That Everyone Should Know:-WHAT DEFINITION OF LOVE?

A sexual attraction that is created inside the body by someone's contact or smell is called love definition. Intense attraction to another person is an intense feeling of affection, the "definition of love".

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Love is the act of expressing a feeling of love for another person, or a strong attraction, and the emotional consequences caused by all of these things.

Although the emotions of romantic love are largely related to sexual attraction, the feeling of love can exist without the expectation of physical orgasm and can be expressed later. Historically, the term love has come to be the knightly doctrine of knight soldiers towards medieval aristocratic women, created through medieval chivalric love literature.In short, this is the (definition of love)

 Now we will discuss below - "what definition of love"


What Definition Of Love

Definition Of Love:-Love is an exciting, sexual and mysterious feeling related to love. It is an outward and pleasurable feeling that is aroused by any emotional attraction related to sexual attraction towards a person.

Of the four Greek attractions, it is more compatible with Eros than Agep, Philia, or Sturge. According to psychologist Charles Lindhome, love is:-

In the case of any relationship it works to have strong emotional and sexual attraction towards the other person at the same time. Personal emotions are more important than sex about love.

In most cases the feeling of love works more strongly in the early stages of the relationship. Then one feels uncertainty and anxiety with it. That this love may never come back.Some possible definitions of love include:

  • Love is madness,Pulling each other closer to the heart.
  • Love means risking one's life,Walking barefoot in the sand.
  • Love means towards each other Too lean.
  • Love means heavy rain, continuous rain inside and outside,The two of them walk.
  • Love means talking incessantly in front of a cup of cold coffee.
  • Love means sitting face to face even after the words are over.
  • A willingness to prioritize another’s well-being or happiness above your own.
  • Extreme feelings of attachment, affection, and need.
  • Dramatic, sudden feelings of attraction and respect.
  • A fleeting emotion of care, affection, and like.
  • A choice to commit to helping, respecting, and caring for another, such as in marriage or when having a child.
  • Some combination of the above emotions.
There has been much debate about whether love is a choice, is something that is permanent or fleeting, and whether the love between family members and spouses is biologically programmed or culturally indoctrinated.

I haven't read the definition of love in many places, but in no definition did it seem complete to me.

The definition I have given myself with the perception of life is that if the condition of the body, mind and surroundings is good, love is created in the heart. With this, if the economic situation is prosperous, the form of love will be beautifully revealed. However, in a poor economic situation, love does not last long.

Love may vary from person to person and culture to culture. Each of the debates about love may be accurate in some time and someplace. For example, in some instances, love may be a choice while in others it may feel uncontrollable.

Just as life does not work with love, life does not work without love. Undoubtedly love and life complement each other. But love is changeable. It doesn't take long for intense love to turn into terrible hatred. What a strange color of love, there is a form that does not take a little time to change. Slight intolerance Moments filled with love are instantly filled with ugliness.

The big problem for boyfriend or girlfriend in love is that we always want to drive others as we like. Never want to pay the price of someone else's choice. I like to think of myself as valuable and others as unimportant. This is why trivial reasons cause many big problems.

So our distaste for life and love comes. And is easily offended.

Sometimes I get very upset for no reason. I can't find the reason even after trying a lot. The mind is a big weird thing! Nothing can reach his right. How many ways that the mind annoys people!

In fact, no ordinary person can control the mind. Basically the mind controls the people. That's why sometimes we laugh for no reason. I am weeping and burdened.

Anyway, I have written a lot of random things. This is not the reason why these words were written. I asked someone, "What is love?" I did not get any answer.

Maybe I got in trouble, the definition of trouble is not known at the moment. Now we have to think about it!

As far as I know, every man imagines his favorite man before going to sleep and falls asleep thinking about him.Reading the article above, we came to understand that, the (definition of love) and (what definition of love). Now we will discuss below - What is love?


"What is love"|Has anyone ever wondered what the true {definition of love} is? There is actually no definition of love. Love has some features and truths.That truth lies in all true love.

"What is love"|Has anyone ever wondered what the true {definition of love} is? There is actually no definition of love. Love has some features and truths.That truth lies in all true love.

But nowadays no one remembers these truths because of the performance of thin love. Many forget. That is why nowadays there is no price for love at all. The true love of the past is not visible.

Love is not usually forced?

