Apply These 5 Secret Techniques To Improve How To Remember What You Read

It is definitely a great virtue to remember something once read or heard and to be able to say it beautifully when needed. "How To Remember What You Read"Many have been born with such extraordinary talents.

How To Remember What You Read"Many have been born with such extraordinary talents.

For example, Sri Chaitanya in the 15th century, Mozart, the king of Western classical music in the 18th century, Sorsovsky in Russia, the magician Jewel Ich, and Shakuntala Devi in ​​India, who could solve any calculation as fast as a computer since childhood.

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So is it just a matter of innate talent to remember? Or can this power be achieved? The answer is, of course, the power to remember. Due to lack of memory, it took 9 years for the scientist Einstein to start studying.

How To Remember What You Read

He was admitted to the school after failing for the first time and passed the entrance examination for the second time. He did not even agree to study engineering due to lack of memory. Over the next 20 years, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Would you call it innate talent? In response to the question of whether memory can be enhanced, Einstein said, "You can understand it only by comparing my childhood with the present."

I didn't remember anything as a child, so my school life ended in a few months. The day I was leaving school - my mother's eyes were filled with tears.

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Now I can memorize page after page. If I had the ability to remember this as a boy. The words belong to Thomas Alva Edison, a talented twentieth-century inventor. He has made the world indebted by inventing 125 items including electric lamps and gramophones.

It goes without saying that the Muslim philosopher Imam Ghazzali had no vocal power in his childhood. That's why he used to take notes in his notebook. Once in the desert, he fell into the hands of a band of robbers and asked them to return the notebooks in exchange for everything.

He had a lot of fun getting the word out to the robber chief and snatched the notebooks. Ghazzali kept running after the gang of robbers for a notebook and kept saying "don't take all my knowledge with you".

He became possessed of extraordinary memory. The huge book written by him is the proof of this. In addition, Homer, Michelangelo, Bipadev Goswami, Samuel Johnson, General George Patton, sculptor Augustus Randa and other thinkers did not get this power at birth, but gained it through their own efforts.

Is there any simple formula for these talented people to remember anything? Of course there is.

Then let's know the easy formulas (How To Remember What You Read)

1. Just keep in mind the essentials:

Expecting a person to remember everything and expecting him to carry all that he has eaten so far is tantamount to expecting it. First we need to change the idea that "we have to remember everything." In fact, we need to remember the things that are important to us. And when we understand what is important, our interest and attention to that subject increases.

Ask yourself this question to find out if the subject is useful to you āĻ•ি what if you don't remember the subject? How soon will this information need to be reused? These questions will help you understand which subject or information should be given priority.

2. Read with understanding

You will be able to keep in mind the subject that you will understand 9 times more. So at the beginning of the subject you want to remember the details of the subject, try to understand the unknown words. And after reading the beginning and end of the whole subject a few times, visualize what it really means or what has been tried to highlight in the written subject.

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3. Have an idea about the opposite- How To Remember What You Read

Learn the opposite, words and explanations of what you read to make it easier to remember. This will make the matter permanent in your memory. For example, if you want to learn the meaning of 

Englsih Word-Day, learn its opposite word and its meaning. If you want to remember the word Day, the word Night comes in front of your eyes.

4. Add unknown words to known words

Add an unknown new word, line, or paragraph to the word, line, or paragraph you know. Suppose you learn a language, then combine the unknown word with the known word in that language. Remember, you don't remember or want to remember the word Thumbnail. Dividing the word into 2, we see, Thumb + Nail = Thumbnail.

But if you know the word Nail, then just remember your nails to remember Thumbnail, if there is any incident with nails, also keep the tone.

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5. Make up the story-How To Remember What You Read

Make short stories to memorize a lot of information or memorize a lot of words at once. Many people make up stories to remember the market list. Suppose you need to keep in mind the following 6 things-

  • Chocolate
  • Spoon
  • Eggs
  • Blue
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Milk
So how do you remember this list? Make a story. For example, think of your biggest enemy. He is going to the market to eat chocolate, holding a spoon in his mouth, laying eggs on it and looking at the blue sky. 

He stumbled and fell while walking. After going to the doctor, the doctor wrote the prescription on a piece of paper with a pen. And said to eat more milk. Notice that this story has everything on the market list.

When we summarize this whole article, we get-

  1. Interest, attention, experience and practice are needed to remember.
  2. Adopt new techniques to remember. Purple, blue, sky blue, green, yellow, orange, red - make a word to remember the words - beniasahkala. This word has 6 color names.
  3. Use hooks, hooks, or queues to memorize, giving the idea a left-handed rhythm to the story.
  4. Occasionally reminisce. Read the subject over and over again.

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