Best Unique Methods Protect What You Love?

Guru says, it is harder to "Protect What You Love" than to acquire love. Relationships today are seldom broken. Scattered sad people all around.

Sadness all around. On the occasion of World Valentine's Day, I have come up with 101 infallible ideas to bring happiness in the midst of such sorrows, to make love relationships exciting and feminine.

101+Methods Protect What You Love

Best Unique Methods Protect What You Love?

1. Impress from the beginning. Once fascination comes to someone, it continues to increase in compounding. Once you see that even if you sneeze, he is thinking in his mind, Ish man did not sneeze beautifully.

2. Do not break faith easily. 'Faith is like glass; It breaks down very little 'is completely wrong. Faith is like steel which does not break easily but once broken it does not join easily. People get emotional and lose their conscience and make mistakes like breaking faith. 

If you make a mistake, admit it. I'm sorry. Promise never to break faith again. But remember, once you have done wrong, you can be forgiven. Forgiveness is available even if you have done wrong twice. But if you do wrong for the third time, the Creator Himself does not forgive. He is a little man.

3. Compromise. Every human being in the world is unique. She's not like you. You are not like him. However, you have a relationship because there are some similarities between you. Don't try to make him like you. Rather try to make yourself like her. You will see that he is also trying to be like you. Doing the pull of love.

4. Fight. Be arrogant. But don't be angry. Don't push away in anger. The words are hidden behind the eyes, hidden behind the mind. Let him know with arrogance, I am arrogant. Keep informing or explaining. Today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow he will break his pride. Remember, love grows when pride is broken, but even when anger is broken, a small bit of hatred accumulates in the chest.

5. Make friends. The man you love is your friend first and then the man you love. What could be a better friend than the man you will spend your whole life with? Make him a best friend forever. Share everything with him. Tell the story. Chat. Poke or smile openly. Become his best friend. Because only a true friend understands the true meaning of true love.

6. Don't undo the old relationship. It is said that 90% of first love does not end and 90% of mature love breaks up as a result of the old relationship. Your first love may not have ended. You're in trouble. But she does not repeatedly make statements to the new boyfriend. Someone broke your heart so he came into your life to heal your broken heart. Give him a chance. Love. And stay grateful.

7. Thanks. Thank your loved one for coming into your life. Can't the man who cares for you, loves you, cares for you, shares your joys and sorrows get a thank you?

8. Be careful, don't be careful. Take care, don't force it. Don't do it, don't go there, why do you wear this dress? This does not mean that you have acquired ownership of the relationship. Don't close your own independent space. Exercise rights. But not always. Explain later that you don't like it. He will understand.

9. Keep an eye out. Stay tuned. When asked, say, 'Let me see you. I love you unnecessarily. Peace takes peace. '

10. Listen to their favorite song. Share headphones. When you go to listen to the song, if your forehead is knocked, say it again, otherwise the horn will grow. :-P

11. Write a letter. Short letter Hide in his usable things. Will be surprised to find out suddenly. Love will grow.

12. Give a gift. There is no such thing as a gift. A bunch of red bangles on the sidewalk costs more than a thousand rupees.

13. Praise when he feels inferior or ugly. Let him know, he's just like you. Even if someone else's something comes in it, nothing comes to you.

14. If you are in a public place, whisper in my ear, I love you.

15. Take pictures together. Only themselves. Or two by two. Have fun taking funny pictures.

16. Read her favorite story book.

16. Suddenly send a message when he is by your side. Write in the message, love.

16. Try to remember birthdays, special days. If you forget, use a phone reminder.

19. Put your hand on hers, then take her hand and place it over your heart and say, this is going on just for you. (For boys :-P)

20. Sorry quick. Don't keep pride for too long. If you keep pride for a long time, it will no longer be pride. Becomes stubborn. Stubborn love eats away at emptiness.

21. Talk about old romantic memories of the two of you. The story of the first day of falling in love never gets old.

22. Take a selfie and send it to him while you are away. Say the picture was taken just for him. Missing too.

23. Sit next to me. Sitting dice makes him more dependent on you than sitting face to face in a restaurant or cafe.

24. Write a sweet post on his Facebook wall. Let everyone know how you feel. Love is not something to be hidden, it is something to be told.

25. Doodle his name. If someone's name is Faria, you can sweetly call him Faru. Sallu to Salman.

26. Ask her the color of her choice. And surprise after that dress of that color.

26. The two pray together. Thank God for giving us love in our lives.

26. Turn off the phone or keep silent when the two meet after a long time. Give him the time perfectly.

29. Play indoor games together. Chess, Sapludu or Katakuti. Win him sometimes. Everyone loves to win.

30. Smile together. Cry together. Express emotions. Don't hide.

31. Don't blame if you make a mistake. Explain. Awaken the guilt. He will never make a mistake again. Don't say directly. Calling a murderer a murderer makes him angry.

32. Learn something new together. Computer courses or English lessons. Or art. Take compliments. Compliment.

33. Even if there are two lines every day, write about him in the diary. Don't just write about love. Write all the complaints, arrogance, sorrow. Give her the diary as a birthday present at the end of the year. But it is said that not much is said.

34. Keep silence together for a while. He always talks. Enjoy the silence together for a while. Silence also says a lot.

35. Listen carefully. Talk a lot. Girls naturally talk a lot and boys naturally listen less. Remember an attentive lover is like a best girlfriend. Who can be called any gossip from time to time.

36. Call each other funny names. Start with Babu, Tunu, Kuchipuchi and give sweet names of rat, cat, fox, donkey, crow type.