No matter how much you try to forget, this thing is basically not unknown to anyone that you can never love someone by force. Love is entirely a man's private matter.

No matter how much you try to forget, this thing is basically not unknown to anyone that you can never love someone by force. Love is entirely a man's private matter.

Love does not mean winning someone but losing oneself in someone's love. It is not with the depth of knowledge, but with the purity of the heart!

The most pronounced and discussed word in the world is "love".
This love sometimes cries, sometimes laughs, someone sacrifices for it. How many sacrifices people accept to get people to love.

Again for this love man loses a lot of valuable things for which there is never the slightest regret. In fact, our human mind is so restless that it doesn't even know what it wants. Again, knowing everything, this mind goes in the wrong direction.

Conscience then forbids him countless times, in this battle of conscience and mind, the mind always wins. And then a man love can be felt and valued, and that is why the world is so beautiful. Otherwise all the people of the world would have become robots.

There is a difference between love and affection;

There is a difference between love and affection;

We fall in love with many things in life but it cannot be called love. So there is a difference between love and affection. But many of us do not want to accept this fact.

No special day or days are required to express love. There is no special color of love. Every day there is love and affection for the people of true love.

However, it is true that love depends on the nature (ie special seasons such as spring)… I did not write this about Valentine's Day, I wrote about the favorite season of love, spring.

Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally more than ever! Because love has always been more colorful in the colors of spring.

Spring has never been a separation in love, but the spring of the human mind, has nourished love from the beginning. Every human being feels love in the colors of spring at some point in life and renews it.

There is so much to love?

There is so much to do to hold on to love. Otherwise the color of this love changes with time. And love is to hold yourself in harmony with that color.

There is so much to do to hold on to love. Otherwise the color of this love changes with time. And love is to hold yourself in harmony with that color.

Love means understanding each other. This love doesn't seem to have any meaning if I don't understand the person I love.

I think it's a lot bigger to understand a man of love than to always say love with love. Love survives or survives in mutual trust.definition of love In love where there is a lack of faith, there may not be love, there may be protection of sociality.

Anyone can go to love. Love is a feeling that is very sacred. Love should not be for selfish gain. Love is the sweetest relationship in the world where there will be no seeking, no interest, there will be only love.

One should love oneself before loving another?

If you can't love yourself, no one else can love you. Many people know this truth. But I can't believe it.

If you can't love yourself, no one else can love you. Many people know this truth. But I can't believe it.

It is not possible to make others happy by loving oneself. Don't fall in love with someone thinking that someone will bring happiness in your life. Instead, make love thinking that you will bring happiness in someone's life.

Love is a thing to give, not a thing to take. If you find happiness in receiving love more than giving love, then you have not yet gone deeper into love. definition of love Happiness found in deep love is almost unmatched by any other happiness! Love has nothing to do with expectation.

True love only wants to make the man in love happy, does not expect any reward from him. The pressure of expectation slowly kills love. The man you love is not a machine to meet your expectations. True love frees people, not binds them. Love is like opium, not an iron chain.

The man you love will most likely return to you if you let him go. If you try to keep the people you love with iron chains, the birds will try to break the cage and fly away. Feed the birds love opium rather than shackles.

Love does not have selfishness?

Love is a matter of complete selflessness. When interest is involved, it no longer falls into the category of love.

Love is a matter of complete selflessness. When interest is involved, it no longer falls into the category of love.

Don't insult the sacred name 'LOVE' by thinking that love is just a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. The scope of love is as big as the universe.definition of love As much self-satisfaction is found in the object called ‘love’, it is not possible to find it anywhere else.

And you will get the full taste of this self-satisfaction only when you can unselfishly love the Creator of this universe and its creation. You can never snatch someone else's love or force them to be like others.

All you can do is create yourself in such a way that everyone is fascinated by your usage and starts liking you. No matter how much you think that you are doing or are doing something for others, in most cases those people will not understand it.

So you should not expect anything from them, otherwise you will get sad. You have to work hard for many years to gain loyalty, but in just one second you can lose all faith. So it is better to understand and listen.

Love is never perfect?

Love can never be perfect, just as a man can never be perfect. There will be many flaws in it. But love is the name of accepting it.

Love can never be perfect, just as a man can never be perfect. There will be many flaws in it. But love is the name of accepting it.

You will always forget what you have gained in life, but remembering again and again what you have lost will hurt your mind. So always think of the good aspects of the past, think of the bad ones? Don't hurt yourself unnecessarily.

