Top Best Reason Why Fight In Love

Fight in Love:-There can be many reasons for fighting in love. Those love fight may be settled, but if they continue, fight may break out.

So if we try to understand our opposite sex, we are aware of their intimacy, we can understand which of them is love, which is arrogance.

Fight in Love:-There can be many reasons for fighting in love. Those love fight may be settled, but if they continue, fight may break out.

Then we will be able to avoid these small things and build a beautiful and happy relationship. So some common intimacy of boys and girls was discussed.

If you can comply with these, 80% of the quarrels will be removed and you will be able to build a happy, happy and beautiful relationship.

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And both will understand what love is. And these love intimacies are taken from the book Man and From Mars and Women and From Venus by Dr. John Gray. So let's not know why there is a quarrel where love is spoken.

Why Fight In Love

For girls, small gifts are just as important as big gifts. Guys think they can get 30 points if they can gift a big car to girls, and 1 point if they can gift a small rose. In other words, girls are happier when boys think they can do something big.

But the fact is, just as boys give 1 point to girls when they give a rose as a gift, girls give 1 point to boys even if they give a big car as a gift. In other words, just as girls are happy when they get a big expensive gift, they are equally happy when they get a less expensive gift.

But for boys it is different, for them car means 30 points and rose means 1 point.

So they think of girls as their own. To give a big gift to the girls, they have to work day and night with their own time and energy. When the boy gives a big gift to the girl at the end of the month and the girl gives the boy only 1 point after receiving this gift, the boy is disappointed to see it.
The smallest things like a hug every day or asking how the day went, saying I love you or talking about love all these things have a lot of importance to the girls.

Dinner in such a five star hotel means 10 points for boys but 1 point for girls. Dinner at a two star hotel, on the other hand, with a rose and a love note or love poem means 3 points for girls. But for boys it means 1 point. So what is the solution?

Boys need to keep in mind that small things are just as important to girls as big things.

And so the boys have to act smartly like that. Instead of wasting all your time and energy trying to make a big gift, you need to work hard to find the little things that will make girls happy.

For example, sometimes taking me to see a movie, helping in cooking, complimenting me on wearing a new dress, reciting love poems. Hugs at least once a day, so the boys have to try to keep their score high all the time by gifting small things every day.

So that the girls profit tank has flowers all the time and they can feel what love really is. Only then will a beautiful smile and happy relationship last a lifetime.

♥ The boys' intimacy is a lot like a rubber band. In most cases, at the beginning of the relationship, the boys are very caring and very attentive to the girls.

As a result, after some time, after getting so much care and attention, girls also started eating habudubu in love with boys. But after some time, all of a sudden, boys started to be less caring and less attentive towards girls.

I mean, if you were supposed to meet 30 minutes ago and stand there, now maybe after 30 minutes you will be ready. So why is that?

According to Dr. John Gray, author of the book Men and From Mars Women and Venus, the answer lies in the boys' intimacy cycle.

According to him, the boys' intimacy bicycle is a lot like a rubber brand. If you can catch the intimacy of this rubber band, girls will easily understand what it means to love boys, first to come closer, then to go away and then to come back in full force.

Imagine this rubber band has a girl on one side and a boy on the other. So at the beginning of the relationship, when the boy was away from the girl, the rubber bend was completely stressed (tension), so when the boy started approaching from this state of full stress, he started coming to full power.
But when at some point he came close to the girl, the rubber band lost its full strength and became loose, which weakened the intimacy between them.

Now if you want to make this force of attraction as powerful as before, then you have to let the rubber band be stressed again. That means the boy has to be allowed to move away.

And this is where the problem of girls arises. When the boys start to walk away according to their own nature after being completely closed, the girls start to get scared and start chasing the boy because of this fear.

Which never lets the rubber band be as full stress as it used to be. Which is why powerful intimacy never feels like that beginning. Since the boys' attraction cycle is like a rubber band, the farther they go, the more power they will get back to the girl.

But the girls can't accept this going away after the closure. They force the boys to understand what love is.

The mentality and likes and dislikes of boys and girls are completely different. In some cases, even retrograde. This means that if boys are creatures of Mars, then girls are creatures of Venus. Therefore, both boys and girls need to understand what love means.

In this way, if the boys can feel the need and if they can recite one or two lines of love poems in the middle of the day, if love can explain to them, they will gladly give or give everything to the girls.
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