Know How You Speak Your Mind To The People You Love-

The boys tell girls their minds as easily as they do. what to say to a guy you like For girls, that is not easy. The first reason is the girls' shy nature.

Girls simply do not want to tell anyone their minds. And if it is anything related to love. Then the shame of being a skyscraper.

The second reason is the social barrier. Girls are reared in a family and social environment. And the third is uncertainty. If he is rejected by someone for any reason he loves. Then they were severely traumatized.

what to say to a guy you like

As a result, considering these aspects, girls generally do not want to go ahead. However, there are some psychological tricks that can be used to force someone to fall in love without being told face to face. However, this is not always the case. Girls can not always do everything even if they have boys. And expressing love is a distant thing.

Expressing love is a very important thing for a girl. If someone likes them once. Then think of her day and night and how to speak her mind. Or the girls start thinking about these things because he loves her.

But in many cases the result of these thoughts becomes zero, for the above reasons only. So let's find out how to tell your loved one about love:-

what to say to a guy you like

Find out if the boy is single.

It's a really hard thing to get a single boy these days. Because the boy does not fall in love with someone when he is young. So before you fall in love with a boy, understand the symptoms. The boy is still single or in love with someone else.

Wait for the right time.

How about telling a loved one your Valentine's Day love? You must select a suitable day to express your mind. This will make it easier for you to talk to him. February 14th is a special day other than that. You can talk to him about things like his birthday, New Year's, etc.

Choose the appropriate location.

Boys are very emotional. Choose a place where you can tell him you love him. Do not select a place where too many people travel. It will not bring his attention to your words. And that's why the shopping mall Coffee Shop Movie Theater is not the place to say such a thing. Personally, I think it's best to choose a place like this on the banks of a park garden.

Make the day memorable.

How you tell him you love him matters a lot to him. And what he responds to depends largely on you. So do whatever makes the time memorable to him. For that, you don't have to sit on your knees with your finger and say I love you. Just do something that works best for both of you.

Speak your mind:-

Try to keep yourself as calm as possible before asking him questions. Tell her that you need her full attention. Because you want to tell him something very important. Make him mentally ready to accept the word and say it in a timely manner.

Let him know you love him. Explain why you love him. Then you want to know about his attitude towards you. Now the question is, do not expect to get an immediate answer in all cases or force him to agree with your words. If he wants, give him time to think about what you say.

Prepare yourself for the bad news.

After telling him that you love him, prepare mentally for something bad. You have to realize that he also has personal desires. He does not have to love you just because you love him. Respect whatever decision you make. If she loves you too, then she is yours at any cost. Otherwise, accept the fate and move on. Maybe someone better is waiting for you.

If you want to convince someone that he or she is special to you. Then open up and tell him straight away. Believe it or not he expects it from you. If you want, you can give her a surprise gift. If you wish, you can write with your gift. But more than any precious gift to a boy, it is important that he or she is loved by someone who truly understands him.

The biggest reason for a girl to tell a boy about her love for a girl today is the fear of choosing the wrong person. Because there are some boys whom girls want to be careful about engaging with. And girls simply cannot open their minds to the people they love. Moreover, in the conventional sense, everyone believes that it is the male's responsibility to convey love first.

It is the twenty-first century where women and men bear equal responsibility for all activities. So the situation is not the same now. If a girl tells a boy about her mind, it may not look good to some people. But personally I think that. Any girl has the right to tell the person who loves her mind.

At the same time, boys have the right to love someone they love. If you find people you love. Then surely you are in luck. And if not Then there is nothing to be upset about. There are so many things going on in life. Take care of yourself. There is much more to the front.

 Compliment him.

 Compliments always bring two people closer. If you genuinely feel like there’s something worth complimenting about him, tell him about it. Don’t talk about his appearance or how much you like him. Just keep your compliments casual, but memorable. [Read: How to flirt with a guy without making it obvious]

Get personal. 

When you’re in the middle of a conversation with the guy you like, get him to speak about himself. And additionally, ask him about his girlfriend and his leisure activities. It’s an immediate cue to let him know you’re interested in him in a more-than-just-friends way. Be involved in the conversation and look deep into his eyes when he’s talking to you.

Smile a lot. 

Guys love a cute girl who smiles while having a conversation. And each time you laugh out when he says something funny or nice, it’ll make him feel better about himself. For a guy, making a girl laugh or smile is an achievement to be proud of. Make him feel good about himself by smiling and blushing a lot during the conversation, and he’ll just want to continue talking to you. [Read: 25 ways to look cute while talking to a guy]

Ask him to help you. 

Bring out a man’s protective instinct in him. Depend on him for something, and he’ll feel more connected to you. Ask for his help like walking you down the street because it’s dark and lonely or carrying a few books because it’s heavy.


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