What is the meaning of Life? (MOTIVATIONAL)

Question:-What is The Meaning Of Life?

Answer:-What is the meaning of life: "How to find purpose", fulfillment and satisfaction in life? How to achieve some of the inherent meaning of lasting life? There are many people who do not want to stop considering these important questions in life. 
Answer:-What is the meaning of life: "How to find purpose", fulfillment and satisfaction in life? How to achieve some of the inherent meaning of lasting life?

Even after achieving the path that is worthwhile, they look back to their old years and why their relationship has deteriorated and why they are feeling empty. 

As a player reached the highest peak in the competition, he was asked what he was willing to hear first before the game began. He replied, "If anyone would tell me when you reach the top - then you see nothing." It would seem that all the work of several years was only unnecessarily wasted.

According to our culture of humanity, people think behind many things and think they will find the meaning of life. All of these inquiries include business success, wealth, good relationships, sex, pleasure, and goodness for others

It has been tested to people - when they have become rich in wealth, relationships, and happiness, they have experienced a deep emptiness that has never been fulfilled.

The author of the book of Ecclesiastes goes on to describe such feelings as, "Worse, useless! Nothing is permanent. Everything is useless ”(Ecclesiastes 1: 2). King Solomon, the author of the book of Ecclesiastes, had unlimited wealth, his wisdom and wisdom far exceeded that of all the people of that era. 

Hundreds of women, many palaces and many gardens became the cause of envy for many countries. There were plenty of good food and drinks and all sorts of pleasures. So he once said that he would do whatever he wanted in his mind. Even then, he concludes "under the sun" while doing everything I can to survive; 

Everything we do with our eyes and experience with feeling is worthless. Why this deep emptiness? Because God created us for something that is beyond our current experience. 

That is why Solomon says to God, "He has wished to understand eternity in the hearts of men ..." (Ecclesiastes 3: 11b). We must carefully understand that "present" does not mean everything.

The first book of the Bible is Genesis, where we find that God created man in his own image (Genesis 1:26). This means that we are not like anything else (not like any other living organism) but much like God. 

We also see that after the fall of man's sin, the curse of sin came on this earth. That is why these things came true: 1) God created man as a social animal (Genesis 2: 18-25); 2) God gave man work (Genesis 2:15); 3) 

Man's fellowship with God (Genesis 3: 8); And 4) God allowed humans to rule over everything on earth (Genesis 1:26). What might be the significance of all this? God wants us to have the fullness of our lives through all of this. 

But all of this (even the human fellowship with God) began to act in reverse as a result of the fall in human sin, which led to the curse on earth (Genesis 3).

In the last book of the Bible, God revealed that He would destroy this present heavens and earth and create new heavens and earth and move them to an everlasting kingdom. At that time, he will fully restore his relationship with the rescued people; Those who are not saved will be judged ineligible and thrown into the lake of fire (Revelation 20: 11-15). The curse of sin will no longer exist; There will be no more sin, suffering, sickness, pain, and death (Revelation 21: 4).

God Himself will live with them and they will be His children (Revelation 21: 7). That is how the wheel of our lives will be fulfilled: God wanted us to have full fellowship with him, but fellowship was lost because of our sin.

Then, God will restore fellowship again in eternity. Thus, to achieve all things in life, only death will separate us from God for eternity, which will be trivial and worthless! But God has prepared the way for us not only to receive eternal blessings (Luke 23:43), but also to make our lives satisfying and meaningful on this earth. What will be this eternal blessing and 'heaven on earth'?

The meaning of life through Jesus Christ is restoration

The meaning of real life now and for eternity is to be found through the restoration of a relationship with God, which was lost by the fall of Adam and Eve's sin. This broken relationship with God is possible only through His Son, Jesus Christ (Acts 4:12; John 1:12; 14: 6).

The meaning of real life cannot be found only through accepting Jesus as Savior; Rather, by following him as a disciple of Jesus, learning from him, taking time to learn his word, participating in prayer with him, and obedience to his commandments will be found in him. 

The meaning of real life now and for eternity is to be found through the restoration of a relationship with God, which was lost by the fall of Adam and Eve's sin

If you are not a Christian (or, perhaps a newbie), you might ask yourself, 'This may not seem so appealing to me, or it may not be fulfilled!' But Jesus said this:

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened; I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and gentle. In it you will find rest for my heart, for my yoke is easy and my burden is light ”(Matthew 11: 26-30). 

"I came that they might have life, and have that life to be fulfilled" (John 10: 10b). “If anyone wants to come in my way, he must not do what he wants; Let him carry his cross and follow me. Whoever wants to live for himself will lose his real life; 

But whoever loses his life for me will save his real life ”(Matthew 16: 24-25). “Rejoice in the LORD and rejoice; He will fulfill your desire of your heart ”(Psalm 37: 4).

