deeper, its unfulfilled qualities slowly come to the fore. And then you can understand the difference between love and love.

But at that time there is no longer a chance to return. The love of complexity begins. The happiest thing is to be in a world of misery and hardship. One thing someone has thought about.

Why mother's love is so real and everlasting. Because the mother confesses all the faults of her child's character and tries to correct it. For the good of the offspring.

And we do not accept the good man's guilt or dislike of things, and ask him to change it for our benefit.

Emotions can never win the battle of emotions and reality. Emotionally, one can also give life to the people of his grandmother. But you can not reach the happiness of the bride in the life of passion and love. And love is not possible. So it's not just passion or love.

One can judge by these criteria the ability to divorce and accept the partner's guilt. How much he loves his partner or how much his partner loves him. If you can measure love in this measure of love, happiness and happiness can be found in the dream world of love.

What is The Difference Between Love? 

You will be different with the people you love, understand that this is normal. It is never possible to have too many similarities between two people. Same soul, same spirit - these are just story-novels-movie-things.

What is The Difference Between Love?

In the real life, your past is different. Your childhood and adolescence are different. Despite this difference, two people are very close to each other. Because the two of you were together. It is not necessary to merge two people together. Rather, the two travel together on a common goal.

And you will not give up that effort until death, for your own sake. is not it. Husband and wife have some differences but balance in each person's life. If you feel bad, take the initiative to pair that distance.

If you come forward to solve the problem yourself, then the feeling of being awakened and defeated in your mind. The whole point of this relationship is to be good to your spouse and to be good to yourself.

So accept the difference between the two. And if you have to Sacrifice a little to comfort other people, then do it. You will find that the joy and peace you enjoy because of all this will give you a wonderful feeling of forgetting your pain.

Beautiful bridal life is not ready made. He has to build on the sidewalk. You are the craftsman of that peace house, but basically you are. Yes, you and the two of you were once asked a couple how they had spent 3 years together.

They were answering. When we were born, I would repair and repair any problems I encountered. I would not throw Keep in mind that your one little mistake can make the dreams of both you and your partner and your family too shattered by happiness.

You may have made a mistake by being subjected to anger or emotion. But the person you treated may not have the ability to understand your anger situation. 

Whenever your head gets hot, just think about closing your eyes once. If you were in that situation, what would you do? He is never remorseful for his mistakes if he is reprimanded for his mistakes. Because he was punished for his error in this way, what is gain by repentance.

And if you mislead him and tell him nothing, he will regret it. And there is no hardship in this world more than regret. Give him a chance to repent. Make your own mistakes. In it you will become bigger and bigger to him. And he will not repeat the same mistake a second time, realizing his own mistake.

Hopefully the above is mentioned. Do you understand the "What is love" stories? Now you choose to indulge in some kind of love. The types of love mentioned below.

How Much Is Love And What Is It?

1. First love: The first love of life is memorable to everyone. There is no specific age of first love but in many cases the first love comes at a very young age. 

First love

First love is often not love at all. That is called infatuation. The first love can be an childhood friend. It may be a home teacher or a school teacher or teacher. 

There may be no elder in the age. It may be the hero or heroine of a film. In some cases, the first love of life is the only love.

2. The first shows love / Love at First Site: This is the beginning of such love at first sight. Such love is one-sided in many cases. 

The first shows love / Love at First Site:

Such love is more commonly seen in boys. The first meeting may be at a wedding. Shopping mall, college, university, coaching center, sir's house, friend chat. 

Such love can even begin by looking at a friend's mobile picture. This kind of love almost certainly needs the help of a third party (friend or bride). Such forms of love are more akin to aesthetics and physical beauty.

3. Love From Friendship: In this kind of love, both boyfriend and lover are first friends. Gradually, friendship begins to evolve into the evolution of time. 

Love From Friendship

Often both of them are unaware. But the people around. Sadly, such love often falls prematurely through unilateral decisions or mutual understanding. Many suffer from regret that they cannot accept this transition of friendship - especially girls.

4. Night Love / One Night Stand: Calling them love is a sin. In 5% of the cases, boys are the organizers of such love. 

One Night Stand

The main purpose of this love is to fulfill the desires of the flesh. Some names may be dating just before the purpose is met. A popular place to meet objectives. No hotel, empty flat, seaside town.

The key to such love is: "Love neither today nor ever."

5. Post-marriage Love: This love can be seen only between husband and wife. This love prevails for the first few months right after the wedding. 

Post-marriage Love

Spouses are not strangers to each other. Such love is seen as intense when the couple are married. If married with love, then it is said that marital love is broken. 

