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Very Sad Image Dp Of Boy

Sad Dp Images Of Boy;-When a boy is cheated on in love, he feels a lot of pain in his mind, he expresses that pain with this kind of "sad dp" picture to express this grief. You can use these cost pictures in different places. 
Very Sad Image Dp Of Boy

HeartTouching Sad Dp Image Of Girls

HeartTouching Sad Dp Image Of Girls;- When a Girls is cheated on in love, he feels a lot of pain in his mind, he expresses that pain with this kind of (Sad Dp) picture to express this grief. You can use these cost pictures in different places.Copyright Free Image use Facebook page video Thumnail,
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HeartTouching Sad Dp Image Of Girls;-Copyright Free Image use Facebook page video Thumnail,

A Sad Love Story Dp

Me: Well, all the lovers in the world forbid her boyfriend to smoke, subject to all sorts of horrible conditions! Even if you impose restrictions on me, don't say anything about cigarettes, what do you say? Why don't you forbid me ?? She: Will you quit smoking if I forbid it? Me: Ummm ... (thinks for a while) No! No again yes ... She: No again yes why? Me: I can't give up as soon as it's banned (mumbling in a slightly embarrassed manner)! She: And yes, why? Me: You forbid a job and I do it ?? She: Hmmm ... that's why I didn't forbid you. Me: I don't understand, explain ... She: Listen, I asked you about cigarettes one day. I haven't started loving you yet ... Do you remember? Me: No. What did you ask? And did I answer? Sad Dp PictureShe: I asked, why do you smoke? Is there honey in it? You said, I don't know why, but cigarettes are a sign of loneliness. In the words of Humayun Ahmed, cigarettes are a kind of refuge. Me: So? She: Look, I know, if I forbid you, you'll quit smoking. You will not smoke for 3-4 days or a week. The reason is that, as you said, cigarettes are associated with loneliness, cigarettes are a kind of refuge. After a week you will smoke again. Then maybe you won't tell me you're smoking. Because I will suffer in it. Again, since cigarettes are a part of your daily routine and your loneliness, you can't give it up. Do you know what will happen then? You will feel guilty for lying to me and at some point this guilt will no longer work. And do you know what will happen if guilt does not work? The trust between you and me will be lightened. I don't want that. I also don't want you to be a cigarette competitor in the middle of me ... I: (I'm completely surprised by his words) Have you thought so much about it? She: Hmmm ... I thought a lot. I have taken away from you the chatter in the shops, the desire to be active in politics, the tendency not to take drugs, not to take classes, to sit on the internet all night, to sleep in the morning. I could take the cigarette too. But that's your loneliness !! If I snatched the cigarette too, tell me what's left of you? If you become more lonely then ... I:Sad Dp Picture (My eyes are rocking at her words! I didn't think the creator would be so kind to me. Why is she so Mayawati?) Hmmm ... She: Hmmm ... What? Now listen to what I want, you give up the cigarette slowly. I'll be happy ... I won't force you. You will try your best. Will try to reduce little by little. Try to plan as much as you can. I noticed that in addition to your addiction to cigarettes, you also have a kind of illusion. Such a beautiful cigarette box and lighter is proof of that. It's normal, so many old habits, there must be Maya. Tell me the day you can give up ... I'll be very, very happy. No one will be happier than me ... Me: Hmmm ... I will try, of course I will. She: Did I upset you? Me: No, not at all. Why? She: That's what I said ... (then silent for a moment) Well listen ... I forgot to say something very important to you .... Me: What ?? Tell me ... She: Wouldn't you be angry again? Me: Why should I be angry ?? (There is some tension, is there any proposal in the house or not ??) She: (Silence for a while) ...... I love you, I love you very much ... I Sad Dp Picture cut the line before I said anything. However, with the phone set in hand, I sat in silence for a long time ... Cigarettes can't compete with you and me! You live in the world of my purity ... I will not pollute that world with cigarette smoke. . (Dedication: To the goddess of good fortune I was born with, the earth has not yet become oxygenless because of that ...)

True love is not to hurt, but true love is to suffer and some people act with love that breaks the heart of true love!

Heart Touching SAD Dp 

3) Those hardships turn into happiness, when the loved one is by my side, there is no such thing as grief when the man of love says I want nothing but your love, to a man his beloved man is the root.

4) 👉💞If you get upset for no reason, if suddenly the whimsical wind blows, then Zeno is quietly saying my word. If someone's pain makes you very muddy - then I am always by your side in the touch of Zeno love. If you ever feel very lonely like that blue jochana, then you will see that I am standing in your way with love.

