Get married Is it still a virgin girl

Get married  Is it still a virgin girl

Get married

 Is it still a virgin girl?
 But how do you understand the virgin girl?
 With Blood?

 Brother "sati curtain" can be torn down even earlier.  This is nothing unusual.  So is the girl not a virgin?

 Or maybe she's dating a room with her boyfriend.  But you get blood at home.  So the girl virgin? 🙄 It may not have been the first time the "sati veil" broke.  May be
 This is a common idea of ​​people.
 I missed the point of blood.

 When you see her at home, she is not a virgin.  But you do not have to understand
 How do you understand  You've tried someone before
 The girl is not a virgin.

 But you yourself.  So that's it again
 Why jump with virginity?

 Oh !!!  You are a boy  You are a virgin with a thousand girls with you.
 Being a boy and pointing fingers at boys, isn't it weird?  Hey brother this is true

 -Be virgin or non-virgin girl?  Your wife?  Don't issue it to the girl.  Whoever comes to life, love him with all your heart.  Whatever his past may be, Future is just like you are.
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