Delights Of Student Meditation Doesn't Have To Be Hard. Read These Tips

Delights of Student Meditation:-Student life is full of competitions and pressure due to studies. And it pays off when exams come knocking at the door.

Completing all the projects, assignments, presentations along with last minute preparations makes a student’s life a massacre.

Delights of Student Meditation

Delights of Student Meditation,Students are doing well in Mathematics and in English

Then there are job related complications that make everything more difficult to manage. Meditation is among the few available alternatives that can help getting relaxed and work effectively.

It has been proven through scientific researches that regular meditation can bring success to people in all fields, especially students.

Moreover, it can help relieve mental stress and makes the student life more enjoyable. Here are some fascinating information found from researches based on students:

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Students are doing well in Mathematics and in English

In 2009, a research was done on 189 students of California who were weak in Mathematics and English.

They were advised to meditate two times a day for next three months. The results were impressive. After three months, 78 students did better, not only in Mathematics and English, but also in other subjects.

And the remaining students also did better than the other students who were kept out of the experiment.

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Eliminates psychological problems and Enhances Brain performance

One of the common psychological problems of the students is Attention Deficit Hyper-Activity Disorder (ADHD). ADHD patients cannot concentrate on a particular area which leads to serious anxiety.

Meditation is a very good way to manage this problem. Last year, The Journal of Psychology published a wonderful research article on it.

A research was done on secondary students who were guided to meditate twice a day for three months.

After three months the symptoms of anxiety, mental pressure and related mental problems had found 50% less than the earlier.

Researchers also identified that meditation also improved the mental ability and performance.

Gives relief from psychological pressure

Mental pressure is a common problem for many students. Even with a good preparation many students cannot do well in exams because they fails to handle the mental stress.

In 2007 Southern Illinois University did a research on 64 students who had exam phobia, lack of confidence, nervousness and lack of attention.

After meditating twice a day for three months the students got back their confidence and their consciousness.

They were  improving with their studies and were able to keep themselves relaxed during the time of exam. And they also overcame the physical problems that they had earlier.

Brings positive change in behavior

Meditation changes the structure of the brain- it is now a fact proven through numerous researches.

In 2010 University of Oregon did a research on 45 students. Among them, 22 were selected for a full meditation course and the rest of them were given the simple relaxation programs.

through brain imaging test some visible changes in the brains of the group attending the full meditation course were noticed- especially in the side of brain that is responsible for emotion and behavior.

Thus this group can easily handle the mental stress, and keep themselves away from negative actions.

This result was obtained after doing eleven hours meditation only. The control group did not experience any significant changes.

Helps relief from drug addiction

Young generations are prone to addiction and students are no exception. Usually those who meditate can keep aloof from drug addiction.

In a research report published by Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly revealed that regardless of students or adult, everyone can be saved from the curse of drug addiction through meditation.

It is also equally effective to get relief from other forms of addictions, even from smoking. Meditation is three times more effective than the conventional counseling and awareness programs.

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Reduces the rate of Absenteeism

In 2003 Vernon Barnes, Frank Tribber and Linnet Bauya conducted a research on teenage students in order to identify the impacts of meditation.

Two groups comprising of 45 Afro-American high school students were selected. One group was guided to meditate regularly for four months.

On the other hand, another group did not do anything. Research result depicted that the rate of absenteeism was less for the group who did meditation regularly.

They behaved well with their peers and teachers. And many forms of misbehavior were noticed from the group who did not do meditate.

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Creates resonance of happiness and self-esteem

Meditation creates the resonance of happiness amidst people. A research was taken place on 60 students of class six by a group of researchers from The University of Michigan.

They observed that after meditating for four months, the group of students had improved empathy towards each other as well as self-esteem.

Good for body and heart

Besides improving mental ability, (meditation) is also helpful for students in terms of improving physical health.

A research report of The American University stated that regular meditation helps reduce blood pressure, anxiety and depression.

For the research purpose, 298 students were selected randomly. Among them some did meditation and others did not. Some of them were in the risk of high blood pressure.

After three months, their blood pressure and emotional status were measured. It was found among the students who were in the risk of high blood pressure that the risk of high blood pressure had reduced to 52%

Reduces depression and anxiety

In the student life almost everyone suffers from anxiety. A research indicated that "meditation" is the best way to reduce anxiety, depression and other types of pressure that a person could be having in his/her student life.

A study conducted by The Charles Drew University and The University of Hawaii found that the symptoms of depression was 48% less among the students who meditated.

Develops intelligence

(Meditation) stimulates the brain and increases intelligence. A research conducted by The Maharishi University revealed that High school students could develop their creativity and intelligence through meditation.

Moreover, the efficiency and IQ of the brain also be increased.

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