There is no guarantee that you will see those you see in front of your eyes tomorrow morning. So if there is a conflict with someone, definition of love make the relationship beautiful before the last farewell. Forget what happened.

Just love people selflessly. You will see that the people around you have started to love you without your knowledge. Love is when someone breaks your heart 'and the most surprising thing is' you love him with every broken piece of that heart.

Don't change yourself in the hope that someone will like you, try to stay as you are! He who truly loves you will truly love you.

Time is not needed for love, one moment is enough. A true lover does not love hundreds of girls, but he loves one girl in hundreds of ways. It is possible to live without love in the world, but it is not possible to live without good.

To end one's life for the sake of love is to lose one's loved ones as well as one's loved ones for the rest of one's life, as well as to make the people of love criminals. The name of giving up oneself after failing in love is not life, the name of establishing oneself by fighting for it is life.

Love means embracing everything else

Love means embracing everything else

Love is the name of looking at a person's imperfection in a beautiful way. True love is accepting all the faults and virtues of another human being. If you want to change him, it is not love.

A very trivial reason can make anyone feel good. Seeing a girl's worldly smile can make her feel good in an instant. Or a boy's heartbeat can be missed just by looking at a beautiful girl on the street.

Or a boy can impress a girl by talking beautifully, playing a guitar, listening to music. And it creates a kind of feeling for the boy and the girl.

It's not love that makes these feelings feel good. definition of love is not so easy. Love for a man is created very slowly. You can't love anyone if you want to.

You can't say you love someone if you want to. No one wants to give up and throw away everything if they want to. No one can go against the whole world for one.

Someone is a very special person. Who can only be loved. Close the eyes on which to rely. Feelings that are created too quickly are lost too quickly. When the feeling is lost, that person also disappears from your life without saying anything. Then you must understand that he never loved you.

I liked everything that was there. Because whoever loves can not leave his hand in the middle of the road in a hurry and go away. Most people can't tell the difference between feeling good and being in love. And that's why the haughty girl is still waiting.

Sleepless at night, lying in bed and fidgeting. And so the foolish boy filled his chest with nicotine and cigarettes instead of oxygen. When the night was late, knowing that the girl's number was off, he called the number again and again and spent restless time.

Not just attraction, but respect, esteem and faith

Not just attraction, but respect, esteem and faith

The love thing is not just made by attracting each other. It has to have respect, esteem and trust towards each other.

Love is abandonment, giving up oneself, giving up. Love is to keep a picture of someone in one's mind, to take care of him, to evaluate him, to protect his honor, to fall in love.

Love is to live in the hope of survival, to love the one who gives rise to the hope of survival, to surrender oneself to him. Love is not a promise. definition of love is to be faithful to someone. I only love him, holding his hand in this belief.

Not dreaming about him, fulfilling his dreams. Walking mile after mile, or waiting for someone for hours on end is not the name of love. Love is to be united with the heart, to hold the presence of one's existence within oneself.

Breathing in and out, just feeling him, his small desires, the urge to fulfill, his good and bad finding himself everywhere. Love is the desire to see someone, the mind becomes anxious, his thoughts stay awake, he spends his happiness in the middle of it and gives a little smile and the biggest thing is love, to be with him all his life.

And not all love succeeds. Failure in love does not mean wasting one's life. We have to learn to accept reality by controlling our emotions. Love in the world does not end soon. Love never comes in life. Love comes in many forms many times in life.

Love means promise

To love someone means to be committed to it, which is not seen in today's love at all.

To love someone means to be committed to it, which is not seen in today's love at all.

If you love from the heart where there is no physical need is the first condition, where the future of love does not depend on the calculation of profit and loss, love can in no way depend only on time. Three years of love filled with false interests is also meaningless to three days of true love.

Love is "love" and its feeling is the same for all time. Time is not the only reason here. In the web of reality, when two people of love are separated from each other,definition of love  when two thousand desires of the mind cannot keep people close, but intense pain is created between them.

But what do we see if we analyze this pain? I see that they are missing each other very much, they are missing their smiles, tears, naughtiness. Maybe they will wipe their eyes and think of the people in their minds. Again, the occasion of their pure joy is this painful pain.