There is a doctrine prevailing. When its authenticity is not tested. There is no honeymoon pair in post-marital love affair.

6. Exotic love: After marriage, love with a man or woman other than the husband or wife is called alien love. The main causes of alien love are:-----

Exotic love

  • A. Disgrace or bitterness towards the life of the world over time.

  • B. To meet the physical needs of the husband or wife to come to the monotony.

  • C. Inability or inadequacy of husband or wife in meeting physical needs.

  • D. Very adventurous, to taste the love of hiding.

Alien in women. Love is still so popular in our country. Not as many men. In the case of the love of strangers to men, the third person is a younger woman, even a young woman in the field. 

In women, the third person is usually a middle-aged man. Alien love is widely seen in the age group of 3-5 years.

7. Unmarried love / Love at a young age / Unrequited love: This kind of love usually happens in school. 

Unmarried love  Love at a young age  Unrequited love

Girls fall in love with this kind of thing. But the boys also fall. Lovers of lovers can both be same-sex. However, for girls, the boyfriend may be older than her. However, the success rate of such love is low - that is, very few cases can build such love till marriage.

8. Love in the Workplace: This kind of love develops through the identity of two people in the workplace. The two may be two executives of a multinational company or partners on a project. 

Love in the Workplace

Men in the office are urged to establish such a loving relationship with a girl who has joined the office. Such love is more commonly seen in private institutions.

9. Mobile Love: Stolen from a friend or phonebook. Collect from Boltur shop in Parada. Get nasara from any other source. 

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Mobile Love

Or make a number by mixing the sweetness of your mind. By connecting to a girl by calling her. Such is the onset of love. 

Many times this is the way the mobile is talking. Then the girl meets face to face. The success rate of such love is very low. In fact, for the most part success is not the main purpose of such love.

10. Love on the Internet: Chatting on the Internet or on social media sites. In many cases, a boy or daughter lives abroad. 

Love on the Internet

In this way, the boy and the girl meet face to face. In this kind of love, both sides have the opportunity to cheat. 

Often times a boy goes on to have such a relationship with another boy. And so in many cases, such a relationship becomes cheating. In the past, the success rate of this kind of love is high, but at present, the success rate is lower.

11. Triangle Love: This type of love can be called a girl's two boys' tag-of-war or rope pulling. This love affair is the love of two sons towards the same daughter. 
n style="font-family: "times" , "times new roman" , serif;">The two boys are desperate to get the girl. In the love of triangles, girls often suffer from emotional conflict - about whom to choose.


Often, the boy takes the form of competition between the two. Triangular love is also seen between two girls and a boy. However, competition does not take place in fights, but in the form of haircuts.

12. Polygon Love / Multi Love:The love of more than 2 people towards the same girl or boy is basically polygon love. 


In this case, the girl or boy naturally possesses the beauty of sight. The fact that everyone wants to fall in love with her gives her immense pleasure.

13.. Unequal love:The characteristic of such love is the age difference between lover and lover. Even though a boy is a few years older than a daughter, it is considered normal love. The funny thing is that the girl is more than the boy. 

Unequal love

Although one year older, it is considered as untimely love. Unborn love is seen in this society with curved eyes. Especially if the girl is older than the boy. 

Unnecessary love does not mean that marriage is not peaceful when it is transformed into a marriage. A doctrine is prevalent in our society. But there is no truth to it.

14.. Body Love / Body All Love:Body attraction between lover and lover is the key to this love. Emotion is not that important.

Body Love

15. Milk flies love / money-loving:"As long as there is money, so long as the relationship" - much like this principle, such love develops. 


Of course, boys spend money on these matters. It is possible for the boys in the wealthy house to sustain such relationships for longer. 

However, the average income of the boys is short-lived in terms of spending, the relationship is not long. Then those girls go out in search of another boy.

16. Jealous Love: "Some boy loves. We have to. Or do I have any boyfriends, I wish. - These are the sources of such love from a lot of mentality. Such love is often temporary. The relationship continues.

Jealous Love: "Some boy loves

17. Jeddah Love:- To show a lot of past or present boyfriend or girlfriend. Besides you I do not lack a person to love. 
To show a lot of past or present boyfriend or girlfriend. Besides you I do not lack a person to love.

The main purpose of such love is to love the person who will be available for the purpose. The idea of ​​getting people like this is negligible here.

