What To Do When Your Boyfriend Breaks Up With You?

What to do when your boyfriend breaks up with you:-In this post you’re getting to learn exactly what to try to to when your boyfriend breaks up with you. It doesn’t matter if you would like to urge your ex back, which is what our website was originally known for or if you're simply heart broken and searching for how to prevent the pain. 

After years of stress testing and learning from our mistakes my team and that i believe we’ve come up with the perfect way that everybody should approach a breakup for optimum success regardless of the goal. 

And if you stick around until the top of this text I’m getting to show you our three step strategy for doing just that. First things first though. Watch this video immediately because I put tons of labor into it and truly think it'll assist in giving you a base knowledge of what we’re getting to be talking about today.
Did you do it? Good.
This article is going to talk about five main points.
  • The Difference Between Him Breaking Up With You And You Breaking Up With Him
  • Understanding What The No Contact Rule Is And Why It’s Important
  • The Before The No Contact Rule Phase
  • The During The No Contact Rule Phase
  • The After The No Contact Rule Phase
  • Let’s begin.
Part One: The Difference Between Him ending With You And You ending With Him
I started Ex Boyfriend Recovery in 2012 but it didn’t really begin until 2013 once I started writing articles consistently.

Two of the primary articles I ever wrote had to try to to with a boyfriend ending together with his girlfriend and therefore the other way around.

So, is there a difference?

Well, yes there are literally a couple of notable differences.

First off, most of the ladies I interact with on a day to day are unfortunate enough to be caught on the receiving end of the breakup.

In fact, it’s almost hilarious how crazy the discrepancy is. I’d estimate that the maximum amount as 80% of the traffic to the present website is within the “he broke up with me” category.

That means the remaining 20% are within the “I broke up with him” category.

So, what’s the most difference between the two?

Well, usually it all revolves around positioning.

It’s tons easier to convince someone to require you back once you were the one to inform them they weren’t ok as against having them tell that to you.

Don’t get me wrong, both are difficult situations to be in but i will be able to admit that I do see a foothold that goes to the ladies who broke up with their exes.

But here’s the interesting thing.

Out of the 2 articles I wrote for the 2 categories there's a crazy discrepancy between the reading time and it doesn’t go the way you’d think.

Every website owner that's worth his salt is consistently trying to find ways to enhance their website. one among the simplest ways to try to to that's to work out how long users are staying on pages and reading.

So, for the article where “he broke up with you” the general average reading time was a touch over four minutes.

For the article where “you broke up with him” the general average trumped it at over nine minutes.
So, why the other discrepancy?

Honestly, i feel it's to try to to with the standard of the articles.

I put a touch more work into building out the article for ladies who broke up with their exes as against the opposite way around.

Thus, this text is my ultimate gift for ladies whose boyfriends have choppy with them.

It’s my ultimate redo.

So, i do know I can get a touch wordy sometimes but I promise you this is often getting to be the absolute best article you’ve ever read on the topic .

Let’s go!

Part Two: Understanding The No Contact Rule And Why It’s Important
I desire a broken record as I say this but it’s so important that I feel obligated to still push that proverbial rock up Capitol Hill .

The no contact rule is that the foundation for each conceivable successful outcome associated with your ex

This means that it’s the right strategy to implement if you would like to win your ex back.

It is also perfect if you would like nothing to try to to with him and just specialise in moving on.

I’ve written tons about the no contact rule and it’s applications on this website. I’ve filmed countless videos.
But what I rarely mention is what separates how we apply the no contact rule versus our competitors.

At face value it appears that no contact is merely meant to aggravate your ex enough to form them realize that they really miss you.

In fact, repeatedly I struggle to elucidate the opposite benefits thereto to my personal coaching clients.

Lately I’ve been trying to try to to an entire paradigm shift for Ex Boyfriend Recovery. You see, what I’ve come to find out is that sometimes the simplest thanks to get an ex back is to not attempt to get an ex back.

Think of it like this.

The average woman who attempts the no contact rule obsesses about her ex such a lot that she places him on a pedestal.

Whether she realizes it or not by doing this she effectively grants her ex power over her.

And with power comes the inherent desire to abuse that power.

Instead of spending all of that point during the no contact rule obsessing about what their ex is doing and trying to dissect every little action he takes I attempt to get my clients to require the other approach.

Forget him.
Focus on what’s really important, yourself.

Initially it may seem odd.

But what happens is quite interesting.

When the no contact rule is complete and it becomes time to actually start “re-attracting” your ex your mindset is completely different.

You take the power back and I don’t think I need to tell you how much more success women in power have versus women who have none.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves here a bit.

After simplifying our process we determined that the best way to structure our overall strategy was to divide things up into three distinct phases.
What To Do When Your Boyfriend Breaks Up With You?

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