5) 7. Life has given me a lot, sometimes someone has kept me in love, sometimes that love has exhausted me, someone has used it for his needs. Sometimes friends have given a lot of happiness, sometimes I have seen neglect in the eyes of people in love. Ever found new life in someone's infinite love. I have seen many things in life, I have seen the dead faces of very dear people. I put a smile on someone's face. So I gave someone a lot of trouble. Debt settlement is no longer possible. I don't dare to calculate what I want. Maybe I got everything from life, just didn't find out who I was hiding in.

I don't want the moon, it will just rise at night .. !! I don't want night, that will be lost in the morning. I don't want flowers that will fall at the end of the day .. !! I don't want fruit that will fall in the air. I just want someone who will never forget me ... !! .

Love Line Sad Dp Story

7) At the beginning of each day I think of you and illuminate the day, every afternoon I decorate you like the mind in the twilight sky, every evening I keep you by my side like a dry star, every night I think of you and make my dreams come true, this is how my day is completed. You are at the beginning and you are at the end. So I am always good.

8) আজI regret some incidents today ..... ;-(. I suffer because of some decisions ..... maybe these will hurt me for the rest of my life ;-(. Maybe it will be hard to get over these. Maybe some things I can't get rid of it. Still I have to go ahead, cross the border ..... I get the sky ....... I have to be a bird of prey. Whose eyes will always be on the top. I have to keep on wishing but not on luxury.

9) 6. You don't like my happiness so in the hope of new happiness, you want to leave me - that's it !!!! Go, I left you - stay happy, in new love ---. I won't hold it anymore, I won't tell you - I'm in trouble, you Hina - I won't tell you - I will spend my nights without you - I won't tell you - I won't tell you the truth ---. You, Heena, are in new happiness, I will not float myself anymore --- Go, I left you, be happy, in new love ----

10) ভালবাসLove from afar is the most sacred love Because, in this love there is no impurity, there is no physical need ..... there is only some silent pride, which no one ever breaks. There are some teardrops that no one ever comes to erase And without everyone's knowledge, there is a page where there is only one queen / king. A world of dreams can be created as per the mind ... | 7.

11) I am a boatman of sorrow in a small boat called happiness, no one agreed to share my suffering. I have not been able to see happiness in this life, so I am walking alone in the middle of a calm river. There is sorrow in my mind, who will I listen to? There are no people to listen to, I get my own trouble, when I see him, I will tell him everything.

12) - The car of life stopped at the station named Dukh, I still can't find the house of happiness. Bidhata's pen did not understand the ink, the place called happiness is still empty!

12) 👉💞Some people just love unselfishly. It benefits people. They expect nothing. All they want is for them to be by their side when they are in trouble. Even if not everyone, his favorite man should be. And let no one forget them. But the time when no one is by his side. He suffers a lot. But then he falls in love unselfishly. Maybe this is life or this is the law of the world ...
13) 👉💞I don't know how much I saw you .. !!! I did not understand how much I lost you in a dream, how far I have wandered, you were my friend next to me, you were the first to want me in the crowd of light after the clouds, I did not understand how much I saw you in Maya .... Tell me how to leave it to you, after the clouds in the crowd of light you were the first to want, I did not understand I saw you.

মারI have no problem Maybe I'm the happiest person in the world I am happy to love My troubles cannot touch me because I can love I tell you again, I have no problem I know that the heart that can love has no trouble Are you crying Tears in your eyes when you hear me? I am wondering… why are you crying? It's not that you can't love I'm not the only person you love ....

15) 👉💞Mind is a water boat !! Sometimes the sail of happiness is raised, sometimes it floats in the stream of sorrow .. sometimes it flows in the current of love, sometimes it stops in unknown pride ........... !! Lost in the base ..... Drunk on the chest of a flower like a living butterfly "" Never lost love without a sad house ..!

16) - I saw in your eyes. An unknown new language. Going to understand that language. A lot of time is lost from life. You are not here today. You have lost a piece of the sky like a cloud. You were life moving like the sea. Today
20) 👉💞Some people find differences that want to be exceptions. To be different from others in an attempt to differentiate oneself. How much? Can anyone? I want to be different from myself and everyone but how much can I be ?? I don't know, I have lost a lot by being an exception, maybe I have to lose a lot more in life. That's how I will pass my life ....... Finding differences ,,, 7

If someone doesn't talk to you with pride, you will understand that he misses you in secret .. and if someone doesn't see you and cries, you will understand that he loves you very much ..!
Do not go to teach love to him who does not understand love! Because he will learn to love you, but will love someone else! And you will suffer.


