Who knows what's in this dish?sad story

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Who knows what's in this dish?

 Not just the spicy mangoes or the salt-pepper in the dish;  Here was a dream.  One family had a one-day meal.

 The night before the Eid, there was money to buy a red dress for a girl and a low cost Punjabi from the Hawkers Market.

In this alone, maybe he had money to buy medicine for his wife or mother.  The next day was the original shipment of mangoes from Palbazar again.

 Finally, in this one-sided hut, Gari's sweat was marked with sweat on his forehead.  There were maybe two glasses of water.

 At the launch of the 'Chandpur Naval Terminal', he used to lodge a huge amount of cash at the dish for illegally selling the Amra at the dish.

Otherwise, he would be detained for an hour.  So the only resort of his life is to throw it into the water ??

 How many illegal establishments, hotels and businesses are there at Chandpur Launchghat?  You know.

 Can!  Just like throwing them in the river ???

  If these poor people are so burdened, grab them and throw them into the river.

 Please, don't throw your dreams into the river like this.
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