18. Exhausted Love / Donkey Tight Love / Ghani Drawn Love: Any special benefit from a lover or lover.

Exhausted Love / Donkey Tight Love / Ghani Drawn Love

 Such is the purpose of love. The well-known student of the class is a popular victim in this field. While such love is more prevalent among girls, boys are also occasionally seen.

19. Undeclared Love / No Love: In spite of being in love with each other in silence, none of the lovers or lovers ever told each other for lack of circumstances, time or morale. 

Undeclared Love

The pain of losing unrequited love is very distressing, one of life's biggest mistakes.

20. Sleepy love: Love of each other but no one is telling anyone that dormant love is the one who is hiding the whole thing. 

Sleepy love

When dormant love is dormant for a lifetime, it becomes an unconditional love.

21. Contractual love: Such love is through mutual understanding. What is meant by love in general is absent in such love. 

Contractual love

There is no future in these relationships. The main purpose is to characterize a particular interest by showing love to a particular group among themselves. Such love is more commonly seen in showbiz and media stars.

22. False Love / Acting Love: This type of love is played by either the lover or the lover of any one. 

False Love  Acting Love

This love ends when a lover or lover starts thinking about the future. The consequences of such love are also very painful for anyone.

23. 2nd Inning Love / Old is Gold Love / Revived Love: This love is reunited with a previous boyfriend or girlfriend.

Old is Gold Love

24. Blackmail Love / Involuntary Love / Coupled Love: Calling it love is a sin. These things are loved by force. The girls are the victims. In the neighborhood, 

Blackmail Love

the boy or older brother, the student in the college, the superintendent of the workplace or the boss are mainly interested in establishing such relationships.

25. Lost Love / Skeptical Love: The girl is not interested in a relationship, yet the boy is in love with a lot of effort. Often, in situations where girls cannot speak directly, they have to pay them later.
 Lost Love

27. Foreign Love / Alien Love: In such a relationship, at least one of the boys or daughter becomes a foreigner.

Foreign Love / Alien Love:

28. Unconditional love: In this kind of love, both boys and girls become followers of two religions or communities.
Unconditional love

 Society does not support such relations. Especially among Hindu-Muslim boys, love creates more controversy.

28. Playful Love / Talked Love: Whatever kind of love a lover and lover don't do, that is circulated in the media as anecdotal information. 

Playful Love

Usually show-biz and media stars and celebrities have such love.

29. Historical Love: These love stories ended long ago but still remain in the pages of history. Yet all these love are shown as examples.

Historical Love

30. Tenant Love / Mobile Love / Roaming Love: This type of love is meant to be rented by lovers or lovers. 

Tenant Love / Mobile Love / Roaming Love:

They have one girlfriend in the morning and another in the afternoon. No fixed address. It's a lot like changing a mobile handset every month.

31. Loving Love: In this love, both the lover and the lover look at each other for hours in loving gesture, sitting in the darkest part of a restaurant, 

Loving Love

saying I love you all the time and never tired of hearing them. After all day love they do not know less than 12 on mobile.

32. Conflict Love: This is the characteristic of the love between the two of them all the time. For a while maybe the two are calm, then one starts with something else. 

Conflict Love

Such love fights are fleeting, but very frequent. The fights are mostly over the phone. The coast is always busy settling two people's quarrels. The girl talks about this frequent quarrel with her friends.

33. Homosexual love: Although not yet prevalent in our country, there is a prevalence of such love in many foreign countries. If between two boys they are called Gay and between two girls is lesbian.

34. Immaculate Love / Love of the World: The love, the love and the love between the lover and the lover are no match in any way, no matter how the relationship is maintained.

Immaculate Love / Love of the World:

35. 'Love you today' Love: This love affair has already been separated. Yet today they love each other. 

Love you today

Seeking silently with the man with whom the situation was the only and biggest obstacle to living together.

36. Failed love: And finally there is failed love. This love ends before it even begins. The number of failed lovers is several times higher than a failed lover
 Failed love

The end of failed love is by rejecting the offer. Sometimes the fate of the boys is slapped in the coalition, the girls' shoe house and sometimes the massacre. 

Too often, the consequences of failed love do. Some become goddesses, some lose their confidence in girls, and "all the girls in the world are one". Some with a weak mind also opt for suicide.

Note: I did not write to hurt anyone. I wrote down whatever seemed to be in search of answers. If anyone has a bad leg, I will forgive myself. Love is so variable and its definition is different. 
forgive myself

And it is natural for some to disagree with the types I give. I'm not claiming all kinds of love are mentioned here. But many things have been said that are true. 

I have tried to be as neutral as possible when discussing the types. I apologize to some if this effort seems to be a hoax.
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