SAD DP;-To love someone from afar is the most sacred love. Because, in this love there is no impurity, there is no physical need. There is only some silent arrogance, which no one ever breaks. There are some teardrops, which no one ever comes to erase. And without anyone's knowledge, there is only one queen / king.
To love someone from afar is the most sacred love.
The word "love" is never old .. never dirty .. not gray or colorless .. which is only colored in the color of the rainbow .. whether it is on this side or the other .. even then love is only love!
Not just love to get close. Love is not just for feeling good. Love is the name of keeping the people of love happy by sacrificing one's own happiness.
When someone cries for someone it is an emotion. When someone cries, it is cheating. And when someone cries and cries himself! That is true love!
I don't have a good mind, I don't know what happened. You are not nearby, what do I do. If I were a bird in this life, I would fly with you to an unknown world. Will you go with me
February 8 = Rose Day. February 8 = Propose Day. February 9 = Chocolate Day. February 10 = Teddy Day. February 11 = Promise Day. February 12 = Hug Day. February 13 = Kiss Day. February 14 = Happy Valentine's Day.SAD dp
Not feeling very alone today. You still can't be touched in front of the eyes. Why is that? Understanding love only knows how to give pain! It's hard for me to breathe without you!
I thought you are so close! I thought he would be by my side all my life. Why did you break this mind? I never thought that! Even then you are my life.
Some gain, others enjoy. Some are hungry, some are alone. Some say you know, some say poison. Someone's face is smiling, someone's throat is hanging, Love Is Not Fun, So be careful, and now girls are dishonest.
If you agree, I will make love, I will marry you with Kazi, I will kiss you when I am angry, I will miss you when I am away, I will caress you when I am by your side, and if I forget, I will suffer a lot… !!
SMS of love
If you say how many times do you remember? I will say as many times as the eyelids move. If you say how much I love you? I will say as many stars as there are in the sky .. !!
Those who play with love get love. And those who love from the heart, they do not get love. Is that right?
Give me a little love? In that love there will be no sorrow, there will be no pain of not getting, there will be no tears of Maya, there will be only unlimited feelings, the feelings that I will spend my whole life with as a partner.
Friend, I do not want to share your infinite happiness, but when you are sad, call me, I want to see your face, not tears, smile, remember, friend,(sad dp) I love you so much!
If you live well, I will give light like the moon, if you think of me as your own, I will be like your mind, as the river gives estuary, so I am your likeness.
I will be the SMS of love all over your heart, I will play the SMS of love as a ringtone in a sweet melody, never think I am far from you, I am a friend I am all over your eyes.
Love is an inner feeling of the heart controlled by emotion, which is expressed only in words or deeds in front of the person of love.
If a drop of water falls through your eyes, that drop of water only speaks to you .. I don't understand what you say in your mouth, so I fall in love with you even after hundreds of injuries .. !!
From a few clouds, light rain falls. From short stories, love is created. Sometimes the tone is sweet.
The more a girl loves a boy, the more she feels ashamed to look him in the eye. And the more a boy loves a girl, the more he is afraid of losing the man he {sad dp} loves.
1) You share your thoughts with your girlfriend Unlimited - 1.Bangla = I love you 2.English = I love you 3.Italian = Ti Amo 4.Russian = Ya Tebaya Lublu 5.Korean = Tangshi Nul Sarang Ha Yeo 6. Canada = Nannu Ninannu Preetisuthin 6. German = Is Libe Dis 8. Rakhine = Ain Sai
I tore the diary page it was written about a thousand dreams িনি I could not tear the page of my mind .. where there is a lot of pain in life!

Very Sad Whatsapp Dp Status-

If you have to forget for your happiness, then I am willing to forget… I may never forget, but I can pretend to forget!
Life is for survival. The mind is to give. Love is to be by your side all your life. Friendship is to make life beautiful.
Love is never at first sight. What happens is to feel good. And if you think about that feeling, love is created.
If love is imagined as a field. But faith is his seed. And emotion is his care.