These verses tell us that we have the opportunity to dislike choice. We can govern our lives, which leads to emptiness; Or we strive to find God and his will with all our heart, so that we can have a fulfilling life and find satisfaction and satisfaction in our heart's desire. 

Because our Creator loves us and wants to do the best in our lives (which means not just easy living, but the most fulfilling life).

Christian life means that you can buy expensive tickets to watch the game from very close to the field, or even buy a ticket to watch from afar with less money

We can choose God's work to 'sit in the front row'. But sadly, most people don't. For Christ's disciples, first of all, to seek God with all their heart, means to walk in God's will, not really in the will of God.

Such people have paid their salaries (that is, in full surrender to Christ and His will); They have a fulfilling life experience; They know themselves and know the other people unconsciously and also know the Creator. Have you paid your salary? Do you want to pay? If you do, you will no longer be hungry but will find purpose in life.


We ask ourselves the question of (what is life means) at some point in "Life". But none of us could find the answer to what life means. So today I have taken a pen in my hand to talk about life. Let us try to understand the true "Meaning of life".

The meaning of life is different from person to person. For some, life means building a happy, beautiful family. For some, life means being rich or rich. To some, life is an art, to some, life is just "love". 
We ask ourselves the question of (what is life means) at some point in "Life". But none of us could find the answer to what life means.

For some, life means enjoying every moment with the joy of laughter. Life to the rest means worshiping and obeying religious rules. To the philosopher Aristotle, life meant happiness. Alvart Kemmus had the only meaning of life - not the meaning of life.

Everything on earth that has come up to date, been invented, created, has its specific reasons, explanation and reason. Without logic, nothing happened in Earth, not happening, not happening. Because of the limitations of our knowledge, we do not understand these things because of our lack of knowledge.

In that sense, there is a definite reason for sending humankind to this world. Even the great Prophet, the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) who came to Earth has informed us about "what life means" in life. The light of knowledge has removed the darkness of ignorance. Analyzing their words, it is understood that this small life is nothing but a mere test center.

The Creator has given us the wisdom to understand the difference between light with darkness, day by night, good with evil. It has given you the opportunity to think about life, what life is, (what life means). 

Therefore, using one's own talents, knowledge, wisdom and working for success in this world and the Hereafter means life. The answer to this question is whether life works in harmony between the two periods, not just toil or to work for the Hereafter. Every moment of life is meant for the welfare of oneself and others, for the welfare of the people of the whole earth, to worship the Creator means life.

According to Earth Celebrities, What Life Means:

"Life is completely meaningless, unless you know what life means" - Somerset Mom.

Life means war. Life means laughter and tears. Life means madness. Life means repeated disappointment, but hopefully the chest barrier. Life means painting in cloudy skies. Life is meant to feed the hungry man on the side of the road, even with the burning of starvation. 

Life means one piece of laughter. Life means dew in the morning. Life means a movement. Life means a little cry to hug the mother. Life means making your child smile. Life means a lot. Life means survival.

We were born Growing up Our environment is evolving. There are many members, mothers, fathers, siblings, friends, friends and community. Each of them expects something from everyone. And we have to fight to meet those expectations for a lifetime.

With that expectation, we have some of our own desires. Then we do a lot to achieve that goal. Some like social service, some family-centered development, some get up on top of the mountain and some go around the world. That is, life is full of many purposes - life is a combination of many things.

The child born today will one day grow up one day. Understand the hardness of life. There was a lot of work that had to be done to relieve her. There will be no joy or peace in him. One day he will have to give up his beloved body.

You have to leave the illusion of this world. As a result, all the achievements and achievements of life will be accompanied by death. What was needed - What was needed in these two days of life is totally meaningless !!

The meaning of life can be adjusted in two ways. The whole depends on personal motives. But not without saying a word. People are dying every day on earth. We remember some of them.

But remember those people whose contributions or tireless efforts have changed a bit in this society. We remember Begum Rokeya today - but there were many more Rokeya in her time whom we do not know.

We remember Rabindranath Tagore, Nazrul, Mahatma Gandhi, seven heroes, Nelson Mandela and many more famous people. They are not going down in the abyss of time. They are getting brighter day by day.

They had more people with the same name at that time. They too left this world. The world does not know their news. Only those named relatives know. This cousin may be remembered by his relatives for the time being, from time to time. Diameter… that's it.


What is the reason for the world today? Because they were not born on earth just for them. Did for this society - for the people!

And that is why we still celebrate them hundreds of years later. Because their thoughts were for the country - for ten. Not for myself They thought about the meaning of life with "many things". We try that too.

We love the right, between the priceless life and the worthless life. You will see that life is really beautiful - beautiful.

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