Most Important Are You Know What is Love Sick ?

"Love" is a sacred word. The word that is used in the case of parents, siblings, spouses, friends and relatives. what is love sick But when the self enters into this love,

It is not love. It then becomes a medium of exchange. And who is called - "what is love sick". Whether it is the spouse or the girlfriend of the girlfriend, either of them are friends.

This "love" can be kept pure when it is kept selfless and only in this will all the pieces of real peace or happiness be said.

Love" is a sacred word. The word that is used in the case of parents, siblings, spouses, friends and relatives. what is love sick But when the self enters into this love,

One of the most well-known issues around the world is love between unmarried children. The first thing to say about this is that in my opinion, almost religions do not support love before marriage. Our Islam does not practice religion at all.

What is Love Sick-

But when a boy and a girl get married. Then the love between them is as good as can be strengthened. There are many discussions in the Quran and Hadith. In the Qur'an it is said: The love of the husband and the wife is the very essence of mercy. And because of their love, many rewards are also mentioned in Islam. Basically: This is the real love that will make life happy.

Now let us talk about the alleged love of love in our youth. Women will be attracted to men and men to women. This is a very normal thing. And this is how God has strengthened the bonds of men and women. This is what God has given.

But I would not say only in our society. The love that is flowing all over the world. Is it true love between boys and girls? I first said that the love that interests us is not love, it is just a medium of exchange.

The love that exists in our youth. If I talk about it, then who can not say love. The happiness of love is in the midst of giving a gift. If the happiness of love is in the hands of the girl. Kissing on the bottom of innocent mobile phones. Chat list is in dirty color type. So how much tuku love is rooted in it.

See you talking on the phone today. The next day the hand is caught in the mud and then what. I didn't say how far it could go this way. However, in this case there are some girls who are very sensitive, who can not get their hands on the hard work. However, in the present society, the number is very low. The guys are in a lesser number.

In this virtual world or in the age of equality between men and women in this worldly need. In the course of life, young people can love and love. It's normal for someone to feel good. But if the girl who likes you, then why would you go to love her allegedly. If you feel good in your mind, you will want to make him a life partner. Then you can try to marry him. If you think it is possible to mix kufu with you.

And in case of girls, if I like a boy, then from the family, people can propose themselves or if possible. If marriage is not possible, then move away. Why spend your money on your son's money. If you are greedy for his money or take any benefits from him. Then you are using Fake Profit on him. As is the case with the girls in the forbidden village of money greed.

There is a class of boys and girls in our society who can understand that. It is not possible to marry this boy or to marry this girl. After a few days eating and drinking together, the loud roar of love goes out loud. For some reason after a breakup. I wasted no time wasting my valuable time in the middle and how much more wasted.

There are some boys and girls who love their classmates. Some of them are well aware that I am passing the time. Then he kept going. For some of the best interests. But it is wrong to listen to yourself. What is this playful life giving us? Later, one of the causes of human suffering. Loss of sleep on the side of discomfort eats the sleeping tablet. Someone cigarettes again.These behaviors are - (What is Love Sick)

Love Them After The Breakup-

To his friends, he praised his name. That is how this man praised and praised this friend in the name of Tar. How nice it was to wear pants with his hats and shirts on. How bad it would be if I didn't get him online. I had to hold myself accountable again.

Today, the place of that great lover is on the block list and in the diary of Kutasa Ratner. Speaking insults at the jaws of speech. So why am I doing all this.

There is an extreme misconception in our youth society that we forget about falling into the devil's temptation. Boys and girls are chatting and chatting. Holding your hand in the grip of this onset may be something else.

In this case, the girl's answer is if the girl interrupts. I'll marry you what the problem is. The girl becomes soft when she hears about marriage. Emotions can not be kept in the house at all, they stand in the yard. In some cases, a boy is called a girl and you cannot do it for me. I will marry you "The wrongdoing between 2 people continues to grow on this saying."

Now it turns out that marriage is not a breakup. Both boys and girls say that you should marry me because I did it. Otherwise I would not do any day. "You have tricked me. If you use a girl again, you say you will marry, so I did not say anything." In this way, the topic is made very easy.

But if the future is married to 2 people, then where are all these goodies of your family got it. If you marry that boy or girl, you are guilty even if you are not guilty. You understand or you do not understand.