36. Keep a balance between positive and negative words. If you say three negative things about him, say five positive things. Good and evil are in everyone. Highlight the good all the time.

36. Learn about his childhood. Every man likes to tell stories about his childhood.

39. Tell him he has completed you. Made you a perfect man.

40. Control your anger. Don't talk about anything in anger. Keep up the good content. Discuss when anger subsides. Anger also ends a good relationship.

41. Say sorry even though it's not your fault or less. Your sorry will embarrass him. He will never want to make a mistake again.

42. Tell him a secret of your own. Let him know you trust him more than anyone in the world.

43. Give him to cook his favorite food. It doesn't matter how the food is cooked. The big thing is that you cooked for her.

44. After talking on the phone, let him hang up. Wait. Although you called.

45. Build good relationships with his family members. Even if you don't want to let the adults know, have fun talking to the younger siblings. Value his family.

46. Call her after you wake up. Good morning. Every day.

46. Remember his deeds. And remind him in time.

46. Write his name on the sand and draw a heart with his own name next to his name.

49. Give flowers. Buy flowers for him whenever you get a chance. The guru said, "If you get one rupee, you will feel hungry if you buy food, if you get two rupees, you will feel like buying flowers."

50. Put his picture on mobile or desktop wallpaper. She will be happy to see. If you have trouble giving pictures, you can only use pictures of his eyes.

51. Make a playlist of his favorite songs. Give him a gift.

52. If you read something romantic online, share it with her. And tell him, in the meanwhile you have found him.

53. Save a lot of old pictures from him. After many days, show him and surprise him.

54. In the midst of the busyness, give him a small massage, missing.

55. Suddenly give up any of your bad habits for him. People survive without smoking, just as people die if they don't smoke.

57. Open a bank account with two people. The two of them save some money every month.

57. If the two are from two regions, try to learn its regional language. Or ask her to speak in her language.

57. Miss. Miss it. Make some time some distance. But be careful! All distances do not always bring benefits.

59. Find out the ten things you love. Let him know that.

60. Love him for the rest of your life. There is no point in continuing a relationship without knowing you can't be together.

61. Always be honest. Don't be fooled. Not in the slightest. Tell the truth. Because even if the ruthless truth deserves forgiveness, lies cannot always be forgiven.

72. Promise is what you can keep. Never make a promise that you can't keep.

63. Like all his Facebook pictures. Even if it is a picture of a cat :-P

64. Be funny. Have fun. Smile to yourself. Smile at him too. Laughter is good for both mind and love.

65. Don't talk about old quarrels. Leave what you have already agreed to.

66. Dream. Show dreams. And try to fulfill the dream together.

67. Suddenly tell him, I like you. I like it so much. For no reason.

68. Learn something new from him that you don't know. It could be cooking or beauty.

69. Don't be jealous. Don't make him feel jealous. Because everything can be tolerated in love. The third party cannot be tolerated in any way.

70. Sometimes become a child. Sting like kids. Jump together. Smile open your heart.

71. Help each other. Do her homework. Or help him in any work.

72. Touch. Her hair, forehead, cheeks or lips. Or just hands. (It is better not to touch too much :-P)

73. See the moon together. If you are far away, call and say, look at the moon in your sky and the moon in my sky. How close we are under one sky even from afar.

74. Not in doubt all the time. Doubt sometimes. Let him know, but I'm watching you! Whoa!

75. Never scold in anger. An abusive lifelong cry.

76. Keep track of her friends and family. Try to remember everyone's name.

77. Tell him, you are not my need, you are my need.

78. Hug Sometimes a good hug solves every problem.

79. Try singing for her. He will be happy even if you sing a song. Of course.

80. Take care of yourself Stay smart. So that he can be proud of you in front of everyone.

81. Walk together. Be sure to hold her hand while crossing the road.

82. Use her favorite perfume. Or take her suggestions when buying.

83. When buying a hairstyle or clothes, give priority to her choice.

84. Make girls like her for her. Someone may like open hair, someone may like hijab. Take care. Value his opinion.

85. Do not massage every moment on Facebook, WhatsApp all the time. Do it occasionally. Excessive love is like excessive oppression. He also has friends. Give him time for them.

86. Talk to you soon and keep up the good content. Or sore throat. It will be frozen in the pages of memory. Written in the ink of love.

87. Frighten ghosts by phone in the middle of the night. Then remove the fear of ghosts with love and put them to sleep. :-P

88. Give me chocolate. Lots of small mixes. On special days. Or unnecessarily.

89. Tell him you can do anything for him. Even to die.

90. Draw a picture of him. Or draw with someone and give him a gift.

91. Respect. Never insult. The insult of love is felt on Budd. The stain lasts a lifetime.

92. Surprise days always. Everyone loves to go from surprise to surprise.

93. Tell him your voice is captivating. I think it floats in the air. Lost in the void. Just come back to your pull.

94. Give value to his values, thoughts. Analyze his political ideology through discussion. Consider the good and the bad with him.

95. Watch her favorite TV show. See even if boring. Some time.

98. Write poems about him. Read it. The rhythm of the poem matched. He will never judge you.

98. Fix the names of your children together.

98. Decide what to do in the future. Start with the color of the walls of the bedroom and plan the drawings of the shop to have fun.

99. Say love at least once a day. I love you, I love you so much.

100. Sometimes act like a stupid. Happiness to hear the fool from him.

101. Love from the bottom of your heart. There is no love against the mind. Love the truth. Love in such a way that nothing can defeat this love.


After all this, if anyone wants to leave, let him go. Protect What You Love?The Guru said, 'I saw my defeat in your eyes.' Cut before defeat.
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