What is Love In A Relationship And Definition Details.

what is love in a relationship:-Love is the act of expressing a premarital relationship for marriage by a person for the purpose of expressing a feeling of love, or a strong attachment to another person, and the emotions caused by these things.

what is love in a  relationship and definition details.

Although the emotions and feelings of erotic love are widely associated with sexual attraction. Yet, without the expectation of physical enjoyment, love can exist. And it may be published later. Historically, the term love has come to be a loving doctrine of knight soldiers towards the elite women of the Middle Ages, which originated in the medieval Shivaric love literature.

General definition:

Love is an exciting, sensual and mysterious feeling related to love. It is an outward and exhilarating feeling of being motivated by an emotional attachment to a person's sexual attraction. Of the four Greek attractions, it is more compatible with Eros than Agape, Philia, or Storz. According to psychologist Charles Lindholm, love is "a strong attraction that exemplifies someone from a sexually-appealing point of view, and that includes the desire to be long-lasting in the future." In a relationship it involves strong emotional and sexual attraction towards the other person as well. Personal emotions are more important than love about sex.

In most cases, feelings of love work more strongly than at the beginning of a relationship. Then there is the feeling of uncertainty and anxiety that comes with love. So he can never come back.

What is Relationship:-

Relationships This term is as different as everything else. The classification of relationships is also numerous. The kind of relationship that can happen may not be realized by some people. Likewise, the tensions in the relationship are different. His beginning is as different as his beginning. The yarn in the relationship is invisible. But even then people can feel the tension constantly. It is nothing less than a complaint of a slight fall in that tension.

Relationships are basically what:-

Is it a reflection of the surroundings, or is it a reflection of the genetic hope that comes from parenting? So if that were the case then how could a two different people tie a relationship into a new bond? Can we not say, then, that relationships are essentially mutual practices in which we are given a new form through ministry? As I said earlier, there are no differences in the relationship, but different relationships are named. About this we become friends, spouses, parents, siblings or relatives. Relationships also become different at different stages of life. Sometimes the nearest man goes away, and sometimes the stranger becomes the nearest person.

So what is the basis of this relationship?

Some human structure or some social rules. Relationships do not come to us with their strings. We prefer relationships to our advantage. Weirdly, the nature of this relationship may sometimes become such that without that relationship we can think of nothing, life seems to have stopped. They begin to feel incomplete, and sometimes survival is meaningless. So the basis of this relationship is a bit complicated to say in particular.

So what can be called a relationship?

Relationships are a flower wreath that withers when dried, which can be torn down but destroyed again, even if it is dusty or dirty. What can not be said then the relationship is very sensitive. One who cannot be touched or touched but who is afraid of being old or wasted.

Relationships are a realization. People write from their own boundaries. Relationships that are completely unknown make some people a part of life. When these people become part of their existence, they do not even understand. Relationships evolve from person to person. The people who come forward to cross the lower roads of this way of life may have a new relationship with them. There is no specific definition of a relationship. People cannot even say when it will develop with whom.

Based on what the relationship is based on?

A relationship is based on a number of factors. Nor can it be said that the structure of a relationship is based on a number of elements. The components are as follows:

1. Honesty: Honesty is a human virtue. It helps a person to grow into a real person. Honesty is a very beautiful characteristic. Which makes a man respectable to others.

2. Tendency to Promise or Speak: Promise is a difficult word that has a lot of importance in this human life. A person who does not speak can never claim to be a good person. Any kind of relationship develops through commitment.

3. Fidelity: In any relationship, loyalty is important. Otherwise no relationship will survive. Loyalty is also related to responsibility. Therefore, in this society, it is very easy to get caught up in this trust.

What is Love?

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