They are happy to think about how much the man they love misses her, thinks about her, keeps talking about her. They are very happy to think that Tarak loves each other so much. True pain can also give joy to people, can give a happy opportunity to be proud of the people in the mind. And this joy makes two people more colorful, more loving.

Fake is not love

Love is not the name of being in front of someone by acting like someone else instead of one's own identity. Love can never be fake.

Love is not the name of being in front of someone by acting like someone else instead of one's own identity. Love can never be fake.

Love means relationships, the basis of trust in people. Many forms of love. Like brother-sister love, parental love. There may be love for an animal in the family. For example, many people keep dogs, cats, fish in ponds, teach birds to talk. None of this is an expression of love.

Some plant trees out of love, tending to trees. I don't know if people love trees. Maybe there is. Going to one side, you are attending, looking and seeing that it is growing fast. Didn't find the other one. So he’s not growing up. It is but tested.

From this it is understood that the tree also has feelings. Love is not limited to male-female love. Love is manifested in human relationships with people. People love a politician. You may never have seen him face to face. Still in love. Why? Out of respect, the expression of one's love is different. Someone is soft.

Someone is very angry. Someone sometimes falls into the category of arbitrariness. He exercises his rights. If the concentration of love is high,definition of love  it can be called love. Let me give you an example. I like a girl, I love her. When this feeling is dark it can be called love.

The measure of love is that I am fascinated by a person's good qualities or appearance and I fall in love with him and think that I have fallen in love with him.

Is it really love or not love? Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about someone.

Or I have gone crazy for her outward beauty and I have fallen in love with her, I have fallen in love with her, no doubt everyone likes her good qualities or beauty! So what is the difference between the love of a lover and other ordinary people? In fact, this is the difference between love and affection.

In order to understand love, you have to go much higher than other ordinary lovers, that is, you have to accept the good qualities as well as the faults of every human being. Every human being has both good and bad qualities. People are considered on the basis of which quality they are able to present themselves in front of the society.

We all try to show our good qualities to the people we want. As the relationship deepens, the disliked qualities gradually come to the fore and then we can understand the difference between love and affection. But at that time there is no chance to return.

In the beginning, the happiest thing called the love of complexity becomes the most sad and painful thing. One thing someone has thought of. Why is mother's love so real and eternal? Because the mother accepts all the faults of her child's character and tries to correct them for the good of the child! And we ask the loved one to change it for his own benefit without accepting the faults or dislikes of the loved one and then the main rift of the relationship starts and then in the untimely death of love, the passion shows the people the dream and the reality torments the dream.

Emotions can never win the battle of emotions and reality. One can give one's life for the person of one's love due to passion but one cannot reach the address of happiness in married life only with passion and love. And it is not possible to find love. 

So not only emotion or love but also mutual sacrifice and ability to accept one's partner's guilt can be judged by this measure how much he loves his partner or how much his partner loves him.definition of love  Happiness and joy can be found only if you can love by measuring in this measure of love, you can go to that dream world of love.

There will be differences like the people you love, understand that this is normal. It is never possible for two people to get along very well. Same soul, same soul - all these are just story-novel-movie subject. In real life, your past is different, your way of thinking is different, your childhood and adolescence are different.

Even after this difference, the two of you are very close people because the two of you were together not to lose the essence of the two and merge into one, but to travel to the same goal together. And you will not give up that effort to go to paradise for your own benefit until you die, right? Husband and wife have some differences but create balance in everyone's life.

If the mind is dirty, take the initiative to attach that distance. If you go ahead and solve the problem on your own first, then if you bring the feeling of defeat, ego or mind in this beautiful relationship, then you will be severely damaged.

The whole point of this relationship is to be good to your spouse - to be good to you. So accept the differences between the two and if you have to sacrifice a little to give comfort to the other, do it. You will see that the joy and peace you will enjoy because of this will make you forget your pain and give you a strangely beautiful feeling. Beautiful married life is not available ready made, it has to be built slowly.

But you are the builder of the house of peace that was built! Yes, you and the two of you ... once a couple was asked how they spent 60 years together. They replied, "If we had a problem at the time we were born, we would have repaired it, not thrown it away."

Remember that one small mistake of yours can shatter the dreams of you and your partner and both your family and happiness! definition of love You may have made the mistake out of anger or emotion but the person you did it with may not have the ability to understand your anger situation. Whenever your head gets hot, just close your eyes and think, "What would you do if you were in his position, think about his surroundings before you catch someone's fault."

