The Root Cause Of Suspicion Or Jealousy And What To Do ?

Suspicion or jealousy is not a good thing at all. Those who doubt, whether for a reason or for no reason, cannot be mentally good.
And this suspicion is a disease. I have seen many relationships ruined just because of this suspicion or jealousy.
The Root Cause Of Suspicion Or Jealousy And What To Do ?

If the cause of suspicion or jealousy is justified then it is very painful for a person and it will be difficult to stay mentally well if it cannot be solved nicely.

Because some people's minds are extra modern. So even after they have been in a relationship, the opposite sex goes on openly with many others.

The partner of the person who is going to the open fair may not be able to take the matter in a normal way. Having trouble inside. Mentally broken. Gradually the cracks about this nice start to catch, the amount of misunderstandings continues to grow. It even becomes a breakup.

Basically, the culture of each country is different. No one with the mentality of Western culture can marry a person who has grown up with an Islamic mentality.

If someone's girlfriend is very creative, interested in dancing and singing - if the BF does not nurture these ideas and has a conservative idea, then all the time between them. Fighting will continue.

So it is very important to try to understand your partner's mentality before building a relationship.

 Although sometimes after matching the mentality anyone can fall in love with someone else. And that's when the problem arises and the partner continues to feel jealous, to get in trouble.

The parameters that work behind the suspicion of a lover-lover are the following:

  • Not accepting the partner sincerely, neglecting, belittling.
  • Threatening to break up if constantly pressured financially or sexually and expressing inability.
  • Regular viewing of your partner's Facebook messages and the complications caused by this.
  • If you show a whimsical attitude without showing the tension or interest or importance that was there at the beginning of the relationship.
  • If you have trouble with small things - you shouldn't have trouble with those things, it's easy to accept.
  • Ignoring after sending a message on Facebook or social media and asking something about it, I was busy, I was taking classes online, etc., but chatting with others.
  • Not wanting to take any steps to improve the current relationship and talking about partner X - X was much better, if there were any signs of contact or meeting with Hen Ten and X.
  • Abuse, bad language, not giving the right amount of time, not finding out, drastic changes in behavior, etc.
  • Not talking about the main goal of the relationship and reluctance to get married
  • If the boyfriend / girlfriend becomes too weak, spends time day and night thinking about the partner, then suddenly there is a tendency to suspect even the smallest behavior of the partner.

But if the suspicion is unfounded, the suspicion is useless, then it is the problem of the one who (the lover-lover) is doubting.

This suspicion goes to some disease stage. Those who doubt in vain, infringe on the freedom of the partner, consider the partner as their own property, have to suffer a lot which can lead to the end of a beautiful relationship.

Doubtless many lovers say, I really love him so I don't want to share him with anyone else.

And I do this because I love him. This is nonsense. The parameters that work behind the suspicions of those who have doubts even when there is no reason at all are:

  1. Those who are obsessed with doubt have low self-esteem
  2. Some mental problems such as excessive emotions, constant anxiety, emotional disturbances, etc.
  3. Being insecure about your partner or wanting to capture their love and attention completely.
  4. Excessive reliance on a partner, fear of not getting a good alternative.
  5. Inferior people give birth to inferior offspring and, thus, propagate their inferiority.
  6. My partner, who is always afraid of this, may leave me.
All these factors are mainly due to the feeling of insecurity of the skeptics. Doubt is the only reason to keep it alive, whether it is for a good reason or for no reason. 

So as many messengers as possible have to solve or eliminate it. So how can we be free from this jealousy or doubt?

#. Be aware that jealousy is just a fear

The initial reason for the suspicion or jealousy of Phil is the fear in your mind, if he leaves me? What will happen to me then? The main source of this fear is any ridiculous behavior of the partner in the past or your own inner insecurity.

If your partner's past behavior has caused you fear or jealousy, talk openly with him about it. Explain to him sincerely what changes you notice in his behavior and also tell him about the jealousy or suspicion caused by it. Give him this idea of ​​jealousy Phil or this suspicion that destroys the relationship.

And if the cause of jealousy is your insecurity or inferiority complex, then you should give yourself time quickly. It means that you forget yourself, forget your possibilities, think about it all the time and nurture negative thoughts about yourself.

For example, I'm not good looking, I'm not smart at all, no one likes me. For these reasons, my partner may leave me. And this fear of losing, this fear is the reason to feel jealous.

#. Increase your inner strength or inner strength

What actually happens when a relationship starts? Boyfriends and girlfriends spend most of the day thinking about each other. In this way, after 6 months or 1 year, the lovers turn their attention away from their personal or career and start thinking about their partner.

Gradually they lose interest in themselves, in their work, and lose their potential and self-confidence. Even if someone praises them, they don't like it. Just get addicted to your partner's compliments. The main thing is that the partner is in the center of attention. This partner left again.

So you need to regain confidence as soon as possible. You have to give time to your work, you have to change your thinking and focus on good deeds, you have to rediscover your inner strength through meditation, autosuggestion.

When your self-confidence increases, you will understand. I can be happy with or without anybody or anything.

So you focus on your work, you focus on your daily actions, you develop your potential. I will not live without him. Eliminate these radical thoughts and bring back your self-confidence and respect yourself.

Those who can respect themselves are never influenced by the presence or absence of others and believe from the heart that your refuge is to be yourself.

 You have to love yourself first, then someone else.

#. Give More Love To Your Partner

If someone wants to leave, he can never be stopped by force or pressure, he has to be stopped by love.

If a girl realizes that you love her, she will love you too. And what we think of as love is not really love, it is work, true love has no desire.

I love her which means I want her well, I want to see her happy. You love him, you love him, so if he talks to someone and finds peace, what makes you happy? Don't say.

Another thing is- if your partner looks at someone else after being with you, it means that you did not understand his love language and could not love him.

 So keep loving, from the heart, keep giving love to him. You will see that your jealousy is gone and he will start loving you too.

All in all, if the reason for your jealousy is justified in principle, then talk to your partner with an open mind, explaining to him or her the language he or she will understand.

If he does not change his attitude even after speaking openly, even if he does not change himself even after speaking one or more times, never go to extremes with him.

If he doesn't really care about your emotional well-being, then analyze everything in a good way, don't complain, don't be angry, keep quiet, reduce communication from time to time. Get busy with your work. But do not lose your self-respect.

And if the problem is with you, fix yourself, awaken your inner strength, trust without doubt - completely on his personal matter, reduce interference in decisions, stop seeing Facebook messages, focus on your work - increase self-confidence, love yourself. And stay positive about everything, then you can be free from jealousy or doubt.
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