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"WHAT IS LOVE" | Love is a human emotion and emotional experience. The strongest manifestation of affection for a particular human being is love.

WHAT IS LOVE | Love is a human emotion and emotional experience. The strongest manifestation of affection for a particular human being is love.

Yet love can be shared from different perspectives. Emotional love is usually deep. Sharing all your human feelings with someone special. Even the matter of the body cannot be separated from such love. Love can be different. For example: love to be selfless. Religious love Love for relatives. Excessive affection for a pet or animal in a home can be very pleasant at times ... even for any work or food. And this very pleasant feeling is love.

What Is Love?-"The 'definition of love' is debatable".

"What is Love"| The "definition of love" is debatable. Established on hypotheses, and insights. For many, the universal concept of love is passionate love. Imaginary love or promising love does not favor these categories. However, these loves can be categorized based on physical attraction. According to the general. Love is considered a personal feeling. That one man feels for another. Extra care for someone or feeling someone's presence in the backyard is related to love. In most conventional concepts love is deeply linked to selfishness, selfishness, friendship, union, family and family bonding.

Love can be judged from a different perspective by comparing the general and opposite concepts of love. Considering the positive emotions, love can be replaced with hate. Sexual love or physical lipstick in love is a relatively minor issue. Here human emotion is more important. This love is a special field of fantasy luxury. Love is usually not just friendship. Although some relationships can be called intimate friendships.

Biological basis - (What is Love)

The biological model of sexuality is thought to be a drive by mammals, which is like excessive hunger or thirst. Helen Fisher is a leading expert on love affairs. He divided the experience of love into three partial overlapping stages.

For example: -
  1. Craving.
  2. Attraction.
  3. And attachments.
Lust is a kind of feeling that satisfies sexual desire. Romantic attraction basically determines how attractive a person's partner is. And there are other things,

For example: -
  • At the same time make a home stay.
  • Duties to parents.
  • Mutual defense. And feelings of security are also involved.

With these three romantic styles, neural circuits, neurotransmitters and all three behavioral patterns combined play an effective role.

Lust is the first step in sexual desire that causes increased release of chemicals such as testosterone and estrogen. The effect lasts for weeks or months. The attraction is even more romantic for a certain partner. Through which a distinct longing is developed. Recent studies in neuroscience have shown that. People basically fall in love when their brain regularly releases a certain set of chemicals.

For example: -

        #.The neurotransmitter hormone.
        #.And serotonin can be mentioned.

Amphetamine releases a substance that activates the central part of the brain. The heart rate increases. Loss of appetite and sleep. And the tension rises. Studies have shown that. This phase usually lasts from one and a half to three years. And this very pleasant feeling is love.

Since the stages of lust and attraction are considered temporary. So a third stage is needed for a long-term relationship. Attachment is a kind of bond that causes relationships to last for many years, even decades. Attachment is generally based on promises such as marriage or childbirth.Moreover, sharing of mutual friendships or favorite topics also makes the relationship last longer. Studies have shown that the area of ​​long-lasting relationships emit more chemicals "oxytocin" and vasopressin than short-term relationships. Enzo Emanuel and his colleagues report that the prostate molecule is known as a nerve growth factor (NGF). When people first fall in love, their levels are high. But after a year they are back to the previous level.

Evolutionary basis - "What is Love"

Evolutionary psychology sees love as a tool for survival. Other mammals, including humans, survive long periods of their lives, depending on parental help. At this time love plays an important role.

From the perspective of evolutionary psychology, love is developed by human evolution. Based on this, experiences and behaviors related to love can be further studied.

What is Love:- Psychological or physical?

Hoot wants to know. Well "love why we are". What is needed is to shave the head unnecessarily. If you like someone's sweetheart love affair, of course you never want to know. That is "what love calls". What is the "definition of love". See, nothing is coming to my head. Can't find an answer. It's not your fault No one has yet given the universal (definition of love) or love. Not any literary. Any philosopher or psychic. There is a debate about whether love and love are the same.

Look In The Dictionary (LOVE) - This means that both love and love are written. We know that love is meant as a word or synonym. To many, love does not mean love again.

Let us now look at how we see love, in terms of definition. In the sense of love or love we are divided into two. Love on the one hand is a body-based feeling towards the opposite sex. The existence of love without the presence of the body is somewhat unimaginable to them. It is necessary to say the idea of ​​the famous Austrian neuroscientist Sigmund Freud, as well as his ideological psychologists, in this regard. According to them, the source of all love is physical attraction - sexuality. Yet to many, love means body or sex.

To the opposite side, love is an eternal heavenly feeling. There is absolutely no place in the body. The attraction of each other is the basis of love or love. The stability of the relationship is also the controller. People on this side think that love is for as long as the feeling is there. And that love does not feel like love when it involves physical things. That is sex or lust. Again, it is thought that love is sustainable if emotional attraction is high. What they love is Platonic, which comes from Plato's ideal. The famous Greek philosopher Plato did not offer any theory of love. In her philosophy there is a kind of love that is the container and carrier of an ever-present beauty.

There are other people who disagree. They describe the feeling of physical attractiveness as love. The psychic is love. Again, some say that male or female love or body or sex may come in love. This debate is lifelong. Psychologists and researchers have not yet agreed to this labyrinth. They could not say today whether love or love is physical or emotional.

John Alan Lee, a renowned psychologist from Canada, has given an accepted theory of love. His theory is the color of love or the color of love. The theory is given in conformity with the theory of color.

The main colors are three: -

  1. Red,
  2. Green,
  3. Blue.

All other colors are the result of different mixtures of these three colors.American psychologist Robert Jeffrey Sternberg gave another theory of love. His doctrine is known as the "triangle theory of love". According to him, there are three different elements of love like the three arms of a triangle:
  • Intimacy,
  • Lust
  • And commitment.

Intimacy means feeling of closeness to one another. Lust is the biological attraction or sexual desire. And commitment to the future is the key to sustainability and interdependence. Based on the absence or absence of these three elements of love, love varies from person to person.

American anthropologist Helen Fisher divides love into three stages. Emotion is more important in romantic love. This is essential for long-term relationships. According to Fisher, the love-affair relationship can begin with any one of these three types and may later change into another. At the same time all three types can be present.

I leave the words of the great generals. We are the ones who love or do not love ourselves. Is it clear to them that love is selfish or psychological? There is no solution to this dispute yet. : -

  1. Psychologically
  2. Philosopher,

Whether or not socialists give or accept the doctrine of love is not to be accepted. The biggest thing is what you think. There is no love at all. Thinking of these can not be love or relationship.

But now is the modern age. The [definition of love] has changed. Love the distance or meet long after. The day of looking at your partner in a shy body is over. Now love is very open and modern. The shrinkage here is low. Knowing is too much. So it doesn't take long for the relationship to go deep. So love is physical or emotional - our thoughts are now flowing to the other side. However, on the day of love, the only one you want is love, transparent and clear.

Bonus Tips - [What is Love?]

Love to me is like feeling another kind of blood can never explain it. No matter how evil I call the person I love, but when someone else says evil, the mood gets worse. It is difficult to accept that only one cries of brokenness comes from the heart. 

Everything that lies in his name is lying" Maybe it's love. Again love to rain from the clouds to gather a lot of angry pride. Again, so many angry pride love words are said to be stored, but when they are seen, all is forgotten. I feel sorry later. Why I said no and wear it in the middle. But respect for everything. Although not always near / near, the name of being in the middle may be love. In fact, the only real way I can define love is to express my feelings. Love may be close, no matter the distance. Love may be in every breath and in faith.
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