"He never repents for his mistakes because he has been punished for his mistakes. What is the use of repenting?"

And if you don't tell him something about his mistake, he will regret it and there is no punishment in this world that is harder than regret. Give him a chance to repent, let him realize his mistake, you will be big and great to him. And he will not make the same mistake a second time after realizing his mistake.

Hopefully after reading the above mentioned words you have understood "what is love"? Now you choose what kind of love you are engaged in.

Best 5+ Definition Of Love

a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend. sexual passion or desire.

People say love is pure, painful, sweet, and dreadful — all at once. The truth is, love is a basic necessity in everyone’s life. Everyone needs to be loved to live a proper and healthy life. Love has various definitions. Ask someone and they will give you their own definition of love. Love is a variety of feelings, emotions, and attitude. For some love is more than just being interested physically in someone, it’s an emotional attachment.

Love is more of a feeling that a person feels for another person. People often confuse love and lust. Love means to be deeply committed and connected to someone or something. The basic meaning of love is to feel more than liking towards someone. It is a bond that two people share.

There are a few things you need to avoid when building a new relationship like being too demanding. You need to understand that your partner had a life before you entered. You cannot ask them to give it up, the moment you entered. They have their priorities. Your partner cannot give you attention 24/7. Understand it, respect it. Don’t expect them to change their schedule completely for you.

Give time to yourself and your partner. Take things slow. Know their likes and dislikes. Analyze that would you be willing to share a common bond in the following years. Every person has some habits that would be annoying to you. Think — would you be still sharing the same bond when you see the dark side of a person?

Some Exclusive definition of love:-

  • The fact that babies who are not shown love and affection in the form of frequent holding and cuddling may be developmentally delayed or ill.
  • Feeling unloved is strongly correlated with feelings of low self-esteem and depression.
  • People who both feel loved by others and who report loving other people tend to be happier.
  • Love can play a role in long-term health, and feeling emotionally connected may help increase immunity.
#1.There is no room for jealousy and possessiveness in cases where true love is basically there. Being protective may be a a part of a relationship, but there should be a healthy understanding. Being an excessive amount of involved can make the opposite person suffocated within the relationship. they'll be having an ex with whom they share an understanding as a lover , but it didn’t compute once they were dating. that's the rationale they moved on and now are with you.

#2.Just because you both had a conflict in opinion about something doesn’t mean things won’t compute . Give yourself an opportunity . Your perception and your partner’s perception may differ. Sometimes, that's what makes life exciting!

#3.Stop expecting doesn’t mean to offer abreast of you. But don't expect your partner to try to to things exactly what you thought they might be doing. it's not right. Your expectations in your relationship could also be different from what your partner’s expectation of you is. Respect the very fact that they're a touch different from you. The more you are trying to vary an individual and check out to form them act consistent with you, the less attached they're going to be with you.

#4.With social media readily available to share all of your problems and other people able to jump to your rescue, we tend to debate issues over the web quite we neutralize person. Never do this . Maintain privacy in your relationship. Talk out the problems together with your partner. Don’t use the platform of social media to complain about something that's wrong between you two. a touch privacy to your relationship is required.

#5.It is easy to possess a misunderstanding once you have a conflict of opinion. attempt to avoid it. provides a chance to let your partner suggests their point of view. If they're wrong, try lecture them about why you are doing think are they wrong. Don’t jump to conclusions and make a drama. this is often very unhealthy to your relationship.

Ultimately, love is accepting the opposite person for who they're . Encouraging your partner to realize their dream and respecting one another is true love. True love may be a divine feeling that provides a sense of being complete. it's worth fighting and taking efforts for every other. Love is being there for every other through the thick and thin. Love can't be defined in words but are often expressed through actions. Love is being someone’s strength and love are often found in small gestures.


I didn't write to hurt anyone, I wrote what I thought was the real thing to find the answer, if anyone is upset, please forgive me. And I don't know if what I said is correct, please correct it a little. Love is very changeable and its definition varies from person to person.

And it is natural for some to disagree with the types I have given. I am not claiming that all kinds of love have been spoken of here, but it is true that many kinds of things have been said. I have tried to be as neutral as possible while discussing the types. I apologize if anyone thinks this effort is presumptuous.Hopefully after reading the above mentioned words you have understood Definition Of Love?Or what is love?
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