Today you are angry, I will be sorry for that. When I die tomorrow, who will show anger? The rules are like this, one day I will die, you will understand that day, I only loved you!
I don't know what love is, I don't understand what love is, only the mind burns !! Who knows, in any fire, I will die in this fire
My fountain flows in my eyes, sad song in my mind. If I don't get it, I will give my life. I want to hear you, I want to hold your hand. How can I live day and night without you?
As soon as you give me a tip, you tip me to be crooked, to touch me on the pretext of fixing it. When I hear that I have a fever, I know I will touch my forehead, how much longer will I take the ass to say love?
Love is like a simple number. Simple numbers include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and denominator. In love, too, there is laughter, pride, estrangement, endless happiness and the boundless pain of not being able to.
Love him, the way you .. make him a friend, the one who knows you .. the one who loves you, the way you .. remember him, the one who never forgets you .. make him your life partner, the one who will be by your side all your life.
If, one day the third world war breaks out to destroy the earth. If the light ever diminishes, in that moon of the sky, yet you are mine, only mine.
In the union of the selfishness of love. An unbreakable union, not so honeyed. Reunion after separation is as honeyed as honey.
Girls can forget boys' minds, sweet words. They can instantly float in the sea of ​​happiness. They drowned again in the salt water of Murray's eyes. Can play nice, stupid love game. May give the burning of false love across the heart.
The one to whom everything can be said… the one who can walk hand in hand… the one who can be considered as one's own… the one to whom faith can be stored যায় is the one who can be loved.
"I remember you when I am silent" "I think I will always feel you" "I see you in a dream in the blink of an eye" "I think of you in my breath and faith.
Wrapped in a blanket of winter, standing in the fog, shaking hands, if the cold touch of the dew, the mind trembles "Understand that I am by your side all the time.
I don't want you to tell me over and over again that I love you, but I want you to wait for me.
Love is as true as a dreamy sky, as sacred as a dew-soaked flower .. but defeated by time, neglected by reality ..!
I will be the thread that will enlighten you and burn itself. . . I will be the boat that will cross you and sink itself. . . I will be the eye that will understand when I see you, I will be the melody that will make you sad, I will be the moon that is half gone, it will give you light, when the day comes back, I will run out again, just love me!
You are the poem that I think every day 6. I can not write, you are the picture that I imagine. Can't draw, you're that love! 6 which I want every day. But I never get it.
A true love can be physical or divine. True love is something that is eternal and more peaceful.
You may be far from the mind, but you are in my eyes, maybe you are not in this heart, but you are still in the afterlife. Because, love is only in you.
You may be out of my creation, but not far from my heart. You may be out of my reach, but not out of my mind. I can't be anything to you! But you are everything in my life.
If it rained, I would touch your eyes. I would wash away the sadness in my eyes in an instant. You could hug me all over Meghla Baran's limbs, I couldn't hurt you anymore ..!
There is no one in my life without you, there is no dream in my life without you, my two eyes do not find anything without you, I cannot think without you, I cannot write anything without your name, I do not want to understand anything without you!
This mind in love, wants you all the time. You are in my mind, you are by my side in the morning and evening. How can this mind forget you, that you are my life.
I really love a girl who has Kajal in her eyes, earrings in her ears, lips like red flowers in her eyes, sweet smile in her eyes.
Hand in hand, bring the face to the ear and say, don't come near, two VGs in the rain today!
Love is like a butterfly. If you hold tight, you will die! If you hold it lightly, it will fly away, and if you take care of it, it will come close.
If the mind was the sky, you would be the moon, I would fall in love just holding hands .. If happiness was the heart, you would be the smile, I would open the door of the heart and say I love you .. !!
I know you will come, to touch me as a full moon or to soak me in the morning mist .. I know you will come, to decorate me with rainbows in the afternoon or to warm me as a winter moon .. I know you will come, my mind as an autumn flower To make me sad by the sound of rocking or the tuptap of rain.
I'm still sitting the way you went… I'll be sitting this way until you come back.
You are that poem! Which I think every day 6. Can't write, you picture that! What I imagine 6. Can't draw. You are that love! 6 which I want every day. But I never get it.
I got everything in this life, I didn't get anyone's mind, I don't know who in this life, who will be like your mind

Feeling Dp Status-

Why did you come suddenly Why not but across the whole? Even if you get it today, you can't lose it, the meaning of survival will remain far away.
Have you ever written a dream poem in your heart, Shravan of love will descend and touch the sky of the mind. I will fly in the sky with the wings of a dream. I will light the lamp of happiness in you, in the dream of getting what I want.
I am by your side in the distant auction, find me and you will find me close to your heart. I will not listen to any story, I will sing only songs, songs that will find the pull of love.
No matter how far you get lost, I'll find you. No matter how much you think of me, I will take you as my own. No matter how much you hate me, I will love you like this forever. No matter how hard your mind is, the flower of love will bloom for me in that mind.
It's raining cats and dogs, I miss you. Do not mind Roy's house, I do not know when you will come! This soul only calls you, says you will love me! I'll be standing with flowers in my hand, I'll say I got you. I found you across seven seas.
Love is the breath inside the chest, I am alive in your love, this is faith, know, my soul, you are the soul in my soul. You know, my dear, you are the soul in my soul
No great gift can be found in any store, under any tree, it can only be found in the minds of people of true love.
I got everything in this life, I didn't get anyone's mind, I don't know who in this life, who will be yours, I want his mind, I want his mind, will you? The one closest to me.
Love is as true as a dreamy sky, as sacred as a dew-soaked flower .. but defeated by time, neglected by reality ..!

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