How About To Marry A Girl - (Motivational)

How About To Marry A Girl;-Choosing a spouse is an important task. So before doing this, you need to think ahead with a very cold head. Because a virtuous girl is a precious gift to a young man.

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If you think your wife will earn and you can handle the house as a housewife then you will give importance to the financial position of the daughter. Marry a girl who is so busy working outside that she has no opportunity to do anything else at home. Then you will take that responsibility.

If you think that the family of the two will earn a living, whom you can respect, who has educational qualifications, whom you consider responsible, then you will marry him.

And if you want your wife to take care of the house, then you will marry a domestic girl who has no desire to work.

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Suppose your working family, if you marry in a business family, will have a cost to adjust to. Because you can't buy your wife the way she got into a business family. And then the turmoil will begin.

However, in the case of marriage, you will always choose the social, socio-economic and socio-cultural spheres. Because real life is so hard. And it is difficult for a man to grow out of the cultural landscape. For example, you are a protective family man, but married to a musician. Both of you are good people, but there will be no peace in the world - there will always be fights.

Remember that you should not be fascinated by just appearance, hearing or appearance. Then you have to repent. Because those who are beautiful, you have to rise higher to satisfy their ego.

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Therefore, not by appearance, always by marriage, by marriage - whether he is a good person or not. In this regard the Prophet (peace be upon him) has very clearly stated that a woman can be married for four qualifications. Heredity, wealth or financial status, appearance and its liability. If you marry for any other consideration, you will be harmed.
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