The Way To Release Sick Love:-

Whether or not to get married is not a matter of "you are doing bad things before marriage" or committing a crime which is forbidden. There is no punishment for that. If you marry the same boy then the previous marriage is haram. And after the wedding is valid or valid. "The only way to escape from this is to return to repentance by abandoning bad deeds or illicit love." Don't go back to bad or illegal work again.

These are nothing but self-deception. The boy who is giving money in the name of love. The boy is having fun telling friends about your subject and abusing you with bad words. Talking about your secrets. And there is no break. You must get a prostitute malicious certificate. On the other hand, who should listen to the boy?

One thing has to be kept in mind. If Cheetah really loves you, then you will not waste a day or a change. All the boys want my wife to be fine so why tell you all this. Make you queen A boy who loves you will not be able to delay the marriage till late. What kind of love does she have

These are clearly messy and cheating on your own. We must return from this faked love and repent of the wrongs.

Bonus Tips With -What is Love Sick-

Lovesicknessmeans you have fallen hard. Or perhaps you love someone you can’t have. Or, worse, you have lost someone you desperately want back.

Being lovesick hurts and feels awesome at the same time. It is a romantic stage of love, a feeling so familiar because we see it in seemingly every movie, hear it in seemingly every song, and read it in seemingly every poem.

Lovesickness is common in every culture in the world. In almost every story ever told, in every Disney movie, and in every vampire novel, there is an undercurrent of love or loss of love. Our longing for love and the “sickness” that comes from falling in and out of it are what make up our idea of romance.

Longing—the desire for another—and the terrible and obsessive feelings it brings are what we learn from an early age to expect when we fall in love. Wanting or longing is our cultural imperative. I want what I cannot have, either because you are from the wrong side of the tracks, the wrong family, I am alive and you are dead, or some variation on the theme.

In the end, we find each other somehow. Love always prevails, and we are happy, even for a moment. When love is lost, we cry and the world cries with us. The loss of love is a universal pain, as is the joy of finding it.

New love can feel like addiction. If you put someone in an MRI machine when they are newly infatuated and look at his or her brain scan, the same portions of the brain light up as those that are triggered when high on cocaine.

When in romantic love, or the limerence phase, the brain is overloaded with dopamine and norepinephrine production, which creates symptoms similar to obsessive compulsion. They include sleeplessness, restlessness, and obsession.

Impulsive behaviors such as driving by the lover’s house, or sleeping with the phone waiting for a call, seem illogical. Longing to be with that person all the time, regardless of other responsibilities, precludes all logical thoughts.

People with lovesickness often experience intense sexual feelings for that person and can feel desperate to see the person and to touch him/her constantly.

We may feel intense grief, frustration, and sadness when we can’t be with the person. When we get scared and worry we are losing our love interest, we might actually become physically ill. Depression can increase, and cravings for things such as ice cream or chocolate are common due to the serotonin levels changing in the brain. 

When our brain chemicals are disrupted, if our love object breaks up with us or if we are separated during this falling-in-love phase, we might become more obsessive and do things we never dreamed of, including parking in their neighborhood or outside their homes.

At this point, those who are more unstable might even turn dangerous, breaking into homes, stealing belongings, or checking computers and phones. Jealousy, intense suspicion, and even violence can increase in people who have these tendencies.

If the relationship continues in a normal, happy way and real love kicks in, the relationship moves into the attachment phase. Dopamine levels in the brain begin to level off. Both people start to relax as levels of oxytocin and vasopressin increase.

These chemicals make us want to bond, to cuddle, and to stay home. We stop wanting to see friends or even leave the house. Sex wins out over socializing, and if we’re not careful, we might get married and begin procreating.

Being lovesick can cause great surges of creativity. Some of the greatest songs in history are written at times like these. Creative urges are strong at times of real lovesickness; poets, writers, and artists have known this for ages. Sublimation means turning intense emotions into something else. If you are lovesick, now is the time to write, sculpt, sing, or even start a new workout routine

This will help you take all of the intense energy in your heart (and brain) and channel it into something that will benefit you. Start a journal and write about your feelings. Two years from now, you might read it and think, “Ugh … what was I thinking?” Or you may find you have a wonderful new romantic novel or beautiful new love song.
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