Best Simple Method How to increase likes on Facebook

How to increase likes on Facebook-I have been using Facebook for a long time. But this day your friend Himel has created a Facebook account. You were shocked to see so many likes and comments on his photo.

Best Simple Method How to increase likes on Facebook

Moreover, your girlfriends have also given Facebook likes on all his pictures and left beautiful comments in the comments box. You are more angry with your girlfriend Chitra.

There is no picture of Himel that Chitra did not like. He also commented on some pictures. You get a little confused, thinking you must have a problem somewhere.

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If this is your situation then this article is for you. Keep reading till the end of the article, you too can get out of this situation and find out how to get more likes, more comments and more shares on Facebook. So let's get started not knowing how to increase Facebook Likes.

How to increase likes on Facebook

Post regularly:

If you want to get likes on Facebook, you have to post on Facebook regularly, but don't think of Facebook as your personal diary again. Even if you post one all day, your timeline will be filled with content in a few days or months.

How to increase likes on Facebook

And when posting, try to post something unique, interesting, and read by your friends so that they burst into laughter or tears. When more Facebook book friends are online, post more. Then they will be able to see your Facebook post immediately, will also be able to do Facebook Likes or Facebook Comments.

Increase the number of Facebook friends

If you only have a few Facebook friends, they may not see your post unless they voluntarily visit your profile.

How to increase likes on Facebook

The more Facebook friends you have, the more Facebook friends will see your posts, the more people will see your Facebook posts, the more likely they are to like, comment or share the posts if they like them.

When adding a Facebook friend, only add people you know on Facebook, because they will look at your post with interest and even like it.

Tag the post:

Facebook tagging means letting others know. If you tag someone in a post, Facebook tagging will inform everyone about this post, it will also increase the possibility of increasing Facebook likes in your post, because Facebook tagging will also show the post on the profiles of those who have Facebook tagged.

How to increase likes on Facebook

As a result, their friends will also be able to see this Facebook post. However, be restrained when tagging Facebook, it will not be right to annoy someone again and again.

Upload photos and videos:

In order to get Facebook likes, you can not only post in text form but also share some stylish photos, videos or any other funny things taken with a good camera or DSLR on Facebook, which can be a picture or a video. 
How to increase likes on Facebook

Keep in mind, Facebook has given the option to upload a lot of pictures on Facebook at once, but if you do one without putting a lot of pics on Facebook at once, everyone will see it and if you put it together, there is a chance of not seeing it.

Like friends' posts:

The point is, give others what you expect from them first. Remember, liking your Facebook friends' posts is a kind of investment, when you give a Facebook Like to a Facebook post or photo of your friend, they will also like your post out of gratitude, it is a kind of give and take liking, and this method is very effective and proven.

 How to increase likes on Facebook

If you like a friend's Facebook content, Facebook will understand that you want more content from that Facebook friend of yours, so Facebook will show him your content and show you his content. This will increase the possibility of both of them getting Facebook likes.

Please comment:

Your Facebook content will be seen more by any of your friends, although it is difficult to say what is the correct algorithm of Facebook in this regard, but the one with whom you have more interaction or correlation, the more likely you are to see the Facebook post and your Facebook post.

 How to increase likes on Facebook

When you comment on someone's Facebook post, Facebook shares it in the news feed of all your friends that you have commented on a Facebook friend's post, so that everyone can see and this increases the visibility of your Facebook profile, which also increases the likelihood of Facebook Like comments and sharing.

Build relationship:

Gradually try to build a beautiful relationship with as many friends as you have on Facebook. Inbox them on Facebook from time to time, find out and take the opportunity to sincerely appreciate their work or their Facebook photos.

 How to increase likes on Facebook

Even after likes and comments on their Facebook posts, say the words in a diplomatic way while chatting in the inbox. However, take a little time to do this relationship buildup work, relationship buildup is not done on Facebook in a hurry.


I will say this, without being too restless, if you continue to follow my ideas on Facebook for a while, the number of likes, comments and shares on Facebook will definitely increase.

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